Friday, February 26, 2010

You Go Dallas

Dallas Tea Party's Response to Keith Olbermann

February 23, 2010 - 12:03 ET

Dallas Tea Party
Dallas City Hall
Saturday, February 27, 2010
Noon - 2PM

They sure do know how to bring out the buffoon in Olbermanns eyes. How can anyone take Olbermann and Maddow serious?


  1. I will be waiting on the edge of my seat until tomorrow, to see if this race baiting tool shows up. I wonder what the Vegas odds are at that he will. If he does, I could be a millionaire by tomorrow night. :)

    Well, we can goat him to try.

  2. Keith Olbermann Responds to the Dallas Tea Party

  3. Olberdink's father has been in intensive care for 6 months? Obamacare would have him eliminated by now.

  4. At least one invited guest will not be coming to Saturday's Dallas Tea Party anniversary rally.

    The conservative group challenged Keith Olbermann to come to Dallas City Hall after the liberal talk show host questioned the racial diversity of Tea Party events on his MSNBC talk show. He had noted photos of overwhelmingly white crowds at rallies.

    On Tuesday night, on his Countdown show, Olbermann thanked the group but declined the invitation, citing his father's poor health. The event is scheduled for noon Saturday.

    But the Dallas Tea Party didn't stop at just an invitation. A Web video fires back at Olbermann and featured an online banner of MSNBC personalities that the cable network uses to promote its daily lineup. All are white.

    "We have more diversity on our three-person steering committee than your entire TV network lineup," a narrator says in the video, which also features minority Tea Party members talking about issues that concern them.

    Olbermann, in his response, defended the network and noted its minority anchors, contributors and guests.

    And he repeated his questioning of Tea Party diversity, saying the Dallas group should focus not on MSNBC but on recruiting blacks, Hispanics, Asians and others to attend its events.

    Katrina Pierson, a member of the Dallas group's steering committee, said it's not surprising that many black voters would not identify with Tea Party principles, considering they still support President Barack Obama. But, she said, the group is diversifying.

    Diversity "does matter to me," said Pierson, who is black. "The Tea Party principles benefit the black community."

    Dallas Tea Party leaders wanted to respond to Olbermann because they thought his commentaries reflect misunderstanding in the news media about Tea Party groups, said Phillip Dennis, a member of the group's steering committee.

    "None of these people have ever been to a Tea Party," he said. "We focus on the way people think and their ideology, not the way they look."

  5. Olbermanns father asked him to kill him. I think he wishes he could put his father out of misery. Bruce do you think Keith Olbermann wants to kill his father or at least to have the right to kill him?

  6. by Keith Olbermann
    Share this on Twitter - Special Comment: Tea Parties And Race
    I happen to be filling the few spare hours of this past week by re-watching my friend Ken Burns' Jazz documentary and was literally pulling my shoes on to head over to the hospital yesterday when it came to the story of the great Billie Holiday and the still-startling anti-lynching song "Strange Fruit."

    Not long ago, my father, who abandoned baseball because his team traded his favorite players (Yankees; Steve Souchock, George Stirnweiss; 1948, 1950; yes, we carry grudges), mentioned to me that he'd seen Satchel Paige pitch at Yankee Stadium, for the New York Black Yankees. "It never occurred to me, it never occurred to anybody I knew, that he couldn't play for the other Yankees. We just assumed he didn't want to. That none of them wanted to."

    Fatal racism, passive racism, self-rationalized racism. It all blended together for me yesterday, and it led me to think about the Tea Party group, who they are, who they aren't, and what they're afraid of.

    Keith Olbermann's diary :: ::
    I'm a little crushed for time against the show deadline tonight, but here is an excerpt.

    There are a few moments of anger in here, but mostly it's a series of more even-toned questions for these people:

    The whole of the "anger at government" movement is predicated on this.
    Times are tough, the future is confusing, the threat from those who would dismantle our way of life is real (as if we weren't to some extent doing it for them). And the president is black. But you can't come out and say that's why you are scared. Say that, and in all but the lifeless fringes of our society, you are an outcast.

    And so this is where the euphemisms come in. Your taxes haven't gone up, the budget deficit is from the last administration's adventurer's war, Grandma is much more likely to be death-paneled by your insurance company, and a socialist president would be one who tried to buy as many voters as possible with tax cuts.

    But facts don't matter when you're looking for an excuse to say you hate this president (but not because he's black). Anything you can say out loud without your family and friends bursting into laughter at you, will do.

    And I know, if I could listen only to Lincoln on this of all days -- about the better angels of our nature -- I'd know that what we're seeing at the Tea Parties is, at its base... people who are afraid.

    Terribly, painfully, cripplingly, blindingly... afraid.

    But let me ask all of you who attend these things:

    How many black faces do you see at these events?

    How many Hispanics? Asians? Gays?

    Where are these people?

    Surely there must be blacks who think they're being bled by taxation.

    Surely there must be Hispanics who think the government should've let the auto industry fail.

    Surely there must be people of all colors and creeds who believe in cultural literacy tests and speaking English.

    Where are they?

    Where are they?


    What a pussy Olbermann the bigot is! The only reason Olberman fails to see minorities raise their voices against this administration is because he refuses to see them or acknowledge them.

    Walter Williams
    Thomas Sowell
    Michael Steele
    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Condoleezza Rice
    Marco Rubio
    Bobby Jindal

    and on and on and on. Pathetic the race-baiting this bigot Olbermann does. EPIC FAIL FAILk! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA

    Hey FAILk, you got the time to post these things defending the crooked Hypocrat party and the racist Olbermann, how about you provide us all with information on how the current Hypocrat plans will cut costs in health CARE and health INSURANCE.

  8. Funny that Olbermann and FAILk can't produce any pictures of minorities working at MSDNC. LOL, what a pathetic bunch of losers. Even Jon Stewart called out Olbermann for being the nut job hack that he is, too funny! BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA ... you know it's bad when liberal Stewart thinks you're too far out to the left!

  9. By the way, I hate the white half of Obama as much or more than the black (or should I say negro so that Harry Reid and the rest of the Hypocrats know what I'm talking about?) half of the man. Beauty is only skin deep, but asshole is to the bone. And Obama is an asshole, no matter what his skin color is.

  10. My response it Oldermann "shouldn't you be inviting them?"
    They don't need an invitation, they are always welcome.
    Oldermann is playing the race card like a true liberal. But is he a racist, himself? Why would the first thing be that he notices the color of ones skin and then take a head count?
    We Tea Party Patriots are not afraid of anyone.
    We judge not by the color of ones skin, but the content of their caricature...=Socialist.

  11. Bruce, weren't you reading David Duke's book? You admitted you checked it out from the library and you read it. What did you think of the book Bruce? I mean, you were quoting from it and everything. You must have found the man quite interesting. I have to admit, I haven't read any white separatist's books. I'm more about diversity, and enjoy reading the many columns and books of people like Sowell. You might want to read some of that to get a more diverse perspective you racist.

  12. Bruce even said that the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding freedom of speech was a worse ruling than the Supreme Court ruling that said slaves were property. You stay classy Bruce! ROFLMAO!!!

  13. John, I don't think I said it was worse than the Dread Scott ruling, however the Citizens United ruling is one of the worst Supreme Court rulings. Citizens United will enslave all Americans to the corporations.

  14. LOL ... nice to see that you don't disagree with my assertion that you are a racist, only with what I said about the Dredd Scott decision!

    FAILk, we know you would love to stifle free speech. We know you would like to ban books and print media for a month before an election. Sorry chump, but that infringes on my rights as detailed in the Bill of Rights. Maybe if you can get that 1st Amendment repealed you can shut down my right to print up a pamphlet showing how ultra-liberal Gary Peters is and distribute it a month before an election. But until then, I can now freely exercise my freedom of the press and freedom of speech. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA!! And you can likewise print up your pamphlets and distribute them saying how great Gary Peter's D**K tastes. It's a win-win for everybody! (By D**K I mean DUCK of course. I hear Gary makes a great Duck a l'Orange!

    By the way, lobbying is a big part of what is destroying this country FAILk (along with you and the rest of the collectivist regressives). But I'm sure you think it's fine for representatives in YOUR party to accept bribes from corporations. Never hear a peep from you about that. But when corporations are held to the SAME lobbying standards, including the fact that they cannot be foreign corporations and they are limited as to what they can spend, with the added limitation that they HAVE TO SAY WHO THEY ARE IN THE AD, well suddenly you regressives get your panties in a bunch. Well, TS Bruce! Looks like the big insurance, trial lawyers, big pharma and unions will now have to disclose what ads they are paying for, right out in public, and now we will see just how much they really care for the Hypocrats. It's going to be great to shove all those ads in your big fat face.

  15. ROFLMAO ... ENSLAVED TO THE CORPORATIONS?!?! Hell FAILk, I am not forced to by their product! Who is forcing you to buy a pair of Nikes? The only one who has the power to enslave me currently is the Federal Government of these United States of America, and the State of Michigan, through theft of MY property and soon if you Hypocrats have your way, forced purchase of insurance. Just like Anthem in California, you whining-assed regressives can send Anthem a fast and easy message by taking your business to a different insurance provider. That's voting with your WALLET dumbass, and you don't have to wait 2 or 4 years to do it, you can do it INSTANTLY.


  16. The people that play that race card are the racist. They voted for a "Black" man. They had no other choice but to vote for a "Black" man. And if they are racist we must be real raciost. Because they project themselves and their feeling onto us. That is their MO. They are acting like a typical racist. The,"Everyone is a racist" metality is through and through with the Democrats.

  17. This is how I see Obama, Chris. I don't agree with him on his policies and ideology. It goes 180 degrees in the opposite direction of the founders principles, ideal and vision. He campaign as a centrist and governs from the left.
    On his day of inauguration, papers from coast to coast had 'Our first black President' or 'Our first African American President' as their headlines.
    In my mind that's the first thing that they (newspapers) saw in him.....
    My thinking first and foremost was he is "Just another man, another politician, another President.... but of course that's racist???

  18. Mark, your remarks are spot-on. Oldbuttman neglects to mention his colleague Mr. Matthews, who was so entranced by the light-skinned negro at the last State of the Obama Re-Election Campaign speech, and the fact that apparently Mr. Obama spoke without the slightest hint of a negro dialect, that he was able to, despite his best attempt not to, forget that Mr. Obama was BLACK. At least for an hour or so. But he's not racist. Oh no. Only the people who hate his policies, no matter what his color, are racist. Because Oldbuttman says so. LOL

  19. If You Take Citizens in any Group and Judge that Group By the Number of ANY Race In That Group and USE it as A Measurement "YOU are The RACIST" Period!

  20. Spot on from Al as well.

    These numbers don't lie. And they make me laugh. Come on November, get here soon before they do more damage:

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
    Saturday, February 27, 2010

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that 22% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. 43% Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -21. That matches the lowest Approval Index rating yet recorded for President Obama.

    The only other time the Approval Index was this low came in late December as the U.S. Senate prepared to approve its version of health care reform (see trends). Most voters continue to oppose the proposed health care plan.

  21. You are right Mark. They have taken racism to the other extreem. It's still racism but with a smily face instead of a billy club. Liberalism in and of itself racist. They push for segragation of blacks from whites. They pushed for blacks only jobs fair,black college funds and BET and whatever else you can think of. How is that any different then a blacks only drinking fountain and a blacks only seating on the bus? But their form of racism is with a smile and "goods intentions". It directly goes agains what MLK preached and died for. He wanted all men to be treated equally. And when you see groups like MSNBC crying racism because of the few blacks that haven't shown up when they don't have one staffer that is black,Aisian or anything other then formes of white. I don't remember seeing blacks at the anti war protests either. Does that mean they are racists? Or could it mean that blacks like conservatives don't protest as much and as fervant as the white liberals. If you ask me protesting is mostly a white liberal form of expression that has had blacks in the civil rights movement and conservatives now in the TEA Party movement using it. Kind of like the left are the ones that use terrorism and rioting/distruction to express themselves. Now they will point out the few times right wingers became extreem. But as a rule it's the liberls that like to destroy and bring harm on other to prove a point. Hell the eco-terrorist have done more then the Islamic extreemists. Butr we have a psycho named Tim McVey. A hand full of right wingers and they act like we are all terrorists and the same.

  22. I find it ridiculous to respond to a 'nobody hack' with no audience. Why waste time with this wannabe?

    No offense Chris, but I do not see the purpose in promoting Overbite by even mentioning him being his audience is all most nill to begin with.

  23. This stood out as most of your post, Chris. "They push for segregation of blacks from whites. They pushed for blacks only jobs fair,black college funds and BET and whatever else you can think of."
    And then blame right of centers for being at the root of the problem of why those things exist.
    I wonder if they realize that it was a Republican who freed the slaves, way back when and that George Wallace was a Democrat...

  24. John, ever notice how this clown (oldbuttmann) doesn't have a comment section (that I have seen) on his MSNBC rage page.... to afraid to hear it from the likes of us. lol

  25. The left are always afraid of real and fair debate. Just look at what Bruce has done in his own blog. He rarely lets a right wing opinion on his blog.

  26. OK, just went over to Bruce's blog and read his piece on Trent Franks and that Franks SOMEHOW said that "Black people were better off as slaves" and I then watched the video and Trent never said that, but then Bruce twists what Franks actually said (and he quotes here) "Black people were better off as slaves"
    Those kinds of posts, to me, are not worthy of a reply because they are not factual, even if you have the proof right there posted on the sight.
    It is an out in out fabrication and any one who buys in to what Bruce was implying Trent said would be dumber for it.

  27. Are you calling Bruce a racist Mark? I see that msnbc doesn't have any blacks working for them and that is wrong. I have seen a lot of white people calling out racism like it is a game. Oberman does a lot of that and that is why I don't like him. The lesbian bitch is ok with me though.

  28. Jay-Ney, I never called Bruce a racist, I said he was misrepresenting the facts and quotes someone for saying something they didn't say... prove me wrong.
    My point is don't play the race card unless you have facts to back it up.... if there are none, it minimizes your argument and holds no water.
    And yes MSNBC does, as does Fox, as does CNN, as does etc..... And the Tea Party movement has people of all walks of life.... the argument is pointless and shows it's a fact-less argument with no teeth.


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