Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It Could Be Worse

All things considered it could be worse. We Could be giving free health care to all illegal immigrants in this country. The left have been saying that their is no way we will ever be giving free health care to those that came to this country illegally. And they would be right. This health care bill doesn't cover the health insurance for illegals. But if you could cover all those illegal immigrants with health care insurance they didn't earn,but stole,would most likely vote for that Party. Now if that Party gave amnesty to all illegals and all of our countries entitlements that group would most certainly owe that Party big time. Social Security checks and Obama Care for your vote. Now to all you Baby Boomers. If you add that many more people to SSI and Medicare doesn't your piece of the pie get smaller? Or will you just keep taking more and more from the next generation to fulfill their greedy lust for the future generations earnings? The CBO used to say that SSI will be going into the red in 2016. Last month SSI went into the red for the first time 6 years sooner then the CBO thought. Is that "fundamental change" you can believe in? But I don't think any Party would jab a stick in the side of the wakening giant. But the Democrats had no problem taunting the right wing with the Pelosi parade after they passed the largest entitlement since SSI. 


  1. All The Deficit Will Be Coming Home To Roost and What Do Sane Citizen Think Will Be Needed To Off Set It! Its Either Going To Be Value Added Tax or National Sales Tax That Will Start Low, and Then Sky Rocket To Who Knows What 20%! Sales Tax Or V.A. T. Will Effect all Not Just The Wealthy! With The Taxes Will Come What Economic Prosperity? This Administration Has Backed This Countrys Econonmy Into a Almost LOSE,LOSE Situation and All Had Better Hope It Changes But With Administrations Apparent Blindness To Economy and Jobs that AINT Going To Happen!

    Entitlements To NOT STRENGTHEN Economy or Produce Jobs! Heard Today Government Jobs Lost 4%, Private Sector Jobs Lost Close To 20% and There Lies The Lies From This Administration About OUR Economy!

  2. Is bruce fealch in jail?

  3. well, if the assclowbn brigade wasn't there using racial slurs and spitting on people that probably wouldn't have happened. But in order to show that the nutjobs won't win and intimidate congress they marched right through you again.

    I say good for them and that'll show the baggers a thing or two. Shame on you for trying to intimidate congress. Just like what the right did to the judges four or five years back.

  4. Joe? WTF are you talking about? Is this referring to a different topic again?

    Nobody used any racial slurs, there was no spitting. Jesse Jackson Jr had two video cameras going the whole way, there is a $1 million reward for video proof of any of that happening. You are just hate-mongering and perpetuating lies when you say what you do. Isn't that one of the ten commandments, to not bear false witness? Isn't another one to not tell lies?

  5. A snipet of a factual article: "A Closer Look at the Capitol Steps Conspiracy"

    "If it were not for those damn ubiquitous video cameras, House Democrats and their media allies would have gotten away with it entirely. Instead, they must content themselves with a victory only among those who rely for the news on an increasingly myopic major media.

    To discover what did happen, I have reviewed video from at least four different sources, talked to several eyewitnesses, and analyzed the early media reports from the scene.

    Bottom line: the Douglas story would seem to meet the standards for libel. It is provably false, preposterously reckless, quite possibly malicious, and has caused real damage to publicly identified Tea Party leaders".

    Please go here for the entire piece JOE:

  6. JoeC cracked. Bruce Fealk cracked. Jay-Ney cracked. I would expect a lot more violence from the left. Just look at Code Pink yesterday. The N word and spitting thing has been proven not true.

  7. ugh, what a headache after reading all of your opinions. i am an insurance professional and do you know we provide work comp benefits to illegal aliens if they are hurt while working? california. yupp. well right, its not government funded for the most part but still is ironic to me.

  8. If Socialized Insurence That Has Now Been Passed is So Good WHY Is Nobama STILL Campaigning and Making Speeches Like It Aint Been Passed Yet? Wonder When The Economy and Job Lazering Starts.

  9. John, i saw the video were the dude spits on the congressman. How can it never happen when you see the guy pucker up and spit?

    Perhaps "YOU" haven't watched any of the video's out there.

    Hey, just because the guilty racists won't come clean doesn't mean i am violating anything. I choose to believe John Lewis over any unnamed shouting bigot. You choose to believe the bigot. Your choice.

    But we have Tea baggers on record saying that someone did call Barney Franks a "fag". They then suggested it was a plant. How convenient.

  10. Watched The Video Several Times Dont See the ALLEDGED Spitting Taking Place! Has That Million Dollar Reward For PROOF of The ALLEDGED Spitting Been Paid Yet? Just Wondering, With All The Videos and Cameras at That Propaganda Walk One Would Think There Would Be NUMEROUS Photos/Videos Availiable of The ALLEDGE Incident! State Run Media Would Be Playing That So Much IF It Exsisted Would Not Have Time For Overbite or Madcow!

  11. Joe, provide a link to the video and I will watch it.

    Joe, how can I choose to believe the bigot when there wasn't anyone who yelled it? Where is the guy denying that he said anything? It would be like if I claimed that the Koffee Klatch Klan, at their meeting, called a black guy the "n" word; if I don't specifically accuse a person, how would anyone know who was being accused? LOL

    Face it Joe, when you repeat the lies and hate-mongering of the lefties, you are bearing false witness. Alllll that video out there, including Jesse Jackson Jr with his video cameras, and not one N word.

    Read Christopher's article. With all that hate and rage, and those guys walked back from the Capital building with just a couple of cops FOLLOWING them. You Hypocrats ... you're just like Comrade FAILk, who says how dangerous we are but then says it would be fine with him if we stopped by his house and said hi to his wife. Just a bunch of hate- and fear-mongers, that's all you are.


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