Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stupak's Payoff

Fox News: The 11 House Democrats led by Rep. Bart Stupak who dropped their opposition to health care reform legislation mere hours before the final vote have requested $3.4 billion in earmarks -- and one watchdog group wants to know whether the money represents business as usual or political payoffs. 
The Sunlight Foundation says it plans to track the earmark requests, which were put in one day after health care reform cleared Congress, to see whether they're approved and whether it appears lawmakers are being rewarded for their vote. 
The individual earmarks requests from each of those lawmakers range from $20 million to $1.4 billion. Of the eight lawmakers whose 2010 requests were available for comparison, five requested more money than they did a year ago. Stupak requested $579 million. 
Here are the earmark amounts requested by the 11 House Democrats in the 2011 bill: 
Rep. Jerry Costello of Illinois.: $1,418.7 million ($256.4 million in 2010)
Rep. Solomon Ortiz of Texas: $618 million ($726.1 million in 2010)
Stupak of Michigan: $578.9 million 
Rep. Steve Driehaus of Ohio: $332.2 million 
Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio: $294 million ($305.7 million in 2010)
Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper of Pennsylvania: $236.8 million ($54 million in 2010)
Rep. James Oberstar of Minnesota.: $207 million ($226 million in 2010)
Rep. Brad Ellsworth of Indiana.: $115.4 million ($82.3 million in 2010)
Rep. Charles Wilson of Ohio: $84 million ($62.3 million in 2010)
Rep. Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania.: $67.1 million 
Rep. Joseph Donnelly of Indiana: $19.8 million ($11.65 million in 2010)
The Sunlight Foundation also says it is going to look at Republican earmarks. House Republicans say they are not requesting any earmarks for the next fiscal year, but Allison said the Sunlight Foundation will watch GOP senators to see if they appear to be putting in earmark requests for their House colleagues.                                                                                                                   Ya got to love these Democrats and their new way of doing politics.


  1. Dear Chris,

    The new health care reform law builds on our employer-based, private health care system, reins in insurance company abuses, improves Medicare, and provides more affordable options for small businesses and individuals without insurance.

    I want you to have the facts, and my office is available to answer any specific questions you may have for yourself or your family.

    The new law will end the worst insurance company practices. Within six months, insurance companies will not be able to deny children care because of pre-existing conditions, drop people when they get sick, or have lifetime caps that limit benefits. Insurance companies will be required to provide free preventive health care and allow adult children to stay on their parents insurance until they are 26. More insurance market reforms, including a complete end to pre-existing condition denials and a cap on out-of-pocket expenses will be in place by 2014.

    Small businesses and individuals without insurance will get tax credits to buy insurance. The new law sets up exchanges where insurance companies are forced to compete openly and honestly for business and I will get my health care through these new exchanges. For seniors, the new law adds benefits to Medicare such as a free annual physical and lower prescription drug costs.

    Importantly, this new law is paid for by charging a fee to the insurers, device makers and drug companies who will have millions of new customers, and by increasing the Medicare tax by 0.9% for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans and applying it to investment as well as wage income. Because the new law implements reforms to reduce paperwork, improve the coordination of care, and eliminate wasteful spending, the independent Congressional Budget office has estimated that it will cut the deficit by $1.3 trillion dollars over the next two decades.

    I have provided for your review a three page summary of the new law. In addition, I want you to know the improvements that happen in the first six months.

    I believe the new law is an important step forward for our country. Please contact my office at 586-498-7122 or use the box below if you have any specific questions that we may help to answer.


    Sander Levin

  2. Harry Reid's egg man of Nevada:


  3. Levin - a progressive. Don't believe a word he says. These Dems think we're as stupid as they are.

  4. I go the same email. My reply.
    "have lifetime caps that limit benefits.provide free preventive health care and allow adult children to stay on their parents insurance until they are 26. More insurance market reforms, including a complete end to pre-existing condition denials and a cap on out-of-pocket expenses will be in place by 2014."
    Dear Senator 'Didn't read the Bill' all those things you mentioned WILL NOT 'provide more affordable options for small businesses and individuals without insurance.' It will drive up cost. Ask ATT, Ask Caterpillar....

    "Small businesses and individuals without insurance will get tax credits to buy insurance."
    Both individual and small Business will get 1/12 of what their annual premiums will be as a tax credit, or so you understand it, 1 month free. WOW... NOT!
    "law sets up exchanges where insurance companies are forced to compete openly and honestly for business and I will get my health care through these new exchanges."
    "I"??? As Joe Wilson once said to Obama "YOU LIE" You excluded yourself from the MANDATE that is on the American people, remember?
    What a waste of email that was...

  5. If The Adult Children (Oxy Moron) to Age 26 Can Be Insured By Their PARENTS Why Not Raise Voting and Drinking Age To 26 Since Evidently These Adult Children May NEVER Leave Mommy and Daddy! What a CROCK!

    Any Body That Beleives The 2000+ Pages In This Bill Are Not Full Of Crap That Will Raise Its UGLY Head At Later Date Have Truley Drank The Kool Aid! Nobama Care Cannot and Will Not Be Cure All To Hospital Cost, Treatments,Test and Most Of All Doctor Choice! 30 Million MORE Citizens Same Amount of Doctors Or Less Depending on How Many Find OTHER Occupations.

    Best Of All Wonder What Wishing Well Nobama Will Use To PAY For All This Wonderful Nobama Care! Goinbg To Be Paid For With Hugh Taxes For All Period And That Is The Truth Unless Libs Got Another Way and They DONT!

  6. To Anonymous,
    Suprisingly you left out one fact in your misrepresentations, Americans will be "Compelled by Law" to purchase healthcare or have IRS garnishment of their wages. That Sir, is a violation of the United States Constitution.

  7. lol...thats funny.

    One rightwing nutjob held up TSA nominations over earmarks and you didn't blog about that. Can you alteast be honest with yourself if not us. Admit the double standard and move along.

  8. No double standard, right Joe? Isn't a wrong a wrong, no matter who does it? Why can't you bring yourself to call people out on these things?

    I don't know if you noticed, but the name of this blog is "Bonsai From the Right". The MSM devotes plenty of time to tearing down the righties. Nobody is denying that it doesn't happen on the right; doesn't mean it should be ignored when the left does it, does it?

  9. So because you name yourself "from the right" means you can prattle on hypocritically and not discuss things or observing the mistakes your side makes.

    I don't care what your opinion of what someone else does, it doesn't make you correct. Two wrongs huh?

    Guess you blew your own theory out of the water? The media doesn't show both sides so we don't have to. lmao. Again like you say, Two wrongs.

  10. Not at all Joe. I'm saying that if you want the lefty slant you get that all the time; repeating it here is just that, repeating the same old tired thing. The MSM buries the lefty's little "indiscretions", their lies and falsehoods. Kinda like you with your "Two wrongs make a right" mantra. I never deny that the Republicans have done things wrong. Show me where I have said that Joey. Sadly, you think the Hypocrats have never done any wrong, and you try to go back in time to justify the Hypocrats behavior. I'm about calling out a wrong, no matter who does it, not justifying it with the tired old whining that you do. You have some third-grade mentality going, it's scary to think you are bringing up children.

  11. I've thought of a new nickname for Joey, since he considers himself a violent gangster, I think I'll call him "Joey Two Wrongs", LOL

  12. but if all you do is post liberal flaws because the media seemingly only posts the conservatives then your the one committing the second wrong. I know that it takes a little bit to get past the reality of it for you, but thats the truth. you can't claim the media only show the conservative mistakes and then only show the liberals.

    I have admitted way more mistakes then you'll ever do about your side, so don't go there. Your out there with you silly little names and catch phrases acting like the dems do everything wrong when your side is lock step with them on being crooked.

    I'm only here for balance. you post only a lefty mistake i post a righty. Thats all. Fair and balanced, just like Faux says.

  13. Joe, I didn't say all that is posted here are liberal flaws, there you go putting words in my mouth again. Joe, you shouldn't say that you approve of rape, that is just over the top and sick.

    How do you like having words put in your mouth Joe?

    Your claim that you have admitted mistakes on "your side" is fallacious at best. You don't admit mistakes, you simply do the tried and true Hypocrat method, whereby if someone points out how pathetic the Hypocrats are, you have to hop in your way-back machine and post something about a Republican. Just look at when you called me your "prison bitch" and when you called Mark Adams an "attention whore". You said you were just being silly, you didn't admit it was wrong. Well Joe, if I ever offend you, just mark me up as being "silly" and then it's all good, right?

    It's tiring and stupid. Just look at one of the more recent posts, where I pointed out how idiotic that Hypocrat Johnson is, and you had to post something about Palin. That's lame as hell. We point out wrongs no matter who or what. You are all about defending your "side" to the last. Wasn't I the one who said Steele should be investigated? That's hardly lock-step Joe, and you know it. You are pathetic. I'm happy as hell whenever ANY crooked politician gets caught and prosecuted. You back up people like Rangel and the rest like they are family to you or something. Shameful.

    What is it with you and "catch phrases"? LOL ... you sound a little jealous. What "catch phrases" have I used Joe? Silly little names like "bitch" and "whore"? Oh, that's right, those are YOUR silly little names. Stay classy Joe, you're setting a great example for your kids.

    Joe, the TEA Party is all about smaller government. Smaller government intrinsically means less corrupt government. Look at how the Hypocrats have expanded government, look how sneaky and back-door dealing they are. TEA Party is about holding our politicians responsible. You might have more in common with the TEA Party than you think, if you are such the realist and you want to be truthful about getting corruption out of government. But I don't think you are. Just so you know Joe, I never claimed to be a Republican, so I don't know why you keep insinuating that I back them to the hilt. I'm a conservative who doesn't like corruption no matter who or what is doing it. You are a Hypocrat who will back your party to the hilt, no matter if they are corrupt, or REALLY REALLY corrupt (those are the only two choices that the Hypocrats present by the way! LOL)

  14. John, my brother you need to lighten up. You've done as worse anything i've done and never apologised for it. look at what you have called Bruce.

    And don't forget the nice little term for DJTYG. What did you call him? ohh yeah DJFAG. When i called you on it you said, "thats his name".

    And what about my 4 year old? Remember calling him gay? its all there in posts brother.

    so get off you fuckin high horse, cuz your as dirty as anyone here. The only difference tween you and me i admit it. You play holier than thou.

  15. You're right Joe, I never have and I never will apologize for anything I have called Bruce. Why are you such a big Bruce defender? That guy is as sick as they come. I have nothing to apologize for. Someone accuses me of something I haven't done, which is exactly what you and Bruce do, and I will call you an asshole and be perfectly within my rights to do so. You being a little whining bitch isn't going to change that one bit.

    That is his name. DJFAG. So what? I don't know what you want from me on that one Joe. What do the initials mean, I have no idea, and I don't care.

    Show me the post where I called your brat gay Joe. I said he might be, and you went off on me. Like there is something wrong with it. What is wrong with being a homosexual Joe? Jeez, one moment you say you are all for gays and their rights, next thing I know you are blowing your top at the thought that your brat might love other little boys. And then you insinuated that all gays are child molesters. That was all you Joe, not me. You're such a homo-phobe Joe. Or am I just half-right, LOL

    You are the one that needs to lighten up. I never called your kid gay, I don't play holier than thou, I freely admit I call names. I don't apologize for it. When have you ever admitted you or "your side" were wrong Joe?

    You are the one that says he believes in God and then calls people bitches and whores. I guess the God you believe in approves of that sort of thing, what religion is that Joe?

    I never claimed what you claim Joe. I'm not on any high-horse, there's no room in the saddle with you up there.

  16. Oh, and I'm not your brother Joey Two Wrongs. Funny how you want to be my brother after all these atrocities you claim I have committed. Joey Two Wrongs, he just CAN'T be right! LOL

    Joey Two Wrongs, you are such a hypocrite, professing to believe in God and then calling people bitches and whores and all kinds of things. First I'm your prison bitch, and then I'm your brother?!?! LOL ... what does that make you, an incestuous homo-sexual prison gangster? Stay classy Joey Two Wrongs!


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