Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Liberals Are Protesting The Olympics Now

As the organizers put it, the protest’s goal was to “block the arteries of capitalism” to make the government pay for the “carbon footprint” of some of the Olympic Games. “It’s such a farce,” said one frustrated protester. “They’re having to helicopter in snow. What do you think the carbon footprint is of a helicopter?”
“Not to mention the fleet of SUVs,” said another. “It was supposed to be the greenest games ever…there’s one guy driving around in a van with the carbon footprint of a building!”
The protester clarified that the Olympics would be funny if they were not, in fact, so sad.
Attendees also weren’t too happy that government resources are going to promoting an over-budget sporting event instead of causes related to “social justice,” such as domestic housing and security issues.
Roughly two hundred masked demonstrators destroyed department store windows and splattered paint along Vancouver venues on Saturday. Some justified the behavior because of the “history” of the corporations in spreading smallpox.
No word yet on whether those having actual heart attacks had any difficult navigating to a hospital during the Heart Attack march.
“We want to prevent traffic from moving,” said a protester.


  1. The Olympics are so full of hypocrisy it's no wonder Hussein wanted to bring them to Chicago. That and the graft, corruption and payoffs for his Chicago political machine friends.

  2. Good for them. Capitolism is killing our planet. The carbon footprint that these businesses are doing is out of control. It's good to see real Progressives in action.

  3. "Progressives" sure are an unhappy, nasty, destructive group of people. Destroying things while complaining of the carbon footprint. As John would say:


    I wish we could have part of America that was considered a "progressive free zone". All freedom-loving people could live there without being intruded on constantly by the whiney liberals crying about everything. Can you imagine how enjoyable that would be for us? How successful we would be?

    It wouldn't last long though. The "progressives" would be intruding on us eventually because they would need us to pay for all their entitlements in their zone. Plus, they couldn't stand that we were free and happy. They would want to take us down to their miserable standards.

  4. By Bruce Fealk

    State Rep. Marty Knollenberg, R-Troy, couldn’t be more wrong about U.S. Rep. Gary Peters, D-Bloomfield Township.

    Knollenberg is not only wrong, but arrogant. The Republican party that Knollenberg belongs to spent six years under George W. Bush and a Republican majority in Congress taking our country to the brink of economic ruin. Why in the world Knollenberg — or anyone else, for that matter — would vote for the party that instituted all the wrong-headed economic policies that put our country in this position is beyond me.

    Peters has fought hard for the people of the 9th Congressional District. Peters has helped bring jobs to the 9th District and he can prove it. When General Motors was deciding where to build its new small car, Peters went to bat to help bring that work to the 9th District. When Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, went to a NASCAR event and challenged anyone that believed that Chrysler would survive, Peters took up the challenge and invited McCain to come to meet with him to discuss the future of Chrysler and stand up for the tens of thousands of Chrysler employees that have worked hard to supply quality vehicles to American car buyers.

    Peters has also brought several Congressional committees to the 9th District. One such committee focused on how to get money flowing to small businesses in Michigan, so that businesses that are opening and thriving can start to add new jobs. Small business owners were able to give their testimony to the committee and state how the federal government could assist them in growing their businesses and putting Americans back to work.

    When it comes to health care, Peters took his time studying and reading the bill. I know, because I asked him directly whether he read the bill and his wife Colleen confirmed to me that her husband had spent an entire weekend before voting on the health care bill reading it.

    Knollenberg’s criticisms of Peters are not only misplaced, but completely misguided. When he criticizes Peters, he should have his facts straight. Health care is not about government taking over health care, it’s about making sure every American has access to affordable, quality health care. The private sector has been ripping off policyholders for years and when an industry abuses its customers, they have to expect people to want to go in a different direction. The health care industry has enjoyed a monopoly, which goes against every theory of capitalism. Congress needs to take away that monopoly and make insurance companies compete for customers based on quality, price and service.

    I’m frightened for my country too, but I’m not frightened by the government taking over health care and coming between me and my doctor. I am afraid of the insurance companies and their death panels that get to decide whether their customers can have life-saving procedures.

    Too many Americans are dying at the hands of the insurance companies. It has to stop. I’m not worried about government funding for abortion. I’m more worried about insurance companies committing murder by denial of coverage.

    It’s time for Knollenberg to stop using buzzwords like socialism and start talking about the best policies that can keep Americans alive. It’s time to start talking about how we can put America back to work. The stimulus package, contrary to what the media pundits have reported, has been a success at saving and creating jobs.

    Bruce Fealk of Rochester Hills is a colon massuse and local political activist.

  5. Steve, you're hysterical. I guess you liked my letter, huh? How's Florida?

  6. Atleast they did something productive, unlike the Tea Bag convention where lining Sarahs and the organizers pockets was all that was accomplished.

  7. For it before they were against it...
    The healthcare hypocrisy

    John Chafee of Rhode Island, along with 20 other GOP senators and Rep. Bill Thomas of California, introduced legislation that instead featured an individual mandate. Four of those Republican co-sponsors — Hatch, Charles Grassley of Iowa, Robert Bennett of Utah and Christopher Bond of Missouri — remain in the Senate today.

  8. Bruce, What is a colon massuse? Now you scare me even more. Steve F. nice to have you here. I see that Bruce had his friend do the comments on the OP article. I thought it was a joke.

  9. Joe I think you are confused with the meaning of the word "productive".I think you meant destructive. It's more appropriote for what they were doing. They were trying to destroy capitalism.

  10. Chris, I think it's my brother just being an ass. I have no idea what a colon masseuse is.

  11. "When it comes to health care, Peters took his time studying and reading the bill. I know, because I asked him directly whether he read the bill and his wife Colleen confirmed to me that her husband had spent an entire weekend before voting on the health care bill reading it."

    Way to go Peters, have your wife lie for you. LOL ... Fealk asks him directly and then he tells Fealk to go ask his wife?! LOL

    Typical lieberals. Now lets have some more Fealk lies explaining his idiotic story. Only the O.P. would give a radical lunatic like Fealk a platform to spew his lies. I guess wearing a pinata head makes you some kind of liberal expert in Gilbert's eyes. In my eyes he's a dangerous lunatic. The evidence points that way, more so than being a mentally balanced individual.

  12. Chris, These same people would do the same thing in Chicago had the games been awarded them in 2016.

    They are a mix of liberals, progressives, anarcists all with different angles such as PETA and Green Peace. Basically jobless criminals with nothing else to do as they see their agenda falling apart before their eyes.

  13. Chris, well atleast they got out and did something rather than get taken by a bunch of hypocritical supposed leaders like Tancredo and Palin.

  14. Yeh whatever you say Joe. What does a frosty window taste like this time of year?

  15. they sure did do something:

    ... assaulted police officers, spray-painted cars and buses, smashed windows, and terrorized passers-by. A tiny handful were arrested Saturday ...

    but then on the other hand, you present a case where people knowingly paid money to attend a conference. They could choose to spend the money or not, and they knew what they were receiving in the way of speeches and forums.

    I'm failing to see the connection between a group of out-of-control rioting liberals who, like Michael Moore, are hypocritically protesting capitalism, and a group of people peacefully attending a conference and apparently getting their money's worth. Are you insinuating that people shouldn't be allowed to spend their money as they see fit, on entertainment of their own choosing?

    I wonder how those hypocrite liberals that were protesting global warming got to the venue? Must have hiked in, while eating organic granola that they grew themselves, and camped in tents woven with their own hands.

  16. Who funds again? Aint no one doing anything for free on the left. The left had to pay protesters to mgo to the townhall and all those signs you all carry aren't free either. Someone had to pay for the printing of them. And if the Tea Party wants to become organized we must have funding. Without funding we could never be orgaized. By the way Palin gqave the money back to the tea party. I know you like to project yourselves on the tea party but we are past that kind of childs play. Sorry our protests are about conservative values and the left wing is all about destroying capitalism and peoples livelyhood. I remember you lift wing cry babiesw bitching about some people disrupting the peace at town hall meetings. But when the left wing extreemist do it to disrupt the peace you are all for it. Hypocrit

  17. And all that left wing progressive rioting and distruction was for "global warming". Don't they realize all the new data that just came out last week? Or are they just a bunch or liberal drones?

  18. Chris, do you have proof Palin gave back her money? All she said is that it would go back to the movement, which could have been her Sarah PAC, for all you know.

  19. Bruce do you give colonics? Is that what a colon massuse does? Is that your dream job?

  20. Bruce, you sound like a Paranoid Schizophrenic to me. And I should know. I run a group home with people like you in it. They have the same kind of theories as you do. Have you gotten help for your obvious illness?

  21. *chuckle* ... FAILk is still awfully concerned about Sarah Palin. Why the liberals even give a shit is really beyond anything I can comprehend. Sure makes for good comedy theatre though! Keep giving Palin her face-time numbnuts; didn't you ever hear the saying "there's no such thing as bad publicity"? LOL

    The more the liberals attack a non-politician talking-head, the more idiotic they look. Just my opinion though. While conservatives are attacking the lackluster, idiotic, socialist policies of Obummer and the Hypocrat Party, the liberals are attacking ... an ex-V.P. candidate and ex-Governor of Alaska, now private citizen and Fox News Analyst, for speaking at a TEA Party convention. Makes sense to me! LOL Guess they have nothing to say about the Republican politicians!

  22. I really have to make a point to read these comments from top down, not the other way around, because this one just cracked me up without any context:

    Bruce Fealk said...
    Chris, I think it's my brother just being an ass. I have no idea what a colon masseuse is.

  23. Joey - Did you get a chance to see the link I posted the other day? I can't remember what it was about, but I thought you would find it interesting. I can look for it if you missed it.

    You're right, those guys sound hypocritical, but Chris makes a good point as well about it being quite a while ago. But as you may or may not be aware, I believe in order to legally make insurance companies accept anyone despite any pre-existing conditions, you have to have an individual mandate. That may explain why they were promoting the individual mandate. Just my $.02.

  24. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... I just spit apple all over reading FAILk's article ... that's a beauty Steve, where did you find that humdinger?!!? LOL

    Nice of FAILk to take time out of his busy day researching who dat private citizen and news analyst Sarah Palin in order to praise institutionalized politician Gary Peters! LOL

    Hey FAILk, who gives a rat's ass about what you think. I sincerely wish you would do a little research before you spout your rhetoric about health insurance. I'm not a fan of insurance, but they serve a purpose, albeit a distorted purpose now and definitely overused. They certainly aren't killing anyone. In fact, here's an interesting tidbit for you, if you can fit it in somewhere in your busy day of Palin-bashing:

    Within that article are two other referenced articles, here is one:

    Yes, the Uninsured Can Get Care

    So you can cover your eyes and your ears and scream and cry and whine about insurance companies, or you can grow up and stop being such an idiot and try to be a part of the solution. I can guess, after a couple years of seeing what you do, exactly what your response will be. What a waste of breathing air you are FAILk.

  25. ROFLMAO ... the only one with his head still in the sand is FAILk, hilarious!

    Bayh to retire in huge blow to Dems
    By Eric Zimmermann

    as Moonbattery succinctly put it:

    "There is hardly anyone left to tether the Democrat Party even to the center-left, much less the average voter. It is now officially the party of unhinged radicals and nobody else. We'll see how long Obama's alliance of out-of-touch elitist kooks and welfare recipients can keep their heel on the throat of everyone in between."

  26. Hey FAILk, somebody mentioned "her" today and I realized that you never did tell us what you thought about the astro-turfer liberal "Ellie Light", who turned out to be a dude!


  27. John, i think i read the links. They were very interesting.

    Its funny that the conservative plan for healthcare is now the liberal plan and now its a bad idea. The fact that it had moral and fiscal conservatives working to enact it is something though.

    I do like the part about free riders and their effect on the cost of healthcare.

  28. These liberals are violent whack-a-doodles. Look at what they are doing now:

    CNN, Huffington Post Urge Violence Against Republicans
    by Kristinn Taylor

    I sure would hope that FAILk would denounce all this talk of violence, but I'm sure not going to hold my breath. He's probably more radical than the rioters at the G-20 and Vancouver Olympics. All I know is that I've been to a few protests and I've never been thrown in jail. How about you Bruce?

    And how about that woman that just murdered three people ... big surprise she was a whack-a-doodle liberal obsessed with Obummer:

    A family source said Bishop ... was a far-left political extremist who was “obsessed” with President Obama to the point of being off-putting. (

    You liberals really have some cranks and psychos in your ranks!

  29. I'll have to read it Joey, that was in the article you linked to, about the free riders?

    Well, I'm no fan of insurance, but FAILk gets out of hand with his histrionics. He's living in some fantasy world. I think you read that article I linked to a looooong time ago, from The Atlantic? I think if people stopped using insurance the way we use it now, health care (and also insurance) would be a lot less expensive. Like they say, it's like buying gas for your car without any prices listed, and paying for the gas with your car insurance and only paying a deductible. It's a totally idiotic way to do it.

  30. Joe how again does this,"Its funny that the conservative plan for healthcare is now the liberal plan and now its a bad idea. The fact that it had moral and fiscal conservatives working to enact it is something though." make it a good idea? Why were you Democrats against it then, but now that the Democrats are puting the Republicans plan through as their own plus a bunch of pork and stupid payoffs to states. How does that work again Joe? I guess I missed your point in the whole matter. You intelecual elitest liberals have to slow it down for slow conservatives like me.

  31. Here's that very informative article, for anyone who missed it:

    The guy that wrote this is a Hypocrat, but a business-owner (read: realist). He was featured on NPR a while ago. But, because I found it informative, FAILk refuses to read it. He's pretty pathetic.

    Also, the guy that the author references at the beginning, the guy who took his checklist around to various hospitals, I believe he was on The Daily Show not too long ago. I didn't watch the show, but I heard he was on there. Just to sweeten the pot for you die-hard liberals that will never accept anything unless it is spoon-fed to them by a comedian entertainer on a fake-news program. (FAILk).

  32. LOL ... Granholm:

    2010 Michigan budget estimate $45+ billion.
    2011 Michigan budget estimate $47+ billion.

    WTF. These Hypocrats have cornered the market on dumb.

    P.S. - This is the brainiac that Obummer invited to his "Jobs Summit" to explain to him where jobs come from! LOL

  33. JoeC Im Not at the Top of my Game today AND Your Reply Did Not Help! Usually Your a Bit More Lucid in Your Blogs BUT That One Got Away From Me! I Know Your Better than Bruce But Not on That BLOG My Freind!

  34. California Goes Greek
    by Gregory of Yardale
    February 15, 2010

    The greedy and corrupt public employees UNIONS in the City of Los Angeles are refusing to accept a 5% pay cut. Now, c'mon really. Anyone who can't live on 95% of their current income is just pathetic. 5% is a typical family's budget for entertainment or tobacco and alcohol. And California is broke.

    Similarly, the EU country of Greece is also insolvent. Greece also ran up its public debt to lavishly finance public employees unions, even under governments that were conservative by Eurotopian standards. (A European "conservative" is typically somewhere to the left of Dennis Kucinich.) Greece is demanding a bailout from the rest of the EU, just like California (and New York, which also ran up spending to buy off public employee unions) are demanding bailouts from the other, more solvent, more budget-wise 48 states. And BTW, Greek Public Employee Unions are opposed to any notion of sharing in the sacrifices necessary to restore solvency.

    Greeks can retire at age 63. Germans have to wait until age 67. Naturally, Germans are not enthusiastic about having to work extra years so that Greeks can retire younger. But even worse, California public employees can retire at age 50 on 90% of their final pay. That is insane. If a person is in school until age, say, 22, retires at 52, and dies at 92... that person has spent twice as long living off society (60 years) as he spent contributing to it (30 years). That ain't sustainable, kids.

    Socialism just never manages to quite pay or itself, does it? Conservatives understand this implicitly; to increasingly confiscate the wealth of the productive to lavish on the unproductive is unsustainable.

  35. Bruce: Why would your brother do such a thing? Is he a lot like you? Who is the black sheep of your family? I liked your op-ed in the Oakland Press. Are you famous or something?

  36. Jill - Bruce is the sheep dip of the family. Is that what you mean?

    Thanks for telling me where that article was from. I should have known that the fish-wrapper of choice would have printed his verbal diarrhea! They must be desperate. Last I checked Andrew DuPont was given his walking papers around the same time as FAILk. LOL ... couldn't have happened to more deserving people.

  37. Jill, thanks. I've gotten lots of positive feedback about my letters, except of course, from people like the ones that hang out on this blog and other conservative blogs.


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