Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Progressives Are Devouring The Democratic Party

Moore Unloads on 'Disgusting' Dems, Drops F-Bomb on Beck

MICHAEL MOORE: You know, I tell you, these Democrats are disgusting. Wimps and wusses and weasels. You know, get some spine. This is why I have to admire the Republicans. They at least stand for something. They at least have the courage of their convictions. They get elected to office, they come into town, and they go "Get outta my way, there's a new sheriff in town. This is the way we're doing things. Get outta here." And then they do it. You know. I mean what they do is crazy. But dammit, they are good at it. We should take a page out of their book.


  1. Media Matters, doing its typical shilling for the Obama Administration, threw up some lame talking points about Barack Obama appointing Scott Matheson, brother of Congressman Jim Matheson, to the federal bench.

    The right has pointed out it has the appearance of bribery.

    Today, trying to refute the accusation, Media Matters gives away the game. Casually in defending the appointment, Media Matters notes Scott Matheson told the White House in June of 2009 that he wanted Judge Michael McConnell’s job when it became available at the end of August 2009.

    When does Barack Obama choose to appoint Scott Matheson?

    Yesterday. The same day he has over the appointee’s brother, a congressman, to persuade the Congress to change his no vote on health care to a yes vote.

    The Great Gavel Giveaway of 2010 is looking more and more like Gavelgate thanks to the industrious spinning of Media Matters trying to be helpful.

    You know, giving Athena Innovative Solutions, Inc. defense contracts after $2 million in gifts to Duke Cunningham got Duke Cunningham thrown in jail. Giving a congressman’s brother life tenure on the federal bench in exchange for supporting the President’s legacy project is not much different.

  2. The abortion issue may take down ObamaCare, even if Congress pulls the Health Care Nuclear Option in a desperate attempt to pass the bill. Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) declared yesterday that “several Democrats who voted for it the House would oppose it next time around” without removing pro-abortion language in the Senate passed ObamaCare bill. This is a big problem for the proponents of ObamaCare, because under the special rules of the reconciliation process, ObamaCare can’t be fixed.

    Even if the Democrats attempted to insert a ban on the federal funding of abortion in the reconciliation measure, that would cause both procedural and vote counting problems in the Senate. For all the talk yesterday from the President about this being the time to vote on ObamaCare, an unresolved abortion controversy makes prospects for passage doubtful.

    The AP reports:

    A congressman who has played a key role in the long-running health care debate says he and 11 other Democrats will vote against the overhaul unless a provision subsidizing abortion is removed. Rep. Bart Stupak argued Thursday that the provision in the Senate-passed version has language that would permit the federal government to “directly subsidize abortions.”

    ObamaCare passed the House by a 5 vote margin and the Senate passed a different version on a party line vote. There is no margin for error and a switch of 10 members of the House from Yea to Nay is curtains for ObamaCare this year. It is clear that if the abortion issue is not addressed, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has a big, potentially unresolvable, strategic problem to get this bill passed.

    The ObamaCare Nuclear Option has two elements. Passage of the Senate passed bill in the House with language that allows for the federal funding of abortion. Then the House shall pass a “reconciliation sidecar” bill to amend ObamaCare in a manner that insures final passage in the House and Senate. The plan is for the Senate to pass the reconciliation measure then the President signs both ObamaCare and the ObamaCare reconciliation measure. This scenario breaks down early in the process if not enough House members will vote for ObamaCare. If it does not forbid the federal funding of abortion, then Speaker Pelosi may not have enough support in her caucus to complete the strategy.

    Using reconciliation as a means to make changes to the Senate passed ObamaCare bill is a problem. The rules are strict and one rule in particular may make the Health Care Nuclear Option a failed strategy. Senator Robert Byrd (D-WVa.) passed a rule years ago that said anything that does not score or is incidental to the budget purposes is out of order on a reconciliation bill. Abortion language would seem to be subject to that rule and specifically has been ruled out of order during the 1995 reconciliation bill.

    Robert Dove, former Senate Parliamentarian in 1995 told MSNBC that there was a prior ruling of the Senate that abortion language is out of order on a reconciliation bill. Dove said the following:

    In 1995 they had a very large reconciliation bill and there was a provision that was in that bill which provided that no federal funds could be used for abortion. It was my view that it violated the Byrd rule even thought it did score. It would have saved the federal government money. But part of the Byrd rule is that if something is in there not for its budgetary effect, but for its policy effect that invokes something called the incidental test and it can be thrown out.

    If the Democrats want to violate the rules of reconciliation and attempt to put a ban on the federal funding of abortion in the reconciliation measure, they will have two problems. First, they may not have the votes to pass ObamaCare in the Senate with a ban of federal funding of abortion.

    Also, the Vice President, as President of the Senate, would have to toss aside the rules of the Senate, and the precedent cited by Bob Dove, to include abortion language that is incidental to ObamaCare.

  3. This Administration Resembles the Old " OUR GANG" Movies From Decades Ago Regarding Their Handling of ANYTHING! With Majority in BOTH Houses and The President They Just Cant Get It RIGHT! For His Nobama Plan He Brings OUT The Costumes,ONLY Thing Missing Was a Juggler!

    This Nobama Health Care Bill Has Shown Politicans That Have Been BRIBED for Votes and NOW Judge Ships That Just "Happen" To Appear at the Right Time!

    Progressives Know That This MAY Be Their LAST Chance To Change This NATION Forever and They Are NOT Going to Let It GO No MATTER What Happens To the Party Cause They Really DO Not Care About the Party! Progressives CONCERN is Their Agenda Which is at the VERY Least Socialist! What Else Is "Cradle to Grave" Governmnet Control of Citizens LIFES!

    Nobama Care Has NOT Passed Yet and I Beleive MANY Democrats Politicans Can See the Hand Writing on The Wall Regarding the Take Over of Their Party BY Progressives. They Have a Choice ACT Responsiblly or LOSE Their Party Forever!

  4. Al, health care will pass, and soon. You will be surprised how the Democrats come together in the end to do the right thing for the American people.

    Republicans are in panic mode throwing the kitchen sink at the bill, even talking about repealing it before it passes. LOL.

  5. Bruce You Being a Socialist I Can See Your Need For Government "Cradle to Grave " Protection BUT Thankfully Most Citizens Like Their Freedom to Choose!

    Most Citizens Agree Health Care NEEDS Reform and a MAJORITY Do NOT Want THIS BILL With Massives Deficits and Government Control. Hell We Got That Now With Medicare/Medicade and Hows That Defict Working OUT!

    What You CALL Panic ,Conservatives Call Common Sense ,a TERM You are Definately UNFAIMILAR With!

    Surprizes WORK Both Ways Bruce !

  6. The whack-o nutjob liberals are rioting AGAIN! LOL ... what a bunch of nuts:

    Liberal Hypocrisy On Display In Berkeley As Student Defends Riots Against Education Immigration
    by Andrew Marcus

    Instapundit points to this video interview of a Berkeley student representative explaining why it’s okay for students to riot in the streets in the name of their cause.

    We posted the raw video of the rioting here.
    What’s so interesting about this interview is that during two separate moments, the student representative displays an astounding level of liberal-Progressive hypocrisy.

    We have taken the liberty of transcribing these two sections below.

    Moment number 1 – (2:00)
    HOST: Describe to me what exactly what you guys are going through that just absolutely causes this outrage.
    STUDENT: Absolutely. Well um in the fall the UC regents voted in a %32 fee increase to over 10000 a year for in-state tuition. This at a time that they are cutting classes, letting in fewer student from in-state and more students from out of state. Um, so effectively we are closing off the campus, making it less accessible to people, and those who are here are getting less out of their education.

    That complaint doesn’t sound too immigrant friendly. Is she saying that Berkeley students only want immigrants from other states and countries just as long as they go to private schools?

    Moment number 2 – (3:45)
    HOST: Do you have to necessarily resort to violence? I mean in some way your message that you’re trying to send to the regents to an audience out there kinda gets tarnished by the fact that violence has now erupted out.
    STUDENT: Well, I think that uh, nobody planned what happened uh early morning on Friday. That that something like that just isn’t even something that becomes planned. But that anger erupts when this situation has been building so long, that that’s what happens. I would really back away from trying to seperate good protesters from bad protesters. It really divides the movement. and um it hurts us trying to get to our final goals.

    Just so we have this straight. Tea Partiers peacefully rallying in support of smaller government…those are Nazi racist bigots.
    Progressive liberals rioting in the streets of California…that’s acceptable, and shouldn’t be used to paint the whole movement in a negative light.

    Change. Hope.

  7. Oh, and here is communist Comrade Sean Penn, Comrade FAILk's hero, commenting on his hope that anyone who criticizes him will die. This is typical of the regressives like FAILk, who wished the same thing on me and my family:

    Sean Penn tells CBS’ ‘Sunday Morning’ he wants his critics to ‘die screaming of rectal cancer’
    By Soraya Roberts - NY Daily News 03/05/10

    Sean Penn, who has been helping relief workers in Haiti, has harsh words for the folks who think his do-gooding is an attempt to distract the world from his high profile divorce from actress Robin Wright Penn.

    In an interview to air on CBS’ “Sunday Morning” this weekend, Penn told journalist Lara Logan that he has been so busy in Haiti he hasn’t had much time for his critics — but he did offer a few choice words to his foes.

    “Do I hope that those people die screaming of rectal cancer? Yeah,” he later told Logan. “But I’m not going to spend a lot of energy on it.”

  8. Even Gordon Brown says the Iraq war was the right thing to do:

    Gordon Brown: "Iraq war was right decision"
    Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown has come out defending his predecessor Tony Blair, and thus George W. Bush, by saying that the decision to go to war in Iraq was the right decision. Brown stated:

    "Fourteen resolutions were passed by the United Nations and at the end of the day it was impossible to persuade him that he should abide by international law."

    This won't be seized upon by the "George Bush is Satan" far-left in America. They'd like to continue to believe the lie that everyone in the world saw things the way they do.

    Another Dem not seeking reelection

    Representative William D. Delahunt (D-MA) won't seek reelection. Republicans see the seat as a potential pickup.

  10. Great News from Harry Reid! "ONLY 36,000 workers lost their jobs today, which is really good!"

    Just when you think the Hypocrats can't get any dumber ...

  11. John, the left love the idea that women can be stoned to death in Iraq rather then get divorced. The left wing doesn't care about the slaves(women) that were kept in Iraq and the freedom of the people. They forget the dancing in the streets when the UN army came through to free them. The left like rulers like Hussein, Mao and Hugo Chaves.

  12. Chris - There is a protest scheduled tonight for a Gary Peters propaganda-fest. I'll be there, hope some of you guys can make it:

    What: Rochester Hills (rally) - "Anti-ObamaCare Message to Rep Gary Peters"
    When: Fri Mar 5 5pm – Fri Mar 5 7pm
    Where: 2155 S Rochester Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48307
    Created By: ERIKA for
    Description: Bed Bath & Beyond (parking area) - Tea party activists are asked to attend to protest Rep. Peters outside his event where he will toast Obama and Pelosi's healthcare takeover effort and reckless spending. Peters will be speaking at the Hampton Community Center located inside the apartment complexes which surround our staging area. Tea Party goers ARE NOT ALLOWED to park in the Community Center's parking lot because this lot is restricted. Therefore, please park in the Bed Bath & Beyond strip mall and walk south along Rochester

    (Staging Area: We will meet on the NE corner of Rochester Rd and Hampton Blvd (between Auburn and Hamlin Roads on the east side of Rochester Road). Parking is available at the strip mall on the southeast corner of Rochester and Hamlin Roads and the section of the parking lot that is in front of the Bed Bath & Beyond is the closest section to our staging area: Bed Bath & Beyond)

    - Source: Metro-Detroit Freedom Meetup (join us!)

    Think of a friend to invite, then help expand the MI Liberty Coalition movement by FORWARDING this to them!

    - MAC Subscribers: Connect the "unawakened" to events / groups. BE A 1-PERSON ARMY! (join us - pass it on!)


    Make sure you bring some questions for Mr. Peters; like I am wondering if he approves of all the communists like Bruce Fealk being a part of his campaign. And if he can tell us how this government takeover of health care will lower health care costs or health insurance costs. And he still hasn't answered the question about why he lied in several letters to me, telling me that there were over 45 million uninsured, when President Obama said there were less than 30 million uninsured. Bunch of commie liars.

  13. I watched the video of Michael Moore, that video was hilarious!! LOL ... did you see what happened when the regressive pointed out how Dodd is one of the dirtiest ones out there, and all Moore could say was "A boy can hope", ROFLMAO

    And he either doesn't know, or doesn't want to say, what can be done to fix the world to his liking. He wants to stop people from giving to politicians to buy favors, what a dumbass. Never going to happen. Remove the power of the feds to do anything above what is allowed in The Constitution of These United States of America and you will take the money out of politics.

    And yet he blames Capitalism for all these downtrodden workers. WHERE are all these downtrodden workers I keep hearing about?!?! ROFLMAO ... these regressives are spewing the same sort of BS that they have been spewing since Lenin's time, it's hilarious!

  14. John According to Reid LOSING 36,000 JOBS is GOOD Wonder What it Takes to Qualify to be BAD! Nobama Lazering in On those JOBS Maybe His Lazer is BROKE! This Whole Administration Has No Reason to Bring Back Jobs or Economy! I Believe the Exact Oppisite is What there After.

    If Government Health Care Takes Effect, What Part of The BILL LOWERS Cost of Medicine, Procedures, Test or Hospital Stays! Any One Hear That Debate?

  15. Sorry John I'm taking the wife and boys out to the movies. Sounds like a good time. I wish I could go but I owe them some fun.

  16. No part of it Al. All it does is create a whole new entitlement program for middle-aged people. Even Comrade FAILk admits as much.


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