Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tea Parties Make Last Stand Against Health Care Bill

While the Democrats are going around blaming the Republicans for the failing health care reform it is the TEA Party and the Blue Dog Democrats that are holding up the bill. Their is a bipartisan effort to stop this obamacare. The far left will do whatever they have to to pass this obamanation of a bill. These people weren't funded by the unions like the KKKoffee Klan. This is true grass roots. We will take the Blue Dogs if they are conservative. And we will take the Republicans and Libertarians. But Progressives and liberals can go to their Klan meetings. 

Just days after holding a rally in Washington, Tea Party activists returned Saturday to make one final stand against the health care reform bill ahead of an expected Sunday vote.

Thousands of Tea Partiers descended upon the Capitol in an effort to derail the march toward "Obamacare" by pressuring undecided lawmakers to vote "no" Sunday.At times protestors broke into chants of "Kill the bill!"More than 60 Tea Party affiliates organized the event in the four days since Tuesday's rally after organizers were flooded with requests to hold another one for those who couldn't take off of work for the first one.

Saturday's event featured actor Jon Voight, Reps. Mike Pence, R-Ind., chairman of the House Republican Conference, Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., and Steve King, R-Iowa.

"This is the final push, and the Democrats' last ditch effort to push through the most unpopular legislation in years," Bachmann said.

Bachmann rejected the notion that the Tea Partiers were gathering too late to stop House Democrats who appear close to having the 216 votes required to pass the bill on Sunday.

"They're exactly on time," she told Fox News at the rally. "Over 25,000 Americans came here practically on 24-hour notice. They can't wait to be the welcome wagon for President Barack Obama when he comes this afternoon for a meeting with House Democrats."

After the rally, Tea Partiers plan to confront undecided Democratic lawmakers in their congressional offices and convince them to vote against the bill.                                                                                                                                                                                       And if the Democrats go against we the people they had better be ready for some retribution.  We will not be shoved to the side by the Democratic Party as if we mean nothing. But if they chose to go against the will of the people we will hold the whole Democratic party responsable. Right now the Blue Dogs and the Republicans are doing what the majority of Americans want. Democrat will be as dirty a word as liberal and progressive is,when we are done with them. This obamacare bill will bankrupt this country in 4 years if it is passed and who will bail us out?                                                                                                                I'd like to see an amendment to the bill that will make all Democrats have to pay for the failing of this bill when it bankrupts us. This way they have a little skin in the game. The unions and the other mutt groups don't have to pay for this bill but they are backing it and promoting it with lies and BS. Lets put an amendment in that lets all the Democrats that want this bill passed to pay for it when it fails. What do ya think about that for bipartisanship?


  1. Do you remember Catapillar and when Obama visited them for a press confrence? Ya those jobs never were made and now the company says that this obamacare bill will cost the Catapillar company over $100 million. Is that going to creat jobs? Is that good for the economy? Will those workers that loose their job be screwed for the next 4 years while they have to pay higher taxes and get no benifits? Now you obamacare supporter sheeple see why we hate this bill. But you don't care as long as you get yours. That is why we need to have a spread the wealth if you are wrong about this bill.

  2. Chris, as they say, it's an Obomination. There it is, CatP, flat out tells this President what this is going to cost them, and he ignores it. Wonder how their rank & file feels NOW??

    There is a lot of buzz happening that this is going to boil over. I don't want it or wish it to happen, but what are people going to do?

    There are 38 state AG's lined up to file lawsuits on this thing and I plan on launching an email campaign to my IL AG to follow along because if you are not aware, this state is in some serious situations, and they too can't take on what OPR (Obama,Pelosi,Reid) are ramming up our (sorry to put it this way) asses.

    I hope and pray that your Rep in Washington are as in touch as mine is.

    God bless Chris, John AND all You American Patriots here on Bonsai.

  3. Just be thankful that the TEA BAGGERS showed Chris's and John's hypocrisy with their extra special behavior the past few days.

    I love when they brand us the racists and then their fellow baggers go out and racially abuse African Americans. Good show boys.

    But hey lets not let reality ruin their views and blogs.

  4. All Organizations Have Dumbies SOME More Than Others. Some Like to Use Conspiritsy Theories Maybe This Is One! Maybe There Plants, Not Really Tea Party Members!

    Just a Thought! After What We Have Scene These Progressives Do In the Open NO Telling What They Might DO Other Wise!

  5. wow, that's rich. Lets just assume all the troublemakers at any rally are plants from the other side. Maybe they were aliens too and not just illegals.

    From the people harassing the Parkinson dude to those in Washington spitting and dropping the n-bomb on congressmen this past week it just shows you how the TEA BAGGERS work.

  6. JoeC I Think You FINALLY Got It! Progressives/Liberals Would NEVER Resort to SUCH Tactics! Have a Good Day Joe Gotta Go to Work!

  7. yes some of them would, but you don't see my blog saying only one side is racist like Chris and john.

  8. Joey, your POS blog might not say that only one side is racist, because you save those comments for Chris' blog.

    Like Al said there are idiots on both sides. I don't know what story you are talking about, I'll check it out. But just remember Joey, it's just a matter of time before the Koffee Klatch Klan does something, and I guess we can make YOU own that. LOL, Go ahead and try to make us responsible for every member of the TEA Party. I guess that would mean that you approve of everything that SEIU thugs do (beat innocent people), everything that Hypocrat John Edwards does, everything that Charlie Rangel does, everything that Kwame Kilpatrick does ... that's some pretty childish stuff Joey. Chris and I never said that only one side is racist, that would be YOUR side that does that. And YOUR side is the ones proving their hypocrisy every day.

    Just like you claim you are such an angel and then you call me your bitch, or you call Mark a whore. You stay hypocritical Joey! LMAO

  9. John, first off unlike you i don't claim a movement. You, Chris, Brian, all support and claim the Tea Party. I don't claim the coffee party nor do i support it, the same as the SEIU. I don't belong, i don't go to things organized by them.

    But when Bruce, others and I suggested some of the tea party was driven by racism and bigotry all three of you told everyone the lefties were the racists. Now we find the tea baggers are out being the bigots they really are.

    Yea for you guys.

  10. Wow, that last one is an out of context statement. I didn't call him a whore. I said attention whore, not whore. Makes a difference.

    you could try context. maybe look it up if you don't know what it means.

    I don't claim to be an angel, not at all. I do worry about why your so trapped in the past. If anyone looked at your past like you hold it against people, they'd see the truth about your hypocrisy.

  11. Leftists ARE racists Joey. How nice to be able to "claim" or "not claim" a movement. Well Joey, none of us "claim" the portion of whoever was calling names and slurs. How is that for you? I have a feeling you won't accept that, so if so I won't accept the fact that you don't "claim" anybody on the left who riots or beats people or hurls slurs, like you yourself do, calling people tea-baggers! Look at the hypocrite Joey, calling people tea baggers and then trying to claim he's above all that!! ROFLMAO Joey, you don't support unions or go to things organized by them? Hey Joey, a vast majority of the tea party didn't go to Washington yesterday.

    Remember when the militant Black Panther Party was associated with MLK's movement? I suppose that was right in your mind too.

    As for the left being racists, they are the ones that are always counting negroes at rallys and meetings. LOL

  12. I KNEW you would say you didn't call him a whore you called him an attention whore!!! ROFLMAO

    I guess you never slurred anyone calling them tea-baggers as well.

    Joey, anyone can look back on this blog and see what I call you and Comrade Bruce. I would never deny it, like you just tried to qualify calling someone a whore. A whore is a whore Joey. You said I was your prison bitch, I guess that was taken out of context too. LMAO

    Joey, you had better quit while you're not so far behind. When you're in a hole you should quit digging loser. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

    ... taken out of context ... LMAO

  13. Look at all those racist black people that only voted for Obama because of the color of his skin. That's ALLLLLL Hypocrats!! LMAO

    Joey, proud member of the most racist party!!

  14. Joey: "I called him a whore, just not a REAL whore, so that's okay"


    Joey doesn't even have the decency to apologize. What a jerk. Exactly what I expect out of a lieberal. You and Comrade Bruce are like peas in a pod.

  15. john, wow your angry again. dude its sunday relax watch the tounrey and enjoy life. Stop hating people, brother. Its got to be hard to go through life filled with such hatred and violence.

    I'll pray for you brother.

  16. John, chill. there are more things under heaven and earth than in your ideology.

  17. Joe you are right it is a sad deay when a few conservatives act like the many liberals. I pray that those people saying those thing were just liberal plants like has happened at almost every occurance like this. It made me cringe when the crowdes booed Bush and called him every name in the book.

  18. Big exposes Humpingthe Post claims of racism at the rallies yesterday as bald faced lies.

  19. Violence and hatred Joe,Really? John has anger and I feel it is a rightious anger. But for you to make a leep to hatred and violence is more telling of you Joe then John. You on thew left to tend to project yourselves and your thoughts on us. We are not like you liberals so stop trying to make it sound like we are. We are nothing like you so stop trying to make it sound like we are cut from the same cloth. If the conservatives start burning cars,rioting,beating people up that disagree with us,fly planes into buildings,distroy person and property to make it look like we did it instead of you then you have every right to call us those names. But since it has been mostly you on the left that have done those things try condeming your side for the 9 times out of 10 that the left have done these things. And don't forget your very good friend and fellow liberal JayNey and her racist,hat filed and violent writings. But you didn't say anything about that now did you. Joe and don't play like you are not on the side of the Progressives and anarchists. You libs like to have your cake and eat it too. But if by chance the right wing starts riots and becomes violent then they will have become nothing more then the liberals. Conservatives for the most part are civil even though not all right wing are civil we have yet to riot once while the left have been buisy rioting,beating blacks, burning SUV's and all the other things you libs tend to do when you don't get your way. One thing I can surely say is if this health care bill DOESN'T pass the left WILL riot like always. If the bill DOES pass then the right might riot, but it will be a first for the conservatives. See the difference? Funny how the left call for peace and an end to war sometimes ends in violence?

  20. Chris, I'm not sure why you think what you do, but that's fine. John's is not a righteous anger, its a hateful destructive anger. He finds little in common with his fellow man and sees himself in some sort of constant battle for something, i am not sure what.

    And as for what you consider projection its the other way around. you take what is attributable to your party and your base now and try to castigate the left for it.

    but its all in good fun. So go battle for the soul of the republic while the rest of us enjoy life and i beat you guys like the rented mules you are at this game.

    Atleast john has stopped insulting my kids, because while that is civil in your book, the children are off limits to the rest of us uncivil types.

  21. BWAAAHAHAHAHA ... Joey, is laughter somehow interpreted as "anger" to you? That's quite sociopathic! Is exposing your hypocrisy somehow interpreted as "anger" to you? Then I guess yes, I am angry, lots of exposure of your hypocrisy. Talk about living in the past, I said your kid looked like a dipshit a long time ago. I prefer living in the present, like when you called Mark, a guy having a "conversation" with someone else (Chris) a whore. Or a little more recent history like when you called me your prison bitch. Remember that Joey? Now THAT is some anger. You didn't even follow it with a "just kidding" or anything. LOL

    I'm always laughing at losers like you Joey. I'm glad you write in here, you provide me with some great humor.

    What really cracks me up is that Joey never has anything to say about the issue at hand. He just likes to come on here and guttersnipe, but he can't say if he supports the health care takeover or not, nor does he provide any useful insight. Joey is just an angry little man, just trying to spread his anger cancer wherever he goes. Too bad we all find his little-man antics so humorous!! LOL

    BTW, went to a great rally out in Lansing tonight. Peaceful protest, 240 people out enjoying the day while little angry gangster Joey was ranting and raving. I bet your kids were hiding under the bed when daddy has had too many "pops" and is screaming at the computer! LMAO

    Boy that was quite the angry diatribe wasn't it little Joey?!? BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

    Hey Joey, I thought you were a social anarchist. No laws, right Joey? So why do you think anything is off limits? You are the very definition of a hypocrite Joey. Keep that hypocrite flag flying high loser!

  22. John, you need help brother. once again projecting your life on mine doesn't make you right?

    I see back on my kids again. Nothing civil about that dude. Call up your shrink and make an appointment soon.

  23. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... Joey, just a little attention whore. I knew you would love to hide behind your kids you little whore bitch. LOL

  24. Poor little whore bitch Joey can't even take a little anarchy! LMAO


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