Monday, March 1, 2010

Democrats must sacrifice their jobs to get Obamacare through

Nancy Pelosi is calling for the Democrats to risk their jobs to get Obamacare passed. That must mean she doesn't have the votes to get Obamacare passed. Thank God for the Blue Dog Democrats. They aren't buying what the Progressive Democrats are trying to sell. Most Democrats know that this Obamacare if it is jammed through Congress will end the Democratic Parties chances of getting elected for the next decade or so. But somehow the Democrats will find a way to blame the Republicans for their inability to give us a comprehensive health care reform. Who want to spend $2 tillion to save $100 million in deficit? That aint too bright if you ask me. And the half baked story about Obamacare creating millions of jobs is just rediculus. These politicians are 90% BS and 10% truth. We want health care reform just not the reform the Democrats are pushing. It is a 2,700 page pork and payoff bill. It is about control over 1/6th of our economy. It is about the socializing of America. It is about the killing of capitalism and all that made this country great.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged her colleagues to back a major overhaul of U.S. health care even if it threatens their political careers, a call to arms that underscores the issue's massive role in this election year.
Lawmakers sometimes must enact policies that, even if unpopular at the moment, will help the public, Pelosi said in an interview being broadcast Sunday the ABC News program "This Week."
"We're not here just to self-perpetuate our service in Congress," she said. "We're here to do the job for the American people."
It took courage for Congress to pass Social Security and Medicare, which eventually became highly popular, she said, "and many of the same forces that were at work decades ago are at work again against this bill."               


  1. Chris, you are right. This is the Democrats fault. They can't deliver on their promises of reform. As a Democrat I am angry at the Democrats not the Republicans for not passing a reform bill worth it's weight in salt.

  2. “It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion whatever the state needs to do.”—Joseph Geobbels

    We cannot understand modern despotism and police power unless we understand modern money.

    Modern money in the United States and the whole world is fiat paper money and credit. It is under the total control of government (and the bankers).

    This means that all government funding is with fiat counterfeit paper that is created in unlimited amounts and costs the government nothing. But it transfers wealth and savings of the people to the money creators and government through the depreciation of the currency. The American people have no understanding of how the government gets everything literally for nothing. It is the source of all government power. The control of free and unlimited funding with created money in unlimited amounts guarantees the power and control of the 1 percent over the 99 percent.

    The American people are taught voodoo economics. They have absolutely no understanding of reality.

    So how does the 1 percent control the 99 percent? By gross deception at all levels:

    By controlling all news media, printed and live.

    By controlling all newscasters.

    By controlling public education from start to finish.

    By controlling the “healthcare” system. The public is kept sick by mass vaccinations.

    Through fear campaigns:

    Fear of disease to manipulate people to take mass vaccinations.

    Fear of financial collapse for an excuse to increase fiat, diluting the purchasing power of the currency and destroying dollar assets of savers.

    Fear of bogey-man enemies. Example: Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction.”

    Fear through war propaganda that is waged by the military industrial complex. The words democracy and patriotism are heavy words used repeatedly. Perpetual war is possible because of unlimited access to funding with fiat paper money.

    Income tax controls the population by forcing “voluntary” disclosure of personal information.

    Information about the people is typical and necessary to tyranny. Fear of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is awesome.

    Government at all levels promotes the state over the individual person. Personal freedom is the enemy of the state. In all things the state promotes the collective man and the collective mind.

    The virtue of individualism always gives way to group dynamics through the group psychosis of altruism. The state can manipulate the crowd far easier than the individual.

    The bigger bureaucratic government is, the more it fears the people. The government has to control the population in order to control the government.
    Only the power of propaganda keeps the people from overthrowing the government by force.

    Also, government (the 1 percent) holds the police power and the military power, the main purpose of which is the silent force to contain the population. Even though the population in the U.S. is armed, there is no general awareness that government is enemy No. 1.

    Toward the last days of a fiat regime, confidence in government accelerates on the downside and the risk of armed violence escalates. Hence, stepped-up oppression of the government against the people.

    Gold rises and is hoarded. Controls at all levels are intensified with the strategy that the bigger counter-force will prevail. Government bets that its own police and military will not mutiny.

    Pensions and pay loom large in the collective mind of Federal police and armed forces. None realize that their pensions in fiat will be worthless.

    Modern propaganda in America hides behind and is passed off as science and research.

    In the last days the people begin to realize that their “elected” representatives are really employees of the Federal Government. Modern government, especially the U.S. government, operates above the threshold of the intelligence of the people. The people are controlled because they can’t discern between hocus-pocus and reality.

  3. why is congress approval rating at 14%? is it the republicans fault?

  4. A number of thought-provoking comments, but I paid particular attention to this one.

    "Even though the population in the U.S. is armed, there is no general awareness that government is enemy No. 1."

    I couldn't agree more and a perfect example is the amount of time and effort spent demonizing businessmen and large corporations as the root of our problems. As I pointed out to another poster on Bruce's blog, that remains the greatest fallacy in this country and the most significant roadblock to stopping the destruction of America.

  5. The government is not the enemy of the people. The government represents the collective will of the people.

    Uncontrolled corporations represent a bigger threat to America than our government.

  6. Corporations can't force me to do anything. Government can and does. But Bruce is worried about Nike. What a joke these Hypocrats are!

  7. Bruce progressiveism and large government is the enemy of we the people and our Constitution. Trying to make us sound like we think the US government is our enemy is just one of your many stupid word games. Even though this admin. deamed us the enemy we do not look at the governemnt as the enemy. We look at socialist agendas as our enemy. Just like I don't hate you Bruce. I just hate some of the things you do. I know you can't do that but us conservatives find it easy to just hate the actions and not the person. I mind you of al;l the hatred the left had for Bush the man and his policies. We are nothing like you liberals. We don't feel thingws you feel. We are thicker skinned and we know the world isn't perfect. But we also know that America is the best country in the world. You on the left hate the America that has been the greatest nation in the last 233 years. We aren't the ones trying to change America to look like the failing EU.

  8. And Bruce you on the loeft have done a great job of socializing the bottom poor parts of America and the rich big business parts of America. The middle class is still capitalist. In otherwords the Democrats have paid off the poor with programes that are socialist and the big three,banks,Wall Street etc... The middle class got nothing and will have to pay the bill. Oh yeh I almost forgot our kids and grandkids are going to have to pay the bill for all these new programs as well as the old ones like SSI and Medicare. You are generation zero.

  9. Chris, boy, have you got things backward. It's the big corporations that are living off the public trough. The banks took unreasonable risks and have privatized the gains and socialized the losses.

    If the banks are too big to fail, they are too big to exist, the same with any large corporation. We cannot allow what happened in October 2008 to happen again in America.

    We need to break up the big banks and regulate the hell out of them so we are never taken for this kind of ride again and the bank executives belong in jail, not living cushy lives with massive bonuses.

  10. The Collective WILL of the People! Bruce You Sound Like Stalin or Mao BUT Not a Surprize YOU Think like They DO! Another Problem is MOST People DO NOT!

    Big Government is The Enemy of ALL, it WANTS to Control with its POWER and Thats Whats Happening NOW!

    CHRIS Pointed Out That Poor and Rich Bankers Were Taken Care of BY Government But MIDDLE Class is the PAYER and Got SQUAT Just The BILLS!

    Private Sector and Capitolism HAS Always BEEN OUR Strength and Now Administration is DOING its BEST to KILL It! Spending Billions on Unemployment Benifits is Not the Answewr to Bringing Back Economy! Just Makes MORE Beholding to Government! This Administration to This Point has Done Nothing BUT Talk About CREATING Jobs and the Liberals its "BUSHES" Fault Aint Working Any MORE!

    Government Big Enough to Give You EVERYTHING is BIG Enough to TAKE it AWAY!

  11. It was the Democrats that made the banks take those risky loans Bruce. And Bruce you can regulate all day long but big business will find a way around and kind of regulation that pops up. Even if they have to leave the country. All business want to get away form your parties progressive agenda and regulation. Bruce why is the governemnt still telling the banks to keep buy bad loans when that is what caused this banking issue? Use you brain bruce instead of Soros talking points. Bruce you have to stop believing everything the Democrats tell you. They have lied to you more times then not and you still believe their words blindly. Just look at how you still believe in global warming when most of the evidance was faked. You treat you politics and idealogy as your religion.

  12. I'm getting sick of you liberals taking our freedom in place of security.

  13. My response to a contributor on Bruce's blog relative to this issue.

    "But I submit it isn't government that should have the brunt of our ire, but big business. Their greed and avarice to we citizens is at the core of almost all that ails us."

    Close to 100% completely wrong! Herein lies what is probably the greatest impediment to us solving the problems we face. The fact of the matter is that government policies, not big business is responsible for our dire consequences. Whether by the hand of excessive taxation, regulatory nightmares, the actions of the Federal Reserve and the obvious corruption of numerous politicians, the problems of our society will almost always trace back to government.

    In the most simple terms, no "greedy" businessman can make you do anything against your will, that ability is left to the State and only them. So why do the uninformed masses buy the argument that big business and corporations are the problem?

    One, because politicians and a complicit media are very good at portraying those that serve in government as benevolent and the businessman as only advancing his own self-interest. Never mind that each and every one of us act in accordance with the same mantra, including our self-serving politicians.

    Two, profit has become so demonized in society, that the economically-challenged among us have no idea its importance in creating all the amazing products and services that impact our lives. It represents the ultimate reason why entrepreneurs and businessman get out of bed every morning in a "self-serving" attempt to please their fellow man and earn their business. Their voluntary business, I might add.

    Finally, blaming businessmen is a convenient excuse for individuals who aren't interested in actually spending the time required to learn about the inner working of economics, politics and public policy.

    I will grant you that big business is a partner in a number of issues that impact our country, under the auspicious connection known as "crony capitalism". It's an economic system where the marketplace is substantially shaped by a cozy relationship among government, big business and big labor. Under crony capitalism, government bestows a variety of privileges that are simply unattainable in the free market, including import restrictions, bailouts, subsidies and loan guarantees. But, everyone of these "favors" have their roots in government. And before you start in about the bribes offered by businessmen to gain these privileges, remember, if politicians weren't in the business of granting favors, every single issue mentioned would be moot. Again, only politicians have the legal authority to enact policy to the determent of the general populace.

  14. Why does Bruce not post everyones comments? What is he afraid of? I had a reasonable comment and Bruce never posted it. Everyone should stop commenting and going on his blog to teach him a leason.

  15. Woooo, I'm scared Anonymous. Why don't you use your real name, Anonymous. What are you afraid of?

    I don't post everyone's comments because I don't want the same hateful speech on my blog as appears here.

  16. Fealkie, if you don't want hateful speech on your clog, then you should quit posting on it.

  17. I see the New York old Times has let Al Gore fart in their newspaper again. That idiot is paddling like hell, but sees hundreds of millions of dollars destined for his bank account disappearing into thin air.

  18. Is that why you have so many posts with the F word in them? Between JeyNey and you Bruce there is a lot of hateful speech on you blog. You just use that as an excuse for not posting from the right.

  19. Paul, that was a great comment. Very well stated. Unfortunately it will go over the heads of a lot of the liberals that comment on here. They are all at best socialists and at worst communists, with a good generous dose of fascism thrown in for good measure. They are rabid, hateful people, whose narcissistic love of themselves is only matched by their love of the thought of big government controlling every aspect of our lives and wealth distribution. With every fiber of their being they detest freedom, and those that practice it.

  20. Paul great comment. I apreciate all the great commenters and comments. You are what make this blog so fun to read.

  21. Bruce "Hateful Speech" is Called the TRUTH, BUT the "INCONVENIENT TRUTH" Does Not Fit Your Progressive Thinking or Whatever it is YOU Do Just Before You Speak or Write!


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