Monday, March 8, 2010

Liberals Are Now Threatening The Democratic Party: Moore Violence

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore on Sunday railed on Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, predicting, "Democrats on Election Day 2010 are going to get an ass-whoopin' of biblical proportions if things don't change right now."

In an open letter to the White House, Moore placed the blame for Democrats' dismal electoral prospects in 2010 squarely on the shoulders of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, recently a popular target for liberals dissatisfied with the White House's handling of healthcare.

While Moore praised the sitting chief of staff for long being a "no apologies, take-no-prisoners fighting machine," he ultimately said Emanuel had "turned into a fighter -- not of Republicans, but of the left."

"Well, you and the Democrats have been in charge now for over a year and not one banking regulation has been reinstated. We don't have universal health care. The war in Afghanistan has escalated. And tens of thousands of Americans continue to lose their jobs and be thrown out of their homes," Moore wrote.

"You're such a good guy, Mr. President," Moore added. "Yet, you kept on saying you still believed in bipartisanship. Well, if you really want bipartisanship, just go ahead and let the Republicans win in November. Then you'll get all the bipartisanship you want."

Consequently, Moore later implored President Barack Obama to "replace Rahm with me." He subsequently offered to serve as chief of staff for $1 a day, while living in the White House basement.

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  1. I don't like him anyways. He looks like a fat pervert to me. Ands I've see a lot of pervert like him in my days to know.


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