Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beck Is Putting All The Lies On The Table

Politicians Addicted to Addiction

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If our politicians are good at one thing, it's addictions. They've got a lot of them: Hookers; mistresses; interns, congressional pages, Argentine women, meetings at highway rest stops and airport bathroom stalls; coke; bribes, etc.
But their biggest addiction doesn't involve hookers or blow: It's spending.
Americans seem to understand that hookers and the bribes aren't acceptable and so we run the Spitzers and the Blagojevichs out of town. My question is: When do we run those who are bankrupting our country and stealing our children's future out of town?
Our debt is mind boggling:
• $12 trillion in national debt
• $8 trillion in bailouts
• $106 trillion in unfunded liabilities: the liability per citizen is over $346,000 per person
It doesn't take a Harvard education to understand that at some point we have to pay this money back and we don't have the money.
Let's start with the accounting practices in Washington. How do you do it in your house? You have a business you have one set of books and a package of receipts. When the IRS comes knocking, if they don't match you go to jail. If you have a second set of books in the drawer, you definitely go to jail, right?
Well here's how it works in the federal government: Because they don't want the deficit to look so bad, they have in essence a second set of books. Could you imagine if I said to the IRS, "Oh, you wanted to see what I'm paying my employees for their pensions? Uhh ... I've got it in my head, don't worry."
I'd go to jail!
But these people just continue to play the game because they know no one will say anything.
Let me go off the budget for a second; here's an example: Barack Obama says health care will be debated out in the open on C-SPAN. Nancy Pelosi comes out and says this:
SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF.: There are a number of things he was for on the campaign trail.
What she's saying here is: We lie when we are trying to get elected. She says she didn't know the president had said that. Really?
THEN-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA, JAN. 20, 2008: These negotiations will be on C-SPAN ...
OBAMA, JAN. 31, 2008: Broadcasting those negotiations on C-SPAN ...
OBAMA, NOV. 14, 2008: It'll be on C-SPAN ...
OBAMA, AUG. 21, 2008: We'll have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN ...
OBAMA, APRIL 25, 2008: All this will be done on C-SPAN ...
How does Pelosi respond?
PELOSI: There has never been a more open process ...
How do these people sleep at night? Could you get away with those lies in your personal life? Would you get away with two sets of books? Collapsing the economy? Whether it's through nefarious desires or just flat-out stupidity, could you do it? The answer is no. Then why do we not demand that they go to jail for what they are doing to our country?
Let me go back to the back to budget deficit: Each one of us owes $346,000. How do we pay that off? And the media only gives you part of the story. You have to put it all together.
Seventy percent of our economy is based on personal consumption. Only 30 percent is based on actually creating of things. They need you to spend. But look what's happened to your spending: The actual household borrowing has taken a nosedive, so you aren't spending. That's why the stimulus package is so important. But where is that government money coming from? Apparently America is content not to think it out that far:
KEN ROGULSKI, WJR RADIO DETROIT: Where's the money coming from?
UNIDENITIFED WOMAN: I believe it's coming from the City of Detroit or the state.
ROGULSKI: Where did they get it from?
UNIDENITIFED WOMAN: Some funds that was given by Obama.
ROGULSKI: And where did Obama get the funds?
UNIDENITIFED WOMAN: Obama getting the funds from ... umm, I have no idea, to tell you the truth. He's the president.
It's not Obama money. His face isn't on any currency notes — yet. It's coming from you. It's tax revenue.
The way to really fix this problem is to flip these numbers around. No longer can we base our economy on consumption; we have to create something. But the problem is there really isn't anything we can hang our hats on. The lie being told to you right now is that "green jobs" are the answer. Evidence? Prince of the Republican Progressives, Sen. Lindsey Graham:
SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, R-S.C.: The green economy is coming. We can either follow or lead. And those countries who follow will pay a price. Those countries who lead in creating a new green economy for the world will make money.
Really? It is? Well, that's great. Let's start cranking out the solar panels!
I'm sure our prices in the global market will be competitive, what with our cost-cutting union workers and unobtrusive politicians. Just think of the birthing process of a solar panel in America as opposed to China. In America you need:
• Financing
• Workers
• Union contracts
• Permits
• Lawyers
Here's what China needs: Children. Parts. Done.
Which panel do you think will be cheaper? I'm betting on China, how about you?
Of course we won't be able to do it cheaper. It's the same thing with "green cars." Really? Our union factories will out-price India or China? It's the reason why Andy Stern wants the workers of the world to unite:
ANDY STERN, PRESIDENT OF SEIU: Workers of the world unite? It's not just a slogan anymore, it's the way we’re going to have to do our work.
Stern's got to pay the bills and grow somewhere. The unions are becoming globalists. They know they can't compete and they know growth market is not America. So they globalize and lower the standard of the American worker. They get theirs because they are a global institution, but where does that leave you and me?
So what in the world will we build that will flip these numbers? I have no idea. Chia Pets? Ben and Jerry's? ShamWows? Mark my words: We'll all be making these little umbrellas for Chinese drinks.
Whatever it is, it better be huge because we have to pay off all of this debt. A debt that up until recently was considered healthy and now it's called unsustainable. Even the president admits that. Why now? Why can't we sustain this debt now?
Imagine three people: A 25-year-old, a 45-year-old and a 55-year-old.
When you are 25 years old, you probably an entry-level salary. It's not unreasonable to spend a little more than you earn because you are at the highest potential. A medium amount of debt can be healthy to build credit and because of that potential. That was America in the 1930s.
When you are 45 years old, you are at your peak earning time. You are making a good salary so you can carry more debt. That was America in the 1970s.
When you are 55-65, you start to scale back. At 65, your income goes away and you are left with Social Security and whatever you saved. It's not wise here to buy a huge house or incur huge debts because you don't have any potential left. That is America today.
America doesn't have the income potential. In the '30s we had steel. We had TV. We had radios. The world had to get it from U.S. In the '70s we were off the gold standard and still had some potential ahead of us. What is it now? Lindsey Graham thinks it's the solar panels and the Prius. That's not the answer.


  1. I do like how he continues his paid for campaign about Gold here. Nothing unethical about reminding people about the product is there.

    how do you watch this guy? reading him he can't stay on topic for a second let alone a complete sentence.

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  4. Hey JoeC You are sounding a AWFUL lot like Bruce. Attack with Bull Shit and then RUN!

    What did Beck say that was Untruthful! Glad to hear about the GOLD though,Gotta Bit Myself. JoeC getting PAID for OPINION is BAD,WHY. The Truth still be the TRUTH and that what you DONt Rebute CAUSE EWE Cant!

  5. Chris this is a much talked about blog. I've found this blog many time off of Google and other blogs. Keep us informed brother.

  6. Thank you Barbara for visiting. I hope you become a regular. Feel free to post your thoughts and opinions. If you have a way to make this blog better let me know what you are thinking. I will think about what you asked to do and feel free to let me know more on what you would like to do. Thanks again.

  7. Anon, lol...i had to laugh at that.

    Most of the stuff here is available at the regular right wing sites. Every now and again Chris posts something original.

    the arguments are fun though


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