Sunday, December 13, 2009

Get Your Free Golf Cart From A Dumb Democrat Program

Stossel bought a golf cart for his new show, but it was free because of a government grant for electric vehicles.
Then beck rolls out his. Hilarious!

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  1. Wooo hooo, that's hilarious! I guess only suckers pay for their plug-in vehicles, like plug-in Prius' and stuff like that. Libertarians use Hypocrat programs to get them for free!! LOL

    But then those same Hypocrat suckers never wonder where electricity comes from. They think DTE has a big ol lightning rod on the roof of their building where they collect electricity from or something. Bunch of developmentally disabled people these Hypocrats are!

  2. I wonder if I am eligible for GOLF cart. Im getting to OLD to Walk 18 holes carring my BAG!
    I will JUST bet this is BUSHES fault Somehow Someway!

    Might even buy some Stock in Coal Company!

  3. Yes AL you can get as many as you want. It is in the Porkulus bill. John you made a great point. I can't wait to get a cart and turn it into the "Democrats Suckmobil". It will be custom out to the hilt. Maybe I could put a big Obama paper mache head on


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