Monday, March 29, 2010 - Philadelphia Man Charged With Threatening to Kill House Minority Whip Cantor - Philadelphia Man Charged With Threatening to Kill House Minority Whip Cantor

PHILADELPHIA - Today, a two-count complaint and warrant was filed charging Norman Leboon with threatening to kill United States Congressman Eric Cantor and his family, and threatening to kill Congressman Eric Cantor, who is an official of the United States, announced United States Attorney Michael L. Levy and FBI Special Agent in Charge Jan Fedarcyk. As set forth in the affidavit to the complaint and warrant, in or about late March, 2010, Leboon created and then transmitted a YouTube video to Google over the internet, in which he threatened to kill Congressman Cantor and his family. No harm came to the Congressman or his family as a result of Leboon's threats.
These left wing extreemists aren't just in the Obama admin. any more. This is becoming a dangerous world with these liberals losing their minds and becoming the unhinged fringe.  He sounds a lot like the left wing bloggers out there. This is a crazy world and thanks to the Democrats is only getting crazier. Be vigilant out their.


  1. offered $100,000 for proof that the Tea Party did what they were accused of. Still no proof other then liberal op-eds. But they have proof of yet another liberal extreemist.

  2. These Allegations Are For ONE Purpose. Distract Citizens From The Socialized Insurence Bill and Other Agenda Items This Administration Has In Store For This Great Nation. Citizens Are Learning To Keep Alert with This Administration Which Has NO Problem Saying One Thing And Doing Another. CEOs of Major Cos to Be Called In to Explain Their Thoughts on Health Care and Its COST!

    Private Sector Is in This Administrations Bulls Eye and Thats A Fact. They Express There Right To Opinion and Oops Now Congress Wants To Know WHY They Think Like They DO!

    Wish Congress Would Have Been This Concerned With The Collapse of Freddy Max/ Fanny Mae and Held Hearings BUT Then Some Would Be Held To Also ANSWER Questions.

  3. I thought that President Obama was suppose to make things better? I give up on the whole democratic party. The republican party isn't much better. But they are going in the right direction.

  4. Where is the blog on the conservative Christians planning to attack Cops? Did you miss that?

    Or is your head in the sand or somewhere else.

  5. Yeah, they could very well be social justice Christians. The story out there doesn't say they're conservative Christians. :)

  6. lol..they could be, but they aren't. that was funny though.

    Dude, you have to go their site. Its funny. Try the phorum page (their spelling). It has a public forum page that is getting trolled the ever loving shit out of it.

  7. Joe- I have seen this site and phorum is a PHP software application.

  8. Joe take a look at the next post brother. And now where were you when Obama put Jeff Jones in his admin? He is from the Weather Underground and an advisor to the president. Van Jones didn't blow anything up but he was no different then the "Chriatian militia" and he is an advisor to the president and he4 works for the Apallo aligance. Where have you oin the left been when your guy put these types of radicals in the White House?

  9. I would recommend that EVERYBODY stay the hell away from the hutaree website unless you want Big Sis crawling up your ass! LOL

    Chris, did you hear about the hate-crime attack on Livingston County Republican Offices?

    Brick thrown through window of Howell GOP office by Mark Hornbeck/Detroit News

    A brick was tossed through the window at a Michigan Republican Party office in Howell over the weekend in what party officials said today "appears to be politically motivated violence."

    No one was hurt and nothing apparently was taken, a party spokeswoman said. The message "long live the USA, God bless the USA" was scribbled on the brick, officials said. The Livingston County Sheriff's office is investigating.

    The brick-throwing incident may be related to vandalism at Republican offices across the country, including a campaign office of U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor and the Republican Party headquarters in Albemarle County, Va., officials said.

    "It's hard to say whether it's related to the health care debate, but given what's going on nationally, we suspect it could be politically motivated," said Jennifer Hoff, spokeswoman for the state party.

    From The Detroit News:

    I have a friend who lives out that way. He said that a guy who is running for an office out there had his car shot up with paint-balls as well.

  10. The left are up to their same old violence. The police and FBI will be at the Macomb Co. Tea party exp.rally. The expect nothing from the tea party people but the left wing terrorists like SEIU and the Democratic Underground extreemists.

  11. John, i think it was some of those extreme rightwing white supremacists who did that. Your friend from out there told you about them right?

  12. I heard from my union friends when I worked at Ford that the Klan was really big out that way; they said that some of the Democrats that worked in the plant were into it, and I guess there was even a pretty big guy in the organization who was also part of the union at the plant. I stayed clear of those left-wing bozos, so I can't verify it. But no, my friend who lives out that way didn't mention that. Being a cop, I can assume he was telling the truth, or are you suggesting that the police are liars? I bet that IS what you are suggesting Joey, LOL


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