Friday, March 5, 2010

Where Are All Those Radical Dangerous Conservatives The Left Have Been Warning Us About?

The LA Times is reporting that Bedell was a 9/11 Truther and was angry about government enforcement of marijuana laws.
Washington - The gunman in the Pentagon shootings may have harbored resentment for the military and had doubts about the facts behind the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
John Patrick Bedell, 36, died after exchanging gunfire with two police officers, both of whom were wounded.
In an Internet posting, a user named JPatrickBedell wrote that he was determined to see justice for the 1991 death of Marine Col. James Sabow in Orange County, which was ruled a suicide but has long been the source of coverup theories. The writer said the case would be a step toward revealing the truth behind the 9/11 "demolitions." 
The same posting railed against the government's enforcement of marijuana laws and included links to the author's 2006 court case in Orange County for cultivating marijuana and resisting a police officer. 
Court records available online show the date of birth on the case mentioned by the user JPatrickBedell matches that of the John Patrick Bedell who was killed after opening fire outside the Pentagon. 

What a shame this is. Now I have no doubt that there will be some right wing nut job out there that will do something crazy like this. National Security and the left wing have been warning us about the right wing extreemist,Ron Paul loving,anti-abortion activist,Christian Constitution loving would be domestic terrorists that will be coming. But in the mean time the left have had numerous riots and attacks on American citizens and their property. As we speak the left wing is planing an attack on Americans civil liberties. They are planing to detain insurance company lobbiests in the hopes of causing some attention to their socialist causes. Thank God for Americans like Mark Adams that have no problem with calling the LAW on these would be criminals. We conservatives have been letting these left wing psychopaths define  us and our great nation. Do you really want to let a fringe 20% define anything other then themselves? We are not the extreemists by nature. They are. We need to define them for what they are not by what they tell us. They painted a picture that the right wing is dangerous when their actions are what has been dangerous. That scarlet letter is on them. And if you on the left want to get into a pissing match about who has done the most extreem things then game on. But you will lose. Just this year alone you are up 5 to 1. If we go into the Bush years we will see what kind of left wing psychos you have within your rank and file.
The left are going around saying things like,"Are we so afraid of an African American President that we are arming citizens out of fear of some imaginary enemy? This is a bunch of white guys putting 50mm machine guns on the back of trucks. This is truly scary, especially putting it in context with the 400% rise in hate groups in America."  This is just a left wing diversion tactic. It has worked well for them in the past. The question is will we let it work on us now? The left need to paint us as evil dangerous people. Even though they have been doing almost all the dangerous racists things. Remember the beatdown the SEIU gave that black tea party member? Do you remember them calling him a "F"ing "N" word while beating him? Do you remember the New Black Panthers with billyclubs at the voting boths? We need to give these liberals a taste of reality on what they pretend is happening and what is really happening. Reality needs to check their fake fearmongering. Politicaly Correct is going to be defined by the majority and not the fringe anymore. And the left are the dangerous ones,just look at the facts.


  1. Bruce where is your proof that there is a 400% increase in hate groups? Can you back up you statement? I ask you this here because you wont print it on your blog.

  2. Within hours of CNN Newsroom anchor Rick Sanchez bemoaning a purported increase in the number of hate groups, CNN correspondent Kitty Pilgrim provided some much needed network balance by reporting - get ready here - facts. On Thursday's CNN Newsroom, Rick Sanchez asked a question and then, as usual, provided his own answer:

    SANCHEZ: Since the administration of Barack Obama began in this country, has there been a heightened sense of any kind of hate? We first started discovering this last night in one of the interviews we did.

    But before we do that, I want to show you something now. I want you to just write down some numbers. These are hate groups in the United States, all right? Let's start with the first year. I think we're going to start with the year 2000 -- 602 hate groups at the time in the United States, as counted by the best resource on this, by the way, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Now let's go to 2007. Uh-oh. It's going up, 888. Now let's go to 2008. Uh-oh. Going up again, 926.

    Minutes later, Sanchez interviewed Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center:

    POTOK: Well, as you suggested in your intro, there have been quite a growth over the last eight years.

    Until about a year ago, that growth was driven almost entirely by these groups pushing the immigration issue and especially the idea that people with brown skin are kind of coming to destroy our country. In the last year, though, we have seen several other factors come into play, you know, the assent, obviously, of Barack Obama, the announcement by the Census Bureau that whites will lose their majority in this country along about the year 2042, and the crashing economy and worsening unemployment.

  3. Chris, Bruce might be right. What he probably forgot to mention is that it is a 400% increase in LIBERAL hate groups. Look at the riots in California! What a bunch of nuts. Gary Peters might find himself in the middle of a regressive riot tonight if he isn't careful. Anything could spark those Hypocrat nut jobs at any time. I'm going to park as far away as possible, I don't need them lighting my car on fire.

  4. All of those things are very much playing into the continued growth of these groups. Frankly, I think we're in a very worrying situation. I think it could get quite a bit worse.

    SANCHEZ: Well, what I'm hearing you say is, remember the movie "The Perfect Storm," when everything kind of came together? And you just outlined the three things. You have got the economy. You have got the residue of the nativist rhetoric in this country, and you have Barack Obama, a liberal African-American president, as the leader of our country.

    When you put all those three things together, what do you -- what do we have to do? We do we foresee down the line?

    POTOK: Well, I think, just as you suggest, it is a kind of a perfect storm of factors that at the very least favors the growth of these groups.

    Only a few hours later on Lou Dobbs Tonight, correspondent Kitty Pilgrim provided a different perspective:

    KITTY PILGRIM, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The Southern Poverty Law Center says absolutely hate crime -- hate groups in America are growing. They say the debate over immigration, the recession and the election of Barack Obama, the first black president, is animating more hate groups. But the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center today admitted there are no data on the increased recruitment of hate groups.

    MARK POTOK, SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER: It is a kind of perfect storm of factors that at the very least favors the growth of these groups. You know, whether they are actually able to translate all of these things into recruitment, you know, we have yet to see.

    PILGRIM: Now, we talked to the FBI today about the report. The FBI does not recognize the term "hate group." They told us they do not monitor individuals or groups of individuals based on what they think or they say, or because a group or individual espouses a cause. It's only when a line is crossed and when an act of violence is committed.

    Now, by that measure, hate crimes are going down. The FBI uses data collected by state and local law-enforcement agencies, and this is what we've found. In 1995, hate crimes totaled 7,974. In 2007, 12 years later, they totaled 7,624. That's a decline of 4 percent.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. population rose 16 percent in that period of time. So, hate crimes are definitely declining, according to the FBI. And it's interesting, Lou, what the Southern Poverty Law Center defines as a hate group. They say it's based on ideology. It's not based on action. If you're included in this group, it's not based on criminality or violence or future...

    DOBBS: Define a hate group, according to them.

    PILGRIM: They say it's any group that thinks less of some other group, that thinks that they're inferior. That's their broadest definition, based on ideology, and that's how they define it.

    DOBBS: Well, you know, that would not be an appropriate (ph) way to look at any group. But at the same time, one wonders how Mark Potok, the head of the Southern Poverty Law Center, could say that conditions favor the growth of hate groups, but they have no proof of recruitment. This is -- I mean, that's pretty pitiful, really. And I know a number of news organizations picking up and going with this, because they think it's a ratings-grabber.

    PILGRIM: You really have to push this report to say, what are they really saying here. They're including nonviolent groups with violent groups. The definition is so utterly fuzzy on "hate group" that...

  5. DOBBS: Which obviously the FBI, the Justice Department rejects.

    PILGRIM: They absolutely do.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center, cited by Sanchez as "the best resource on this," is itself an extremely liberal outfit. Typical is an article on its Website that warns "an array of right-wing foundations and think tanks support efforts to make bigoted and discredited ideas respectable." This dangerous array, we're told, includes the American Enterprise Institute, the Free Congress Foundation, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, the John M. Olin Foundation, and David Horowitz's Center for the Study of Popular Culture.

    Rick Sanchez is a dependable liberal. He can find a reason to criticize America almost every day. By selectively airing viewer opinions that coincide with his own and repeatedly interviewing other liberals, his program is often flagrantly slanted.

    Kudos to Kitty Pilgrim for, unlike Sanchez, getting past the ideological bluster and looking for the truth. Gee, I hope that doesn't hurt her career in journalism.

  6. They threw shit on my mother at a tea party.

  7. Here's some links for you Chris and John.

  8. Here's the report from the Department of Homeland Security

  9. LOL ... more MSDNC hilarity! You libs are bat-shit CRAZY!

    CNBC correspondent sobs to keep story out of papers By NY Post 03/05/10

    DC insiders are buzzing that John Harwood, a CNBC Washington correspondent and political writer for the New York Times, has split with his wife, Frankie Blackburn, and has dated Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) According to well-placed sources, Harwood has kept it out of one DC paper by sobbing to a reporter until he agreed to kill the story.

  10. More lies from FAILk. FAILk, stop telling LIES. Everything you say is a lie, it's exhausting. If your argument has no legs to stand on, just give up! Stop making up lies and more lies to try to cover your ass! You are a communist, and you will lie your ass off to push your communist agenda. It's disgusting.

  11. What is hilarious is that FAILk just copies and pastes, and never even reads beyond the headline. This huffpo piece refers to the report that was yanked because it slanders returning war veterans. Way to go Comrade FAILk!! ROFLMAO

    And here's the last comment on that page, I think it was worded very well:

    I find it interesting that many would just dismiss this as only talking about the extreme rightwing groups. That is true on the face of it but we all know that these people on the other side are just as guilty also. Those in power tend to make things go their way at the expense of all of us. There are those who are extreme that we should watch out for because some of them are not using common sense, but then we should really watch out for those who want to decide for us what is best. Hitler did it that way. He came into power and at first did a lot of good for the working man but then that power went to his head and well you know the rest of the story. No matter how secure we think our government is it only takes a few to "set aside" the constitution in the name of protecting this nation in order to do what they really want. Now you can go ahead and call me a radical but you would be way off the mark. I am a centrist but I try to use common sense when it comes to what can really happen. Just wait and see what happens in the next few weeks, months, or years.

  12. Just google "conservative riots" or "conservative violence" and see what you come up with. Absolutely nothing.

    Then google "liberal riots", or "liberal violence" and it's off the charts the instances where liberals are smashing and burning and rampaging. These people are nuts. And don't take it from me, listen to Speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi:

    Last week, the WaPo reported an absolutely astounding statement made by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She was asked by reporters about the anger of the liberal base over the Democrats' failure to end the war in Iraq.

    "Look," she said, her frozen (LOL) smile turning into a frozen frown. "I had, for 5 months, people sitting outside my home, going into my garden in San Francisco, angering neighbors, hanging their clothes from trees, building all kinds of things - Buddhas? I don't know what they were - couches, sofas, chairs, permanent living facilities on my front sidewalk."

    Sounds like liberal heaven. But wait! There's more:

    "If they were poor and they were sleeping on my sidewalk, they would be arrested for loitering, but because they have "Impeach Bush" across their chest, it's the First Amendment."

    Absorb the stunning nature of that statement. This is liberal-on-liberal violence.

    Speaker Pelosi complained that antiwar liberals 1) invaded her private space, 2) ticked off her neighbors, 3) set up "protest camps" outside her home, 4) made her life inconvenient with their antics. Of course, all of that was fine when they were doing it to President Bush outside his home in Crawford, Texas.

    And Bill Maher:

    ... Bill Maher was heckled during his live HBO show. The offending audience member stood up, unfurled a smuggled-in banner, and began shouting loudly.

    Maher ... stormed the stands and helped security throw the guy out. What was the heckler heckling about? Why, he was shouting part of the extreme left-wing agenda: that September 11 was a U.S. government conspiracy.

    Maher was livid that his show had been interrupted. But his “shock” is ridiculous.
    After the incident, he said that a lot of anti-war and anti-Bush protesters hang out outside his studio, waiting to engage him on conspiracy theories and the president's war criminality.

    Why do they stir outside Maher’s studio and not, say, Larry King’s? Because Maher has spent the last four years criticizing the president, the war, and other post 9-11 policies. He has given aid and comfort to the protesters by supporting their arguments -- and their right to heckle the president. He has embraced them, winked at them, given them tactical air support every week on his show.

  13. Look at this Democrat Veteran who was upset about the article that Comrade Bruce FAILk referred to. The things that FAILk says just serves to polarize people; the crazy-assed lefty regressives join Bruce and the 20%, and the rest get the hell away from those nuts. Thanks for making our work easier Comrade FAILk!

    demveteran said: i would just like to add two things to this....first, i attended one of the tea parties un biased. they keep saying that the tea parties were a racists movement but i saw alot of african americans at the tea party i was at in houston texas. second, i am a veteran and i found it very offensive that they stated that veterans were a cause for concern. i joined the military to serve all my country, black, white, and every other race and nationality in this i an enemy??

    Wow, pretty strong words from a Democrat veteran. What do you think about that Comrade FAILk?!? BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  14. Comrade Bruce, where are your examples of right-wing violence? So far we have a rabid Obama supporter shooting and killing 4 people, three of which were minorities (not to mention killing her brother years earlier).

    Then we have a pro-government takeover of health care nut flying his plane into an IRS building.

    And riots at UC Berkley, you know, the conservative stronghold (LOL).

    Where are the examples of conservatives doing these things Comrade FAILk?!?! ROFLMAO

  15. Hey Chris, look what happens with the liberal's cap and tax boondoggle! ROFLMAO ... this is hilarious on so many levels:

    EU's 'carbon fat cats' get rich off trading scheme

    A report said that Europe's system for industrial carbon quotas has enriched the continent's biggest polluters, with 10 firms together reaping permits for 2008 alone worth 500 million euros, a new report revealed.

    Dominated by steel and cement makers, the same "carbon fat cats" stand to collect surplus CO2 permits that - at current market rates - could be worth 3.2 billion euros (4.3 billion dollars) by 2012, it said.

    This is roughly equivalent to the entire EU investment in renewable energy and clean technology under its economic recovery plan, according to Sandbag.

    "Emissions trading is meant to be the central policy for cutting CO2 levels," said Anna Pearson, Sandbag's top policy analyst. "The fact that companies are able to make large sums of money for doing nothing highlights that the trading scheme must be reformed and EU climate change target strengthened."

    Companies that emit less than their allowance can sell the difference on the market to companies that exceed their limits, thus providing - in theory - a financial carrot to everyone to become greener.

    But energy, steel and cement sectors that dominate the system, hit by the global crunch, are emitting less CO2 than forecast, which means surplus carbon permits are flooding the market.

    Among the top ten beneficiaries, steelmaker ArcelorMittal collected more than 40% of the 2008 excess permits, reported Sandbag.

    French cement giant Lafarge got about 12%, with Tata steel group subsidiary Corus and Swedish steel maker SSAB-Svenskt Stal each claiming about 10%.

    Most of the permits were generated simply because the companies were allocated more free permits than they wound up using, according to the report.

    "Little or no actual 'effort' toward emissions reductions need have taken place, yet these companies will be able to literally bank the profits," it said.

    The price of a tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) or its equivalent has fallen sharply over the last 18 months.

    After peaking at nearly 30 euros ($38) in 2008, CO2 is currently trading at about 13 euros, according to BlueNext, one of several European carbon exchanges.

    Viewed narrowly, the recession-driven drop in CO2 emissions helps the environment.

    But low carbon prices give businesses little incentive to develop and install new technologies to slash future emissions.

  16. 400% Bruce? I looked it up and it is a bs number made up by a left winger. All the rest just believed it like the sheeples they are. baaah baaaaaah baaaaahh. No wonder no one believes a word out of a liberals mouth. Everything they say is mostly lies.

  17. Here's one example you may remember, John.

  18. Oh, and John, you may remember the murder of Dr. Tiller.

  19. Here's a link to the actual report from the Department of Homeland Security that was actually done while Bush was still in office, but not released until April 7, 2009.

  20. LOL ... Comrade FAILk, those guys have as much to do with the conservative tea party as you do with Capitalism. Nice how you try to link a white supremacist to the conservative movement, but that dog don't hunt! How about that Amy Bishop, the woman that killed four people, including 3 which were minorities? She professed her love of everything Obama, to the point that she was off-putting. What do you have to say about that?

    Where is the conservative riots and violence Comrade FAILk?!? Your link that is supposed to be about Tiller isn't even about that?! What are you smoking over there Comrade FAILk?!?!

  21. Aw, good Comrade Bruce Fealk, I was hoping you would want to compare stories:

    4 September 2005, Louisiana:
    Democrat Senator Threatens Violence Against Bush
    Mary Landrieu: I'll Punch Bush, 'Literally'

    1 September 2005, National:
    Leftist Radio Host Encourages Looting
    Sean Hannity

    25 April 2005, National:
    Leftist Radio Threatens to Assassinate Bush

    17 February 2005, Portland, OR:
    Former Pentagon Adviser Assaulted at University
    Protester throws shoe at Richard Perle - Politics -

    24 January 2005, Milwaukee, WI:
    Five Democrats Charged with Election-Day Tire Slashing
    JS Online: 5 charged in GOP tire slashings

    8 November 2004, San Francisco, CA:
    Muslim/Democrat Mob Attacks College Republicans

    30 October 2004, Durango, CO:
    Liberal Professor Assaults Conservative Student

    22 October 2004, Tuscon, AZ:
    Conservative Commentator Assaulted at University

    5 October 2004, Orlando, FL:
    Democrat Mob Storms GOP HQ, Injures Staffers
    Protestors Ransack Bush/Cheney Headquarters In Orlando - Politics News Story - WKMG Orlando

    October 2004, National:
    A Pattern of Leftist Hatred

    17 September 2004, Huntington, WV:
    3-Year-Old Girl Attacked by Democrat Thugs
    Washington Times - Democrats accused of ripping Bush signs

    20 March 2003, Madison, WI:
    Republican Heaquarters Vandalized
    JS Online: GOP headquarters in Madison hit with bricks, paint bombs

    11 March 2003, Los Angeles, CA:
    Peaceniks Destroy 9-11 Memorial

    1 April 2005
    Violent leftist/Democrat physically assaults conservative Pat Buchanan at Western Michigan University

    13 February 1996
    Liberals steal press run of conservative newspaper Carolina Review in an effort to preserve victory for their liberal candidate

    1 March 2002
    Liberals steal entire press run of a monthly conservative publication at the University of California-Berkeley and harass and intimidate its staff

    30 November 2004
    Entire run of the November issue of the Yale Free Press, a conservative student publication, was stolen over the Thanksgiving break
    Yale Daily News - Editors say Yale Free Press stolen

    October 1999
    Liberals at California State University at Sacramento stole 3,000 copies of the student newspaper. They were enraged because the paper, The State Hornet, had published the picture of a Hispanic man being arrested and charged with resisting arrest at a football game.
    Nat Hentoff

    Liberals vandalize offices of The Collegian at the University of Massachusetts

  22. Bruce what about the left wing wacko that killed the pro life protester. All you have proven Bruce4 is that the odds are 5 to 1 that the left wing do violence. Just because you found a couple right wing psychos is the exception to the rule. The rule is that most of the time it is the left wing that resorts to violence. We never said it was always the left wing. We just said it was usually the left wing that did violence. And that is a fact. While you on the left have been saying the TEA Parties are dangerous their have been no riots from the right but there have been numerous riots and violent acts from the left. Remember the Democrat that panted and destroyed the Democrat club house and made it look like the right wing did it? Do you remember the man that killed himself and tried to make it look like a right wing did it? Do all those liberals rioting right now count as one person or hundreds causing violence? It's funny Bruce how you count one conservative extreemist as 10 and you errase the left which have been busy all year long. Not to mention ELF and all the eco terrorism they did. 400% is a BS number and only left wing bloggers back up that number without one drop of tangable proof. It would be like me saying Bruce aproves of rape because I read it on a blog somewhere. I'm not lieing because I did read it and it must be true. Just like when you tried to make everyone think Glenn Beck rapped a women and got away with it. You are a sick man and you don't care what you do in order to get what you want.

  23. Here's a group near and dear to your heart Comrade FAILk, the Communists:

    November 16, 2009

    We are beginning to see way too many echoes of the 1930s, as national socialist and Marxian socialist thugs try to drive competing political views off the streets. The worst offenders so far have been the Service Employees' International Union, which has repeatedly sent its members out into the streets to beat up anyone who isn't toeing the Obama line on issues like socialized medicine.

    Most recently it's International ANSWER, a hard-core Communist group supported by shadowy funding sources that have never been made public, but appear to consist of a handful of rich people. ANSWER, notwithstanding its unabashedly Communist ideology, now feels comfortable enough to assault non-communist demonstrators who show up in the streets. In this case, the non-communists were protesting illegal immigration, seeking to uphold the nation's laws, when they were set upon by ANSWER's thugs:

  24. Thanks John. Bruce wanted to piss in the wind on his histarical theory that conservatives are the dangerous ones. What a dope. Bruce did you even read any of the referances you gave?

  25. Chris, was that Glenn Beck that Bruce accused of raping and murdering a girl or was it Gary Peters? I thought he said that it was GARY PETERS THAT RAPED AND MURDERED A GIRL, but you say he said it was Beck?

  26. I like how Comrade FAILk can't back up his 400% number so he goes with anecdotal "evidence". Typical regressive. Comrade FAILk, why do you hate our country and freedom so much? Conservatives just want to be left the hell alone, but you regressives just aren't happy with letting people be happy on their own. You have to control everyone and everything. What a bunch of sociopaths you are.

  27. John, I think you ought to separate out pranks from actual violence.

    No, I'm not SEIU. I'm not a communist.

  28. It could have been Peters. Tonight Glenn Beck 5pm has a speciel on the school system and education.

  29. Bruce what union did you belong too?

  30. Yeh Bruce your not a Communist. Whatever. Neo-Communist work out better for ya? I know you want to do a few thing different then the Russian communist. Even your own brother and sister think you are a communist. We already know what parts of communism you like. What parts don't you like Bruce? I think that will be the smaller list.

  31. Oh, but Comrade Bruce, you are a communist! Everyone knows it. You want the government to control everything and distribute goods and services as they see fit. Could you imagine, this collection of 535-or-so lawyers and other assorted dill-rods distributing pay and bread and soup as they see fit? That's Comrade Bruce's version of Utopia. Comrade Bruce, tell me about Gary Peters for my article. I can't wait for your answers Comrade FAILk.

    So rioting isn't violent Comrade FAILk? That's just a prank? And that was just a prank when that Obama supporter slaughtered those minorities? Sounds hilarious, you must have laughed half of your face off at those "pranks".

  32. Remember that "prank" when Comrade FAILk was harassing the wife of Representative Knollenberg? That was quite a prank. I bet you were really proud of that, weren't you you radical nut-job? Was your family proud of their Comrade FAILk, harasser of old ladies? You stay classy Comrade Bruce Fealk.

    Or how about that "prank" when Comrade FAILk had harassed that guy into a break-down, and when he came out of treatment Comrade FAILk was all set to go after him again, and all the other Comrades had to tell Comrade FAILk to leave the poor guy alone. Another quality prank by nut-job Comrade Bruce FAILk. The pride of the regressives aren't you Comrade FAILk?

  33. John, there's actually video of the visit to Knollenberg's house and I dare anyone to call what we did harassment.

    I didn't harass Trent Wisecup. He is obviously mentally unstable and had been unstable for a long time if he was diagnosed with mental illness such as bipolar disorder.

    Trent was the one that chose to go nuts just because I was asking him a couple questions about votes he had cast in the House.

  34. Chris, for the record, I've never belonged to a union of any type.

  35. Well Comrade FAILk, I accept your dare, because it was harassment. Just a little old lady and you nut-jobs harassed her. You are dangerously unstable FAILk. And you know I have the journal entries where you literally said that Trent was getting out of the hospital and you wanted to go after him. And all the other regressives are telling you to give it a rest because you were acting all unstable and nutty. I have the postings Comrade FAILk, and I know you know what I am talking about. So let's not play games, shall we? Remember the part where the one guy asked you "what do you want him to do, jump off a bridge?" Remember that Comrade Bruce?

  36. That is what bruce fealk does is harrasses people. He did it at the Troy Tea party rally last year to a bunch of people. Bruce has no soul just ask his brother Steve or Sue. Bruce is on then FBI short list for left wing nutcases.

  37. So, John, let me know if you can in any way call this harassment?

  38. Yes, Comrade FAILk, I call it harassment when you bother little old ladies who have no dog in the fight, other than that their husband is a representative of the people. You're a class "A" jerk.

    Remember those comments that the other regressives made Comrade Bruce? Or am I making those up?

  39. It looked like harrassment to me. Why else did you do it Bruce if not to harrass them? Was it stalking?

  40. Here's a refresher for you Comrade Fealk:

    John said...
    Here's my personal favorite so far. Looks like Bruce was coming so unhinged even the nutty liberals were trying to talk him down from whack-o-ville:

    Michigan Blogger that caught Trent Wisecup on Video needs Your Help by bfailk
    Sat Nov 03, 2007 at 03:50:45 AM PST

    I really need everyone's help on this one. I can't fight this alone, so I hope you'll be willing to pitch in to help a fellow blogger.

    The article below appeared on the front page of the Oakland Press on Saturday in Michigan on Saturday. My brother, thinking I did something on purpose to steal his identity, which I didn't, and I have an e-mail to prove it, wrote a letter to Trent saying what a terrible person I am and how he hates me. Trent then sent that letter to Charlie Crumm at the Oakland Press and the story below is the result. Trent is already back in fighting form and planning to come back to work next week, according to the article, so I don't think we need to treat him with kid gloves any more. I know Trent has a history of bad behavior and I'm willing to go after him now that this has happened. I have something that I think I can use and I'd like anything from anyone out there that has knowledge of Trent's bad behavior.

    Um . . .You say: My brother, thinking I did something on purpose to steal his identity wrote a letter to Trent saying what a terrible person I am and how he hates me.

    This is your bro's comment: "I own my own business, and I don't want my name being attached to anything my idiot brother is involved with"

    May I humbly suggest that you drop this aspect of your argument.

    by MajorFlaw on Sat Nov 03, 2007
    Bruce, I say this with all candor, your actions are beginning to border on an obsession. Now your brother has been drawn into this, and if you keep it up, you're soon going to start looking like the nut he is accusing you of being.

    I won't help you escalate this even further, and I would encourage others not to as well. Frankly, I'm tired of this episode, and if I as someone who is also working to get Knollenberg removed is getting tired of it, I have to assume that others are as well. Going further is going to set back our efforts, understand?

    You scored some points goading Wisecup into portaying himself as a wingnut. As a result, he took a short leave from the campaign. It made Knollenberg look bad. But there's a time to be happy with your victory and walk away from field. That time is now.

    by GOTV on Sat Nov 03, 2007
    Sound advice. Seconded. I saw the video and while Trent did act like a nutjob Bruce appeared to be both stalking and baiting him. In combination with Trent's inflammatory personality that's not a real bright thing to do. If he keeps that up he will eventually come across someone who is not as restrained as Trent.

    by MajorFlaw on Sat Nov 03, 2007
    I think you need to physically stay away from Trent and Knollenberg. I think you should not give up, but I think you need a different approach before you end up in a law suit or with criminal charges of some sort filed against you. Ask Feiger. You're smart. (Who SAYS?!?!) You'll find another way.
    by dkmich on Sat Nov 03, 2007
    Do you think he's fair game? For what?

    Do you want to drive him to jump off a bridge or something ?

    Reconsider your mission: you wanted to attract attention and you did. NOW it's fair for everybody (left, right, whatever) to decide whether you have any substance or if you're just a nutcake.
    by slowheels on Sat Nov 03, 2007

  41. Wow. Comrade Bruce Fealk, you are accusing others of being dangerous, and yet you harass a person who has self-professed mental problems? That takes a special kind of asshole. Although, I guess it could be argued that I am harassing you and you have major mental issues. But you come here and spew your filth, I don't go looking for you.

  42. I just Googled Bruce Fealk Harrassing and you should see how many things came up. Bruce did you have anyone threaten you with stalking charges? Why would you go after a politicians elderly wife? I never knew how scary you are.

  43. Did Bruce get Chris' friend Brian Pennbecker fired from the Oakland Press? Bruce the more I Google the scarier you sound. Who is Sue?

  44. "If he keeps that up he will eventually come across someone who is not as restrained as Trent."

  45. Comrade Bruce Fealk lays down a path of hate, destruction and rage wherever he travels. Brian Pannebecker, Andrew DuPont, and soon Gary Peters. I'm going to laugh my ass off when you bring Gary Peters down because of your radicalism Comrade Bruce. I mean, really, just look at what your fellow radicals say about you! "Bruce appeared to be both stalking and baiting him." "Do you want to drive him to jump off a bridge or something?" and one of my favorites "your actions are beginning to border on an obsession. Now your brother has been drawn into this, and if you keep it up, you're soon going to start looking like the nut he is accusing you of being."

  46. I just googled Bruce Fealk rape and you have a fixation on rape Bruce. What is up with that?

  47. Well Comrade FAILk, what happened, did you just get raped by reality? BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  48. Hmmm ... and here that most trustworthy of sources Comrade FAILk said that Massa was resigning because of cancer. But the cancer scare was in December ... and with this health care thing going down, you would think he would stick around, especially with that cancer scare, but nope, it's because he is being investigated. Just another dirty Hypocrat. Do you think the ethics committee is investigating him for his cancer Comrade FAILk?:

    Massa, who was elected in November 2008, announced earlier in the week that he would not be seeking a second term following a cancer scare in December. He initially dismissed as “unsubstantiated” a POLITICO report that he was being scrutinized for improper advances to a junior aide in his office.

    But the ethics committee formally announced on Thursday night that Massa was under investigation by the panel, although Reps. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) and Jo Bonner (R-Ala.), the chairwoman and ranking member of the committee, did not announce the reason for their probe.

    Read more:

  49. Just to add some color to more Hypocrat nuttiness:

    Dem Candidate Is a Far Out Space Nut
    by Gregory of Yardale

    The Democrat Candidate for the 22nd CD in Texas apparently believes that the movie 'Starship Troopers' was a documentary. Her campaign pledge:

    "I will take our troops out of the war zone and put them into space!"

    Democrats chose her as their nominee... despite her pledge to pursue impeachment proceedings against B. Hussein Obama. Or, maybe because of. There are a lot of leftists who are disappointed that a few vestiges of capitalism and faith remain alive in our culture. But she doesn't care whether the Democratic party supports her or not because:

    "I am leading a war against the British Empire. I'm not worried about what Democratic Party hacks say or do."

    They should hire her at MSDNC. Not only will she add much needed color, she'll make Olbermann look slightly less loopy.

  50. I'll tell you what must have made Comrade FAILk's ass pucker, was when Jon Stewart said that Palin's stand-up routine on the Tonight Show was quite good. ROFLMAO

  51. Hey Comrade FAILk, will you be protesting the government reading personal emails like you do the Patriot Act (that your President and Congress just renewed I might add)? This is a gross invasion of privacy, just like you accused Bush and Cheney of, so let's hear it from the regressives!

    Details of “Einstein” Cyber Shield Disclosed by White House
    By Siobhan Gorman

    The Obama administration lifted the veil Tuesday on a highly-secretive set of policies to defend the U.S. from cyber attacks.

    It was an open secret that the National Security Agency was bolstering a Homeland Security program to detect and respond to cyber attacks on government systems, but a summary of that program declassified Tuesday provides more details of NSA’s role in a Homeland program known as Einstein.

    The current version of the program is widely seen as providing meager protection against attack, but a new version being built will be more robust–largely because it’s rooted in NSA technology. The program is designed to look for indicators of cyber attacks by digging into all Internet communications, INCLUDING THE CONTENTS OF EMAILS, according to the declassified summary.

    Homeland Security will then strip out identifying information and pass along data on new threats to NSA. It will also use threat information from NSA to better identify emerging cyber attacks.

    NSA’s role is a careful balance because of the political battles that ensued over the agency’s role in domestic surveillance in the George W. Bush administration. Declassifying details of the NSA’s role, in a program initially developed during the Bush administration and continued in the Obama administration, will likely ignite new debates over privacy.

    The White House’s new cyber-security chief, Howard Schmidt, announced the move to declassify the program in a speech at the RSA conference in San Francisco–his first major public address since assuming the post in January. He said addressing potential privacy concerns was one of the ten initial steps he planned to take. “We’re really paying attention, and we get it,” he said.

    No, they DON'T "get it". These people have no right to read my emails or Comrade FAILk's or anyone else's. They are essentially using cyber-security as an excuse to read our mail. One has nothing to do with the other. It's like trying to stop suicide bombers by reading our mail. Insanity.

  52. Hey Chris, just wanted to let you know that the anti-Peters Rally was a huge success. There were at least 200 people lined up along Rochester Road by the time I got there (around 5:45 due to traffic). I walked back to the Community Center where the Peters Propaganda-Fest was happening, and we had a good laugh at the Communist Bruce Fealk. I think he had his car parked in a handi-capped spot, so I guess he must have gotten the permit from his psychologist. Some of the guys were saying that Bruce came over to them, took their picture, and then told them that they had to leave because they were on private property! LOL Those guys had a good laugh and told him to pound sand up his ass. Bruce I'm sure called the cops but everybody was peacefully protesting and laughing at Bruce. I was telling everyone about what a commie he was. Some of the people already knew. One lady was videotaping him rubbing himself against his Prius like some kind of nut. When he came out I started yelling what a commie he was, and telling him that the 20 people had showed up so they could start their meeting.

    Looks like they had maybe 20 cars there, so a pretty pathetic turnout. I guess we'll get the extra-chromosome count from Bruce and then divide the number in half for the true number, LOL

    Met a good number of representatives there, including Rocky Raczkowski (, a great guy and a true American patriot and hero. He was front and center, not like Gary Peters who snuck in from the back into the community center like the snake that he is. I think Paul Welday was there, I thought I got a glance of him, but it was so busy and I was talking to a lot of people so I didn't get a chance to see for sure.

    Great time at the peaceful, energetic, uplifting rally. I can only imagine the hate and rage at the tiny Peter's Propaganda-Fest. I'm sure they were all patting each other on the back telling each other that their sh*t don't stink and that everything will be just fine come November. However, if they took a trip out by Rochester Road, the number of protesters in that cold weather surely told them something different.

  53. John that was you? You are the best. I never laught so hard in my life.

  54. Bruce, was that YOU... trespassing?
    I think you should be thankful Joe K. didn't have your ars tossed in jail.

    Ever heard of a phone call or the US postal service, maybe an email?

    And whats with the Hotdog stand? Where you working under cover selling hotdogs in a residential neighborhood or what?

  55. John, actually we had a full house and maxed out the capacity of the facility. Inside, instead of all the rhetoric and lies, Congressman Peters was explaining the benefits of the Democrats' health care plan and how it will benefit middle-class Americans, hard working people who just need a little bit of a break from the double-digit health care premium increases they've been suffering under.

  56. Ya'll are f-ed up.

    John, peaceful protest, you yelling at Bruce? Calling people names and yelling at them doesn't sound peaceful to me. there anything more overused and completely meaningless than a rightwinger using the term "patriot"? Not in this blog there isn't. Its not like they use that term for all the leftwing veterans and current military personnel.

    Protest counter protest, counter counter protest. WTF. you'll have to much time on your hands.

  57. "is there anything more overused and completely meaningless than a rightwinger using the term "patriot"?"

    Just so you understand the meaning of Patriot there, Joe.
    "One who loves his country, and zealously supports its authority and interests"
    Now one of the keywords here is authority. 'Right wingers' see (and rightfully so) authority being that of the American people.
    'Left Wingers' see authority as Government.

    The supreme power of the land are the people. It is written throughout the US history.
    So when a Right Winger uses Patriot, they use it with the sense of pride that "We the People" hold true power and 'interest' of the land.

  58. Maximum capacity, maybe Bruce, but that would be 20 people. That was a tiny little community center. I notice you didn't give any number. Your lies are so transparent it makes me LOL. So Comrade FAILk, now that Comrade Peters has explained to you how the government takeover of health care will lower health care and health care insurance costs, you can explain it to us. Go ahead. We're all ears.

    Joey, guess what, I had to yell since I was across the street and the yard from Comrade FAILk. I'm sure folks like you and Comrade Bruce wish we wouldn't exercise freedom of speech and assembly, apparently you only want that reserved for the unions? It's easy to be a little guttersnipe like you Joey, dropping in with your hate and anger. Something else to take time out of a busy day to stand up for something you believe in.

    By the way Joey, nobody is forcing you to read this blog or write comments ... sounds to me like you have plenty of time to do it. Do you consider it a waste of your time?

  59. Bruce, those guys that you tried to intimidate by calling the cops on them, they were about to call an ambulance for you. They said they thought you had had a stroke because of your face. And yet you hate those guys who were worried about you. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  60. You should have seen that one woman going to the Comrade Peter's Propaganda Fest. She blew by in her SUV, talking on her cell phone with her Obama sticker on her bumper. Went right by the Community Center. We were all laughing at the stupidity of the Hypocrats, especially that radical 20%. Did you explain to her about your death-trap Prius Comrade FAILk? I hope you gave her hell for driving an SUV.

    By the way Comrade Bruce, hasn't President Obama explained the government takeover of health care sufficiently for you? Now you need Comrade Peters to break it down for you? What is this thing, advance Calculus?! ROFLMAO, what a piece of crap legislation, needs all this explaining to all you dolts. Did Comrade Peters justify the big bailout to all the big insurance companies?!? I know you idiots will believe anything your messiahs tell you to, but I would love to know how they explained their big giveaway to Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Trial Lawyers and Unions!! Explaining that must have taken a lot of time!! LOL

  61. “It’s not too late: we can, and we must, stop this government takeover of health care,” said Rep. Parker Griffith, a first-term congressman from Alabama who switched parties in December and delivered Saturday’s Republican message.

    The retired physician continued: “Make your voice heard now. America deserves better.”

    Griffith said leaders of the Democratic Party he left last year were missing the point.

    “For them, health care reform has become less about the best reforms and more about what best fits their ‘Washington knows best’ mentality — less about helping patients and more about scoring political points,” he said. “This is no idle observation. I’ve witnessed it firsthand.”

  62. Small Governmenmt! Strong Private Sector ! Fixing Health Care! Military Trials For Terrorist! Fiscal Responsibility! Deficit Reduction NOW! NO Tax and Trade! Exploration for OUR Own Energy HERE! More Tax Payers Money to The Tax Payers! NO Government Ownership in Private Sector! COUNTRY FIRST! JoeC
    Bruce that to Me is Pretty Good Definition of PATRIOT! Where DO You Fit In? Answer YOU DONT!

  63. OOPS Administration Seems to Have Been OVER a TRILLION Dollars Off on GOVERNMENT DEFICIT According to the CBO! Wonder if Thats Bushes Fault! Cant Tell Me This Administration Does Not KNOW What its Doing!

  64. Chris - Here is an avowed Communist. He wants to destroy the United States of America, and the Capitalist system. He sounds just like Comrade Bruce Fealk:

    What do you think Comrade Bruce, do you disagree with anything this guy has to say? How about you Joey? Where are all these down-trodden American workers? Who is this guy speaking for? I have never met a downtrodden American worker in my life. We can always move on to another job if we don't like the one we have. You people are completely nuts. And Joey, if you think standing up to people like this, and the Hypocrat party that they represent, is a waste of time, I feel very sorry for you and your family. My family can count on me to stand up against Communists and Socialists as a PATRIOT.

  65. Mark, did you read Comrade FAILk's entry about the video?

    "We visited Congressman Joe Knollenbeg's house again today. His wife, Sandie, was home, but wouldn't even answer the door. When we entered his neighborhood we were immediately descended upon by 3 police cars and questioned, our I.D. taken and we were finally let go on our way."

    So Comrade FAILk knew it was just a little old lady home and went on their private property to harass her. He's so proud of what a jerk he is that he even put it on YouTube!

    Did they "take" your ID Comrade FAILk, or did they just ask for it and give it back to you? Funny, you have your panties in a bunch when someone called the police on you and your band of harassment a-holes, but you felt the need to call the police on peaceful protesters on public property? Sounds might hypocritical Comrade Bruce!

    Hey Comrade Bruce, was this meeting of Representative Gary Peters, D-MI 9, open to his constituents? He's MY representative too, but he will only explain the government takeover of health care to a few supporters? Talk about an echo chamber circle-jerk. It's a shame that Representative Peters hides out, and the "common-folk" can't get any face-time with him. Just his little band of cronies and sycophants. What, do you need some kind of facial physical disability to get "face" time with Comrade Peters?

  66. Al, you're right, I don't fit into your definition of a patriot.

    Real Americans have empathy for other human beings. Real Americans put stand up for the American justice system where everyone gets a fair trial. Real Americans want to protect the planet they live on with billions of other people. Real Americans want a government that works to protect them from unscrupulous, greedy businesses that want to take advantage of them, keep the food supply safe and other necessary facets of good government. Government is NOT the enemy.

    Taxes are the price we pay for living in a civilized society. Governnmt, in extreme cases the government does need to step in.

    We can't nibble around the edges of health care reform. It is fundamentally broken and we need to fix it NOW.

    Your definition sounds more like a traitor than a patriot.

  67. Hey, John, can you tell me how many town hall meetings Congressman Knollenberg had? It's an easy answer. None in 16 years, not one.

    This was a private event and was billed as such. You will have you chances I'm sure to visit with Congressman Peters, just not last night.

  68. Bruce I Stand By My Principles of Which You Have None! A Traitor Does What He Can To Destroy A Government! Look In a Mirror Bruce! If Theres a Reflection Its YOU! I Do Agree Your A Traitor and Should Be the Poster Boy For All Americans to SEE and Indeed HEED!

    Note Bruce Terroist are Not Real Americans Sorta Like YOU!

  69. Al, of course I don't agree. Idiot.

  70. I notice Comrade Bruce doesn't answer any of my questions. Come on Comrade Bruce, tell us all about how Comrade Peters is going to save us money on health care and health insurance. I'm calling you out Comrade Bruce. Comrade Peters explained it to you, right? I mean, that's what you told us. So you must have a clear grasp of the situation now commie.

    Hey Comrade FAILk, you talk about your version of a real American. And you are saying that the government should force them to act like your version of an American? Forced empathy, by the practice of stealing a person's private property that they earned, in order to spread it around to others? Even Joey, when he was talking about retiring nice and early with money to spend, said that he had earned that pension and he deserved it. What if the government told Joey that he had to work longer for someone who didn't feel like working, but rather live off the government dole? I think even Joey would have a problem with that. I think you would too. Commie.

  71. That video of Comrade FAILk's doppelganger is pretty funny, when he was talking about how worried he was when the Berlin Wall fell, and during Tiananmen Square ... he was worried that a system which oppresses people and murders millions would be wiped from the face of the earth?!?! These people like Comrade Bruce FAILk and his Comrade Peters are dangerous people. They push for a system of oppression under the guise of the oppressed workers (where are they again Bruce?). Truly frightening that people think like this. Why don't they go to Cuba, where Fidel Castro will plant bugs in their hotel rooms and spy on them, like he does to all the celebrities that go there? Go there and enjoy your Utopia Comrade Bruce.

  72. Bruce empathy? Is putting this deficit on our kids and grand kids empathetic? Is making them pay for us empathetic? Is making the middle class poor empathetic? Is $7 a gal. empathetic? Is paying more for food fo a fake global warming sceam that makes the richest 1% richer? Is giving bailout money to larg corporations and large unions empathetic when we the people are picking up the tab? I think you have a different language then I do. You don't define Patriot or Empathy the same way Americans do. Robin Hood is not an empathetic person by stealing and killing the wealthy. He was just giving the rich what the poor had not the other way around. Thank God you are just a fringe 20% of Americans. The problem is that the civil war was fought by 20% of Americans.

  73. Bruce you can dish it out but you can't take it. You will see much more disterbances and in your face protesting at your events. We learned from you libs. Thanks buddy. We watched and we learned what you did and how you did it and now we are using it against ya. But we are peaceful unlike you libs.

  74. A Right of Center retort, just so you understand, Bruce

    "Real Americans have empathy for other human beings."
    Yes, we all do. If you think we don't, you have been misled.
    "Real Americans put stand up for the American justice system where everyone gets a fair trial."
    Yes, we all do, and get.
    "Real Americans want to protect the planet they live on with billions of other people."
    Did you know during the Bush administration the he lowered CO2 emissions by 12%, two shy of Obama goal of 14%?
    "Real Americans want a government that works to protect them from unscrupulous, greedy businesses that want to take advantage of them, "
    If you can't protect yourself from greedy people, you're not walking through life very well.
    "Keep the food supply safe"
    Yes, we all do.
    "Other necessary facets of good government."
    Yes, like providing the 'common defense'

    "Government is NOT the enemy."
    When government over steps it authority it IS the enemy of not only the people, but the Constitution.

    "Taxes are the price we pay for living in a civilized society. "
    Over spending of those taxes be on its means is the price Democrats what our children/grandchildren to pay for, for todays civilized society is reckless and irresponsible.

    "We can't nibble around the edges of health care reform. It is fundamentally broken and we need to fix it NOW."
    And we can't afford to stuff the whole enchilada in our mouth either. That's what the Reps have been saying, but the powers in control are ignoring it.

    Your definition sounds more like a Government Patriot, then an American Patriot.

  75. Comrade Bruce You Dont Agree With What? Freedom, Choice, Keeping What You Earn, Less Government Intrusion in Citizens Lifes,Strong Private Sector, Fiscal Responsibilty From Government! John is Right Commrade Bruce!

    Name ONE of The ISMs Communism,Socialism are Marxism THAT as Done More for its CITIZENS than Capitolism and Private Sector Have Done in This Great Nation Of OURS! Name Just One Nation which Under those Other ISMs Have DONE Better Than OUR System! Name One that Has Lasted 234 years? And Once Again If You Work Who Signs Your Check Poor Person or a EVIL Rich ONE?

    Bruce You and Benidict Arnold Have ALOT in Common ! You Are One PATHIC HUMAN Being!

  76. Note how Bruce changed the issue at hand from "Patriot" to "Real American". As if to say, if you don't do the things I've mentioned, you aren't a "Real American". What a joke. Here's a definition for a patriot.

    An individual is a patriot when acting in their own self-interest. They are choosing to live as they see fit, without worrying about behaving in a way that overzealous busybodies think they should. They make personal choices everyday that leads to their happiness, greatly enhancing their lives. They understand that they live in a free country, or at least it used to be, and they refuse to shortchange their lives in an attempt to gain the acceptance of others or the blessings of some distant bureaucrat in Washington. They believe in the concept of liberty and take great pride in exercising their individual rights. These are the mark of a true patriot.

    What Bruce is advocating is altruism. The antithesis of the ideas and actions of a patriot. Altruism holds that being moral consists in self-sacrificially serving others. Despite its self-destructive nature, altruism is accepted to some extent by almost everyone today. For most people the "others" consist of God and "the poor." They are the "others" for whom you should sacrifice. Most everyone believes it is the moral thing to do. Unfortunately, there exists no logical or legitimate reason why one should sacrifice for another.

  77. Fealk is an Obamabagger. He will take it on the chin for to speak.

  78. They keep saying Capitolism isn't working. But the fact of the matter is it is working better then any other economic system has. It aint perfect but it's the best there is. Mark what a great retort. I like the way you broke it down for them. I'm affraid they will ignore what you said because it proves how irrational and emotional their theories of government are. The liberals just don't have the wiring for it.

  79. Paul very well said. I tell you this is such a great group of political bloggers. There doesn't seem to be too many rational left wingers out there. They seem to be for the most part as Progressive as Mao and Che'.

  80. They are a scary group. My mother goes to the Troy events. And she was yelled at by a lefty. She is a conservative black women and proud of it. She has never been treated so well as she has by the tea rally people. The lefties always end up violent.

  81. Chris, thanks. I feel you have to break it down for them so they understand, line my line, on where most of us stand.
    It is almost impossible to change progressives minds. When I retort it's pretty much for the independent and independent democrats, just so it's clear to them where the right of centers truly stand on simple issues.

  82. You do a great job of it. There are a lot of people that read this blog that don't post. There are between 300 and 1000 hits per day right now. I think most of the people read this blog for all the great comments. It would be nice if some of the moderates would post their thoughts.

  83. Urine or you're out06 March, 2010 19:17

    Like most folks in this country, I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes & the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit.

    In order to get that paycheck, in my case, I am required to pass a random urine test (with which I have no problem).

    What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test.

    So, here is my question: Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them?

    Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sitting on their BUTT----doing drugs while I work.

    Can you imagine how much money each state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check?

    I guess we could call the program "URINE OR YOU'RE OUT"!

  84. Urine or You're Out Great Post And Should Be Part of Recieving Check!

  85. Chris, you would think with 60+ followers there would be more input.
    I'd like to see more Ind/Mod voicing their opinion, too.

  86. John, wow you deflect way to much. I don't care if you protest, or counter protest, but its an utter waste of time.

    What i do care is that you portray yourself as peaceful and thoughtful when your just a punk mf-er who likes to call names. you had to yell and call Bruce names? No you didn't. you weren't exercising any peaceful expression of your first amendment rights, you were exercising your hatred of Bruce in a non peaceful way. look up peaceful and you'll see yelling and calling names isn't that. Remember that fellow you on the right called a conservative, Ghandi? think he thought peaceful was screaming at someone you dislike as part of peace and non violence?

    But hey you want to scream names from across the street and call that being anything you have that first amendment right. i'll grant you that. you got me on that one, but i never challenged that.

    But i'll respond to your bs about what i am too busy for. While your out hating on Bruce and other liberals, i was working on our local union raffle to benefit the VA's domiciliary. the Dom is where homeless vets go to get a second chance in Michigan. around 30 plus homeless vets are there getting a place to stay, help finding and keeping jobs and getting retaught the skills they need to stay on their feet. i haven't blown my own horn about my involvement with my locals veterans group but since you challenged me i made an exception. So while you were out ranting at Bruce i was getting a wrist band so i could get some opening day tickets to raffle off. The good 2. then i went to work on getting a downtown restaurant to help us out. I'll be doing more of that tomorrow.

    So thats what this liberal spent his time doing. how bout you patriot?

  87. LOL ... hey Joey, just to give you a little lesson in acoustics, if you are FAR away from someone, you have to yell for them to hear you! I would have walked up and whispered to Bruce, but I'm sure he would have called the cops on me. See, if I was CLOSE I could talk in a normal voice. FAR AWAY you have to yell. I sure as hell didn't cause any discomfort to Comrade Bruce. He didn't seem all that worked up about it, either there or on this comment board. I'm sure he appreciates you rushing to his rescue though Joey. You are quite the little commie defender! LOL

    Joey, I don't give a F what you do or don't do with your time. How was what I said, and I will quote here:

    " ... Something else to take time out of a busy day to stand up for something you believe in. By the way Joey, nobody is forcing you to read this blog or write comments ... sounds to me like you have plenty of time to do it. Do you consider it a waste of your time?"

    a request to hear about your volunteerism?!?! LOL You are the one that says "[you all] have to much time on your hands." I'm out protesting, trying to make a difference and let MY representative hear my voice, since he won't listen to any letters, email, faxes or phone calls that I send him. Do you have a better suggestion Joey, because I'm all ears! How do you get heard by someone when they won't listen to your faxes, emails, letters and phone calls?

    Good for you volunteering, but I think a vast majority on this blog, including me, volunteer for things, and donate not just time but money (if you must know, I donate one full week of my time every year to children in a charity capacity, if you want to compare dicks Joey. In addition to the money I donate annually to charities. BFD. You must have been itching to let everyone know, you were so anxious to bring it up.) Me, I never said you didn't do anything. YOU made the statement that we have too much time on our hands, and then you proceed to write a bunch of comments and get involved in the discussion. So apparently you have plenty of time on your hands as well.

    It's funny, when conservatives protest we "have too much time on our hands". When a regressive protests (and burns and breaks a bunch of shit while they are at it) they are practicing free speech and freedom of assembly and they are real patriots, right Joey?

    Just to warn you Joey, you know that report that went out warning about returning veterans being all right-wing radicals. That VA that you are supporting is probably chock-full of radicalized conservatives. LOL

  88. Joey, I see you make up some discussion about charity-time and try to turn the argument. But you neglected to answer my questions. Where are all these downtrodden workers Joey? Who is this guy speaking for?

    And you consider what we write on here, or at least when we protest, a waste of time. Do you consider it a waste of time for YOU to protest, and/or to write comments on this blog?

    Or feel free to answer any of the other questions posed to Comrade Bruce. Do you think Comrade Bruce is a communist? What line do you draw to divide Socialism from Communism, and why draw a line at all? You are Socialist, right? At least be loud and proud. You sure aren't any kind of anarchist, because you sure do get your panties in a bunch when any kind of disorder threatens to break out! So I don't get your whole claiming you are any kind of anarchist. You would wet your pants and curl up in a corner if anarchy were to break out.

    So feel free to reply to any of the questions posed Joey. But try to leave your strawmen at home. Nobody brought up charities but you m'man. You brought up the protests as being a waste of time. You are the one worrying about how adults choose to spend their time.

  89. By the way Comrade Bruce, I see I missed one of your questions, and I pride myself in trying to answer your questions just as you pride yourself in avoiding answering any of our questions.

    The only reason Gary Peters had a town hall was because he was forced to. Everyone else, including our Michigan State Representatives, were having health care town halls. Even you have to admit that. Comrade Peters announced the town hall with just, like, maybe a day before? It was extremely short notice, but I'm sure all his sycophants heard plenty early. In fact, I met a guy who had RSVP'd, and was let in even after the doors were closed to everyone else. Pretty shady, even you have to admit that. Comrade Peters stocked his pond, and tried to make it as full of sycophants as possible, you have to admit that as well. Comrade Peters has no interest in hearing any opinion that is different than his own, and you have to admit that as well.

    I guess there is no way to prove it, but I'm sure if there were any issue that had as many citizens involved or interested as this one during Knollenberg's term, I'm sure he would have had a town hall. I mean, seriously, how many town halls did any representatives, Republican, Democrat or Independent, have before the health care issue came up? I would have to say nil to none.

  90. John, let me give you a lesson in peaceful activities....Calling names ins't one of them. So you felt the "urge" to be hateful and angry and you follwed through on it. Don't claim you had to yell, because you didn't have to say anything. Calling people names whether near or fear is not "peaceful" by any definition. Nice try, using BS arguments about distance.

    And actually you said,

    "It's easy to be a little guttersnipe like you Joey, dropping in with your hate and anger. Something else to take time out of a busy day to stand up for something you believe in."

    You did challenge me about standing up for what i believe in and i responded. My way of standing up for what i believe in just what i wrote.

    But for fun i will answer all the rest of the questions.

    1. i don't consider it a waste of time to blog or to comment. It doesn't accomplish much but if it makes you happy then its all good.

    2. As for protesting? Peters has heard your voice and you know it. so he doesan't answer your emails. He, you and i all know where you and your political side stands so your not changing things. He'll do what he thinks he was elected to do until he quits or is no longer elected. He might even do some stuff just to get re elected. then the next guy will do the same. Thats how it goes. But don't blame Gray Peters, he's just doing what No-show Joe did before him. Knollenberg would never meet with the his UAW constitutents when they came to Washington to see him. Always sent a lower level staffer.

    No since i went there, i do want to give some props to Mike Rogers. When i went to Washington with other UAW constituents of his district he not only showed, but had his chief of staff and took questions. They even wrote things down. It was impressive, but my buddy in Oakland only got the lackey. So Peters ins't any different than Knollenberg.

  91. john, forgot to answer the others.

    2. No Bruce isn't a communist. He's like Kerry, Bush lite.

    3. where does the line between socialism and communism get drawn? the simplest answer is private business. There isn't any in Communism.

    4. why draw the line? its not like we are arbitrarily drawing the line. Socialism has been around long before Marx wrote his economic theories on goverment. Most of our ideas about democracy are socialist in nature.

  92. John, i'm glad you donate your time. Sick Children is a good cause.

  93. Joey -

    I follow now on why you commented on what you were doing with your day. Just so you know, I never questioned that you volunteer or anything. Likewise I am glad you donate your time to causes that you find deserving. My problem lies with people like Comrade Bruce (I still say he's a commie, or a commie in training despite what you say!) who claims to care about others. When I asked him what he ever did for others in a charitable way, all he could reply was that he organized some Democrat meetings. Hardly the philanthropist. I find people like that disgusting and hypocrites of the highest order. I salute someone who puts their money, skills, time or other resources, where their mouths are. So here's to you and others like you.

    Also, thanks for addressing some of those questions. I prefer that Joey, that merely wants to have a discussion. I know it's tough to refrain from a cutting comment or jab, as you know I enjoy making them myself. But as you know, it gets exhausting after a while. Cool?

    Now, we'll just have to agree to disagree as to whether Gary Peters has heard me/us or not. My point is that, it sure would be easy to just say "well, I've sent him some emails, so he knows the score and we'll see what he does". I prefer making sure I have done everything in my power to let him know how I feel, ESPECIALLY on this matter of the government takeover of health care. I would like to tell my kids that I did everything I possibly could to stop this, frankly, travesty from happening. Furthermore, the protests serve to show Gary Peters and the general public how many people care deeply about this, and also serve as a visual clue to people who aren't privy to the number of emails, faxes, etc that Gary Peters receives. Get what I mean? You went to Washington D.C. for something that you cared deeply about. Let's say you thought Rogers was going to send a "lackey", would you have not gone then? I think you would have, to make your voice heard and known. I don't think you would have sent an email and called it a day.

    As for yelling at Comrade Bruce, there was no anger. Maybe you have negative connotations of yelling, but it was quite peaceful. I yelled to him that all 20 people had arrived, and he could start the meeting. Oh, and I called him a commie so he would know it was me. Nobody swore, it sure wasn't a Hypocrat kind of rally where people are in a rage. But I know what you are saying, that we should just walk around and shut our word holes. That's what the Union does when they are picketing, right?

    Seriously though, you should come to a rally some time. Chris' liberal buddy came to one once, and he actually had a good time. Want me to let you know when a rally is going on in your neighborhood? It would be funny if you came to a rally and Comrade Bruce called the cops on you, lol!

    All right Joey, good chatting with you. Thanks again for finally replying to some questions.


Please keep it clean and nice. Thank you for taking the time to post you thought. It means a lot to me that you do this.