Thursday, February 11, 2010

May We Never Forget 9/11 Nor Should We Act Like 9/10

NYPD World Trade Center 9/11 AerialsNYPD World Trade Center 9/11 AerialsNYPD World Trade Center 9/11 AerialsNYPD World Trade Center 9/11 AerialsDon't forget what our country looked like because of the Islamic terrorist. Even if the Democrats have forgot we the people need to remind them. We all paid a big price that day and after. If we act like 9/10 another 9/11 is sure to follow.


  1. I don't think Obama could handle it if it happens again. Obama is trying to get back to pre 9/11 mentality. And now that Iran has nukes we are in big trouble. The world looks at Obama and the Democratic Party as being weak. And that brings more,not less,terrorism and war.

  2. Fuuny the way the admin before his acted didn't stop anyone from going ahead with anything. It didn't stop Iran from enriching uranium. It didn't stop North Korea from tesing missles.

    All it did was radicalize more people and create more enemies.

  3. Lest we forget, Bush was warned about 9/11 and chose to do nothing.

    Republicans DO NOT KEEP US SAFE. The worst terrorist attack in U.S. history happened on the watch of a Republican Congress and Republican administration. Why do conservatives always forget that. Must be their pre-9/11 mentality.

  4. Bruce, no one keeps us safe. Their is a signifigant part of the right that would keep us safer, but they are the fringe in so many other ways.

    As much as i don't always get Pat Buchannon his and others like him belief in isolationism would improve our security. Removing ourselves from the middle east and other places that increase our appearance of meddling would lessen radicalism. Moving manufacturing and insourcing jobs along with reduction of funding for other nations would help us economically.

    I'm not sure if we could find people with a mix of those beliefs and some liberal tendencies to satisfy my voting ideals. But it might be something to hope for.

  5. And JoeC how does that make it better? In fact many of us conservatives have been calling Obama 'H' just like you called Bush 'W' because of the simularities. It's funny how it's OK that Obama is just like Bush in many ways. And that is some how a good thing to you on the left now. Is there a way you can explain this logic of yours so I can understand it? I do remember Bush at least talked tough and and called them the Axis of Evil. And it was the left that cried for years about that. Obama is afraid to say anything of real strength and fortatude in fear of making out enemies angry at us. It's a great thought that we are all about peace and non violence. But our enemies haven't changed. I know you on the left thought that once they heard the Democratic savior our enemies would bow before him and ask Obama what they should do next. That was part of the 'HOPE' that is now being lost. Have you ever seen what a hopeless person does? Us Conservatives still have hope. Lots of hope in fact. But as more and more of the 'hope' for 'change' gets deminished and and the blame game stops working. We will see another more angry side of the left. Joe it's a hard pill to swallow when you say things like,"All it did was radicalize more people and create more enemies". We were in fact safer under "W" then under "H". Why is it that all these terrorist start coming out of the woodwork more now then before? And why now have the Axis of Evil,China and Russia so embolden as to take more liberties now then ever before? Bill Clinton,the intern violator, never did anything either so "H" is in good company.LOL

  6. Lest we forget Bill "the internviolator" Clinton knew about it and also did nothing. But that was all before 9/11. Do you think anyone would be so stupid as to act like it never happened? Other then Barack"the wussy"Obama and his Progressive cult?

  7. JoeC, I guess we have to define what keeping us safer means. Conservatives would have us give up our civil liberties, although some liberals have gone along with laws like the Patriot Act, in order to give the appearance of being safer. Military commissions are another example of giving up civil liberties for the appearance of safety.

    What good is "freedom" if we give up our civil liberties and our privacy. If we kept everyone that looked Arabic off airplanes and out of big buildings, some might be able to make the argument we'd be "safer," but at what cost to our society.

    As Tom Tancredo suggest at the Tea Party Nation convention, we could go back to poll taxes and Jim Crowe laws to keep some minorities from voting, too.

    Republic rhetoric sounds good to low information voters that don't really stop to analyze of have the intelligence to analyze what their positions really mean when it comes to what we give up to be "safe".

  8. Joe you do know that it is Ford International that is keeping their doors open? You do want to keep your job don't you? Because if we become isolationist then Ford would go under in a hurry. But you could always get a new job at the TV factory. I can't wait to get that $15,000 32' TV. How can America grow if we become isolationist? We can't and that would kill the American spirit. We need to inovate our way out of this reccession not isolate. Yeh, you Progressives don't want to kill what made America great.LOL

  9. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... what a line of BS from FAILk! Military Commissions are for CAPTURED enemy combatants, and have nothing to do with CAPTURING enemy combatants FAILk. And that is just the first of your many strawmen you present. Like throwing out something about the Tea Party and voting!??! WTF, are you stoned again? Oh, no, I see, you just like to mention things that have nothing to do with the subject. ROFLMAO

    FAILk, you and your ilk know nothing about keeping anyone safe. You idiots can't even run the country with a supermajority without self-destructing. Oh, look at me, throwing things out there that have nothing to do with the subject! Ooopsie! LOL

  10. See where you guys get hung up is you think the pre 9/11 mentality and post 9/11 metality are worlds away. We all wish we could go back to SS Cole and numerous other terrorist attacks that happened when Clinton,the felanderer,was in office. Yeh,right! Obama is lucky he has all the tools Bush didn't have in order to keep us safe.

  11. Joey, I agree with you on some points (is it starting to ice up in hell!?)

    We definitely need to stop funding defense for countries overseas, and bring our troops home to defend our country at its borders.

    Free trade with other countries is the path to wealth creation. Take a look at a relatively simple thing, like sugar:

  12. Hilary gave me a pet name I like. Stink Finger Bill. Those were the good old days back in the WH. I can smell them now. Playing scratch and sniff with the interns was a great workout. Judge not lest ye be judged.

  13. This is interesting as well Joey:

    In fact I encourage you to check out this guy's blog, he has some very good and interesting articles. Also, people much more intelligent than I am enjoy a good back-and-forth in the comments, so you would probably enjoy that as well.

  14. Joey is right, we sure can't depend on our government for safety. Just take a look at this short piece:

    Government Food Safety
    February 11, 2010

    A University of Georgia student passed himself off as a veterinarian. He managed to get a job with a private company, but was quickly discovered and dismissed. He then got a job as a supervisor of meat inspection with the US Department of Agriculture and lasted for four years! The USDA ignored tips that he was a fake and was only dismissed after the tipster went to the media and the story ran on local television.

    "For the last four years, Holt worked as a veterinarian for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Your tax dollars paid for him to supervise dozens of employees, and inspect food processing plants around Georgia to make sure the animals were healthy and the food supply safe."

    In other words, if not for the private sector this guy would still be in charge of meat inspection.

  15. Chris, i realize what makes ford profit and what doesn't. If we are talking national security on a true level of national security then isolationism would be the only true way. Not that i think its the way to go, but it would be the only serious way to keep us out alot of the mess and restrict plenty of opportunities for attack. Surely you can see the logic in that if security was the only concern.

    As for embolden terrorists, that happened under Bush the same way its happening now. Nothings changed.

    The fact that Chinas has grown emboldened doesn't stem from anything Obama's done or not done, its from an overall lack of response to numerous incidents all the way back before W.

    You remember the lead paint toys and melamine in the dog food? That didn't happen last year. Nor did the number of cyber attacks that have been happening for a few years.

    As for Iran and its nuclear abilities, that like i said in the other thread is a continuing event that started in 2004 and lead up to now. They've had 6 years of enriching uranium and now its the second year president's fault. thats not logic. They didn't get emboldened just this last year, they've been that way for years. Now is the culmination of all those years they could run amok. All of bush's tough talk was useless and probably counter-productive.

    As for more now than before, i could ask you the same about Bush. Why did they attack the trade center again during Bush's term and try to bomb a plane too? What did Bush do to induce the terrorists to attack? Why were more terrorists coming out his first year? Eerily similar the fact that both presidents had multiple attacks their first year, both with attempted plane bombings.

    We could play that partisan game where you calm one thing and i show you how its the same for your side, but lets not. The fact is that any change Obama's policy differences may have will not happen in the short run and we both are smart enough to know that. If they work at all it will be years down the road.

  16. Ha Ha Teabaggers.Just days after the first Tea Party nation’s convention wound down in Nashville several opinion polls appeared to send conflicting messages about the movement’s likely impact in this crucial election year.

    According to a CNN/Opinion Research Poll, only about a third of Americans view the movement favorably, while a plurality (40 percent) have not heard of it or don’t have enough information to form an opinion.

    In addition, about 26 percent of the public is critical of the grassroots movement.

    "The Tea Party movement is a blank slate to many Americans, which is not surprising for a political movement that is only about a year old," said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

    However, there are signals that the movement may already be influencing electoral outcomes in some key states.

    For example, a new poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports shows Texas Governor Rick Perry leading Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison 44 percent to 29 percent in the race for reelection.

    Perry was endorsed by former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who has been branded by some as the unofficial leader of the Tea Party movement.

    Palin delivered the keynote address at the Nashville convention Feb. 6, and a day later she made a public appearance with Perry on the campaign trail in suburban Houston, according to The Daily Texan.

  17. John, he makes a good point about sugar. It does cost more to buy our own product. The same goes for ethanol made from corn. We tariff and restrict that too, solely for the protection of large corps here in america.

    Farming subsidies and protectionism cut across both parties, despite any attempt to suggest otherwise.

    Its been estimated that Brazil could import 20 percent of our ethanol needs allowing us to stop or lessen our use of Food crops to produce ethanol and then we could export it, but prices would fall. That would effect Arched Daniels midland and others profit. Neither side will let that happen.

  18. Lest we forget Bruces definition of "freedom' and "free society"

    -Gov. FORCES you to buy something and threatens jail if you don't.

    -Gov. DECIDES who live and does not,abotion on demand and health rationing.

    -Gov./Union FORCED membership.

    -Gov. OWNED/RUN private industries, automotive, banking,,,etc.

    -Gov. control over the internet

    -Gov. control over the radio waves.

    I am sure others have more examples but you get the point,,,what is freedom with socialists at the helm?,,,NONEXISTENT!

  19. Obama Predicts the Future!

    "Too many times, after the election is over, and the confetti is swept away, all those promises fade from memory, and the lobbyists and the special interests move in, and people turn away, disappointed as before, left to struggle on their own."

    - Barack Obama, Feb. 10, 2007


  20. Joey, I wasn't trying to imply that either party was the party of no subsidies. I agree with you there. Neither party wants to lose the farmers vote.

    Very frustrating, that the government pays farmers with our tax dollars to not farm, so that we can then pay more for food. And then they place limits on importing that food so we am forced to pay more. More government problem-solving at its best. Just like FDR slaughtering millions of pigs and torching crops while people in the cities starved.

    Ethanol is another scam. Our tax dollars subsidizing fuel that burns dirtier than gas, and again drives food prices up as you indicated.

    Just more of the government's distortionary (is that even a word?) effects hurting citizens.

  21. Christopher, that's all BS. First, there is no provision of either health care bill to jail anyone for not purchasing health insurance. Lie 1

    Lie 2 There is no forced abortion or "death panels" in the legislation either.

    Lie 3 Under EFCA employees vote on whether to have a union or not.

    Lie 4 Yes the government temporarily took majority ownership of GM, thereby saving millions of jobs, perhaps your, Christopher. GM will be paying back the government backed loan in June and the government involvement will end.

    Lie 5 Government control over the Internet, is just not the case. Democrats favor net neutrality and giving corporations control over the Internet was a Republican idea. Progressives have been fighting this idea for years.

    Lie 6 Government control of the radio waves? If that were true, would Rush Limbaugh still be on the air?

  22. Recession - when your neighbor loses his job.

    Depression - when you lose your job.

    Recovery - when Obama loses his job.

  23. 911 OCCURRED on Bushes Watch NO Doubt About IT But it Was Born MANY Years Before That and Came to a Head on 911! Either WAY We Must Never Let that Happen Again! Teorrist Have Been Raised to Hate Any Body Not of there Religion! Some Here Sounds like We Should just GO Back to 910, Get Rid Of Security Measures and HOPE For the Best! Sounds Great TILL You Got to Get on the Airplane!

    Troops From ALL Countries World Wide Should Come Home NOW! Military Has Been in Germany and Japan for 65 years ANY Body KNOW Why!

    Bruce Those Low Information Voters WILL Be Just FULL of INFORMATION In November! Typical Progressive Statement BRUCE" Voters are Stupid "and Progressives Will Explain it To Them! Even in WW2 Citizens Gave Up to Be Secure During War RATHER Than being SORRY! Bruce if You Are Nothing Else You are Indeed Sorry but It Takes All Kinds!

    There are Some Good Points Here Today!

  24. John, here's one topic where we agree. Ethanol from corn is a scam. It takes more energy to produce the corn than the energy we get out of it.

    However, there are other sources of ethanol, such as hemp, that offer a net energy savings and they don't get government subsidies.

  25. The problem, Al, is that low information voters watch Fox, so while they may be full of information, it is bad information.

    That's the benefit of a political party controlling a propaganda television network like Fox.

  26. I'm going to have to re-think this if FAILk agrees with me. Like the fact that ethanol is still dirtier and more expensive than oil, and can you imagine the amount of arable farm land required to grow hemp to make a dent in traditional gasoline use, displacing food crops and raising prices. But at least you're putting some thought into it FAILk.

    Hey FAILk, who cares what the "fringe" watches? Why is it that the "fringe" conservatives are no bother and are such a small percentage of the population until you need someone to blame everything on? Obviously the Republicans controlling Fox had a negative influence on the last election, right? Since the Obummer administration in particular and Hypocrats in general have their own propaganda machine MSNBC, and they won. Who cares what Fox has to say, right?!?!


  27. Bruce Judging By Your Thoughts About Citizens and Their Intelligence I Guess Fair and Balanced Makes YOU NERVOUS! I Have Noticed the TRUTH Does Effect You That Way! Fox News Propaganda Bruce Your a RIOT Keep Up the Good Work! Overbite and MadCow Await You! Bruce Your Just a HOOT!

  28. Bruce, GM is repaying the government about $5 billion or so of the loans. The government ownership of GM will not end until there is a public sale of stock and then the taxpayer will be hopefully repaid in full.

  29. chuckle ... from the HuffPo, reporting on the state that gave us such luminary politicians as Barack Hussein Obama, and is, I would say inarguably, a Hypocrat stronghold. Still, makes you wonder how Michigan avoided this distinction with our Detroit Hypocrat anchor:

    Gail Collins: Illinois Edges New York For 'Most Awful Political Culture'

  30. I know we still have a long way to go until 2012, but this one made me laugh out loud too. What do you think about this one FAILk? Either Bush or Fox News' fault, can you tell me which one?

    Obama Virtually Tied With Generic Republican Candidate In 2012: POLL



    With nearly three years to go before the 2012 presidential election, President Obama's hold on the White House appears to be in jeopardy, according to the results of a Gallup Poll released Wednesday.

    Registered voters nationwide favor Obama by a slim margin -- 44% to 42% -- over a generic Republican candidate. That gap is within the poll's 4% point margin of error. 3% said they would vote for a different candidate, and 11% had no opinion.

    Among all adults, Obama leads a generic Republican by just one point, according to the Gallup survey.

  31. With regards to freedom and privacy FAILk, here is one. Will you be car-pooling to our protest or driving separately?

    Chairman Zero Won't Listen to Your Protests, But Will Listen in on Your Cell Chat
    by Gregory of Yardale
    February 11, 2010

    Remember when lefties were all up in arms because the Bush Administration's NSA wanted the authority to listen in on cell phone calls to known foreign terrorists? Remember how American soldiers died because bureaucrats in our intelligence services were more concerned with terrorist privacy rights than saving the lives of our troops?

    I wonder if the left will be similarly upset over the Zero Administration's scheme to track cell phone users.

    The Obama administration has argued that warrantless tracking is permitted because Americans enjoy no "reasonable expectation of privacy" in their--or at least their cell phones'--whereabouts. U.S. Department of Justice lawyers say that "a customer's Fourth Amendment rights are not violated when the phone company reveals to the government its own records" that show where a mobile device placed and received calls.

    I am expecting, maybe a token objection here or there, but nothing like the hatred and paranoia that was directed at the Bush Administration.

  32. John you are an idiot.

  33. Well, at least I'm not wrong.

  34. Hey Fealk, I hear your hero BHO wants to track cell phones now. No expectation of privacy.
    More loss of civil liberties under the moron.


  35. Bruce Find a PAY Phone "Nobama" Could Be Listening! Hows That Hope and Change Bruce! Check with Military Surplus Maybe They Have a Outdated Scrabbler! It Just KEEPS Getting Better and Better!

  36. Anon are you fricken kidding? Obama and Google are in bed and now the cell phones. This guy needs to go now before we become too communist.

  37. I cried when I saw these pictures. What a day 9/11 was. Bruce,do you remember how you felt after 9/11 happened?


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