Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Quick Quiz For My Super Smart Progressive Friends

 OK Michigan did something new and novel. They tried the conservative aproach to taxes. Michigan gave a tax break to the movie industry so they would come to Michigan and film. The tax cut was excepted by the film industry and they came to Michigan in droves. just like they have gone to Canada. Even Mickael Moore went to Canada so he could make more money on his capitalist movie. Ok back to the point. We know Mighigan lowered taxes for that one industry while raising it on the other. The lower taxes on the one industry made Mighigan more jobs and created more money for Michigan because of the lower taxes for that industry. We also know that many of our industries that have been hit with Michigans high tax have left to states like TX and FL that have lower taxes. These things aren't theory they are fact. Can we agree on that much? We are seeing what is happening to California is no different then what has been happening to Michigan. The taxes go up and businesses and people leave. When those businesses and people leave so does the revenue from those businesses and jobs. But what do these progressive states do to fix the shortfall they created? They raise taxes again to cover the lost revenue. And what do you think happens when they raise taxes in your state? Think about it. I know it's a tough one for you  tax raising Democrats. What do you think would happen if Michigan did the same thing they did for all businesses in Michigan? Do you think more businesses and industries would come back too Michigan?                                                                                                                                             Now for the  kicker. What do you think wouled happen to the American economy if the Fed raised the tax rates for companies. Would we become more competative in the global economy? Would businesses want to come here or would they go over seas? It's not always about labor cost when it comes to locating a business. It is a factor but not the only factor as you can see by this simple example and proof that this theory works.                                                                                                                                                     So why do you think the Democrats refuse to  aknowlege these economic facts? Could it be that before they can work and government can start growing again they would have to make some hard cuts to the government programs they so dearly love? They do always  throw the teachers,police and firefighters under the bus when they are talking about making cuts. They do that as a way to scare us into raising the taxes that will do more damage to our future economy. Raising taxes if just a quick fix for the larger problem. The goverment is here to help us do well. We are not here to make the government do well and make money.    We have been watching the Democrats dismantal and weaken our country little by little. And the Republicans didn't do much better in the past either. But the Progressives in power right now are trying to tell us that the American dream of making it big is a sin. The companies that make money and creat jobs are evil and need to be punished. They punish these 'greedy' business by taxing them. That is the weapon they have and use all the time. Why would you bite the hand that feeds all of us? Is it because they are too weak to make the cuts in the budget so we can lower taxes and get on the path of economic growth? Or is the Federal government trying to distroy what we had so they can
"fundamentaly transform America"? Like most Americans we know something stinks in Washington, but we just don't know why it stinks. Have fun my progressive Democrat friends quizing yourselves on this subject. I know you on the left will find some way to make this a lot more complex. But it isn't that hard to understand. So while the Democrats are making boogy men out of the companies and people that give us our jobs and food on our table. We need to think of ways to cut the greedy government out of their control, over us and our economy. This is a country of "We the people". Not of the government and for the government. And thank God for our Constitution. For without it we would all be slaves to our government more so then we already are. God bless America and our Constitution.


  1. Sorry Chris, but that is an oxymoron in your headline. Smart and progressive

  2. Chris, there are several problems with your post.

    First, the movie tax credit was the idea of a Democrat, Andy Meisner. It has brought lots of movie business to Michigan. That is for sure. However, a Republican, Nancy Cassis, says that it's been too successful and she wants to lower the tax credit to movie companies get when they make movies here.

    No one liked the taxes that were developed to replace lost revenue that was lost when the single-business tax. Now the Michigan Business Tax and the 22% surcharge are the target of politicians on both sides of the aisle.

    Whether you like it or not, Chris, government serves an important role.

    Democrats like business as much as the next person, but not businesses that are as greedy as say the health insurance companies have been recently. Their profits went up collectively $12.9 billion and they covered 2.7 million fewer people. How did that happen? They threw the sickest people off their rolls and guess what, once a person is thrown off the rolls of one insurance company, no other insurance company wants to pick up that person as a customer, hence that person may never be able to get insurance for the rest of their life under the current system. Unregulated capitalism is doomed to failure. We need regulations to keep businesses from harming the people of our country and people in other countries around the world. I don't begrudge entrepreneurs with good ideas that benefit society from making a profit, or even getting filthy rich, but their product or service can't harm society either.

    As far as the financial institutions, they committed a fraud against the American people, playing with their depositors' money. They lost and guess what happened, their losses were covered by we the people. They were bailed out by you and me because they were too big to fail and their failure could have taken down the global economy.

    What do Republicans in Congress what to do about it? NOTHING!!! No regulation whatsoever. Republicans also don't have a problem with massive bonuses being paid to the CEO and top executives of those same banks with taxpayer money. Bonuses used to be rewards for a job well done. Republicans don't believe in that theory of business either.

  3. Progressives Motto Has Always Been Invent it or Build It and WE Will Tax it! Libs Perscription For JOB Killing. Sometimes With the Way This Administration is SPENDING it Seems They are ACTUALLY Trying to KILL OUR Economy and Then Pick up the PIECES!
    Bush Spent and Thats A Fact, BUT Nobama Is Got OUR Nations Economy Where it Will NEVER Be ABLE to Repay DEBT! What Happens Eventually Its Called "BANKRUPTSY"!
    The Global Economy MAY Welcome US Soon Cause WERE Near Most of Their Nations Economys and That Is BROKE!

  4. "Republicans also don't have a problem with massive bonuses being paid to the CEO and top executives of those same banks with taxpayer money"

    Helluva statement after this weeks headline:

    --Now Obama Doesn't 'Begrudge' Millions in Bonuses for 'Savvy' Bankers... *

    Feb. 10 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama said he doesn’t “begrudge” the $17 million bonus awarded to JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon or the $9 million issued to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. CEO Lloyd Blankfein, noting that some athletes take home more pay. ,,,--

  5. First off Bruce I don't care if a Democrat or Republican came up the the lower tax for one business and raise the taxes on the other. The point is that we had growth and revenue in the tax cut business(movie) and the onese that had to pay the higher tax left the state or went under. And insurance companies only makes a 3% profit. How is that greedy? Toyota made more then that and so did TRIAL LAWYERS,. Hell or greedy government made more then that i8n taxes without doing anything for them. Look at our history Bruce and you will see what the Fed made for and why we are a REPUBLIC not a democracy like you libs like to say. The starts are getting squashed by the Fed. And you Progressives love taking away state rights. Bruce try not to be so decietful when you are making you version of crap up.

  6. Christopher and AL why do we even waste our time with facts and proof? It aint for Bruce thats for sure. But from what I can see we have about 200-400 views on the blog and few comment. It is for them that we do it. Thanks guys. I really enjoy reading all the great comments. I do like knowing what is in the minds of our liberal friends.

  7. The tax cut for the movie industry caused more films to be made here, thus more jobs. BUT they are temporary jobs. I think I read where the average duration for these jobs is 22 days.

    Nancy Cassis wanted a cap on the credit to try and ensure that other essential services did not have to be cut simply to accommodate the movie industry.

  8. But if they made wide spread tax cuts for all business then we wouldn't have lost those jobs in the first place. The point is that tax cuts creat jobs and now President Obama an Grandholm want to punish the working class with more taxes. I feel a revolution coming in this country. I hope it's a peaceful revolution.

  9. Tax Cuts Won't Create Jobs

    The theory of tax cuts as economic stimulus has been put to the test - and failed - twice in the past six years alone. As the prolonged recession leads more people to once again consider these same old tried-and-failed policies, it is important to revisit recent history.

    Less than half the personal tax cuts—especially the types of high-end tax cuts favored by conservatives—are likely to be spent in the first two years. Most of it will be used to pay down debt, build savings, or buy imports - all uses of money that do not boost the U.S. economy.

    Consider the $100 billion in personal tax rebates that were issued as part of a broader economic stimulus effort in 2008. Only about one-third of the total amount was spent. A University of Michigan study in December 2008 concluded that these rebates provided “little ‘bang for the buck’ as economic stimulus.”

  10. Bruce,
    You know little of American economic history. My God man , you don't even know recent (2009) history.

    Economic stimulus provided by deficit spending and creating insurmountable debt sure has proven to be a COMPLETE FAILURE in just the PAST YEAR.

  11. Charging OUR Grand Children Furture to Get OUT Of Debt! Interesting Bruce, Show Me Where That As Ever WORKED! Citizens Would Like to Know The Math On that One! The ONLY Advantage Government Has is PRINTING Money, Citizens Do That and Its a CRIME! It SHOULD Also Be a CRIME For GOVERNMENT, Since They Do Not Pick Up The Bills,Citizens DO! I Forget SO Fill Me In Printing More Money that You CAN"t Back Up What DOES That Cause? Inflation or Depression?

    Private Sector, Citizens When Given the Chance Will Manufactur,Hire and SPEND Money When there is NO Concern of GOVERNMENT Intrusion With FEEL GOOD Entitlements That WE Can NO Longer AFFORD BRUCE! Government MUST DO What OTHERS DO and Thats Get By on What You Make! I Have NO Problem Assisting the Needy,I DO Have a PROBLEM Making NEW Entitlements When the ONES We Have NOW ARE Trillions in DEBT!

  12. Al, I suppose you don't have a problem with the trillions wasted on the wars in Iraq of Afghanistan, only the money that was spend to create jobs for middle-class Americans, right?

    You also don't have a problem with the fact that the lack of banking regulations led to a massive bailout of the big banks, so-called, to big to fail banks?

    And you only have a problem with the debt that Obama has piled up and no problem with the debt under the Bush administration.

    F'ing hypocrites.

  13. Bruce I Do Have PROBLEMS With ALL Government Spending PERIOD,UNLIKE YOU!

    Where are ALL The Middle Class JOBS Bruce of Coarse NOT Counting Government JOBS!

    Banking Regualations WERE In Place BUT Politicans and God Knows How Many Government Bureaus WERE Asleep at the SWITCH,Same as Fanny Mae Freddy Max Which WERE UNDER GOVERNMENT Oversite With NO POLITICANS Acvtually LOOKING at The BUBBLE They CREATED!

    Bruce EVEN You Have to Admit Nobamas HAS Spent Large Amounts Of Tax Payers MONEY and HOWS that Worked Out! He Has SPENT MORE than ALL others Before HIM Bruce So Theres Two Sides to MOST Streets BUT You Never Cross to the Other Side to SEE What Citizens Actually Think and Bruce NOVEMBER is Going to Be a LOUZY Month for PROGRESSIVES,Maybe Then in the BAT Cave it Will Come together For YA!

  14. Al, unlike the money that is being wasted on the wars, which were off budget, by the way under Bush and the Republicans, the money being invested now, is actually doing some good.

    Whether you admit it or not, the economy is on the mend. We are not where we need to be, but we have turned the situation around and the policies of the Obama administration are responsible for the turnaround. GDP grew 6.9% in the 4th quarter. Job losses have gone from over 700,000 per month to basically 0 job losses last month.

    How can you dispute those results?

  15. Bruce Isnt NOBAMA Wasting that SAME Money,If BUSH Was then I Guess NOBAMA Is to, Unless You Figure Differently! STILL Tax Payer MONEY!

    GDP Grew BUT ,MORE, PUT in For UNEMPLOYMENT Bennys and MORE Stopped LOOKING For JOBS and Are NOT Counted Anymore, SO By YOUR Progressive Standards ALL Is Getting Well! As in Past Months GDP May Get Revised Downward as in PAST! FEEL Good Numbers to YOU Bruce Dont Mean SQUAT to the UNEMPLOYED! Like Saying the Life Boats STILL Sinking BUT Not as Fast! Dont Matter its STILL Sinking!

    I Truely Hope JOBS Do Come Back and ECONOMY Grows BUT Until Private Sector SEEs True COST of This Administrations AGENDA Which is STAGGERING Aint Going to Happen. Tea Baggers Showed Two Things to The Administration. Citizens DONT Want Socialised Health Insurance BUT,Want Insurance Reform and Politicans Will Be Held Accountable For RECKLESS Spending of Tax Payers Money!

    November Will Be True Test of Citizens Choosing What PATH They Want to Follow Big Government With TAX and SPEND or Returning to Fiscal Responsibility! All POLITICANS Should HEED the ELECTORATE or They Will Pay the Price for Their ARROGANCE!

  16. Bruce I made it as simple as I could for you. I think you just choose to think that tax cuts don't work because tax cuts don't work for the Progressive agenda. I've given more then enough proof of how tax cut help businesses and tax hikes make businesses leave. If you like the Progressive agend so much then go to Cuba. If it's to hot for you their then Russia is nice this time of year.

  17. Stimulus Anniversary: Obama Dispatches Cabinet, GOP Called Out For Hypocrisy

    WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama, defending his economic stimulus plan on its first anniversary, is dispatching his Cabinet across the country to try to calm an anxious public.

    At the same time, Democratic operatives on Tuesday highlighted a series of instances of Republican officials praising or taking credit for stimulus programs despite criticizing the legislation when it was being debated last year.

    For instance:

    Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty: "Nearly one-third of Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty's (R) final budget proposal would rely on $387 million in federal stimulus money... according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Pawlenty opposed passage of the economic stimulus legislation early last year telling Bloomberg it was 'largely wasted' and 'misdirected.'"


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