Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. This is a good time to talk about things we can do to make earth a better place. Try making a garden. It doesn't have to be big. Even an apple tree or cherry trees are a good way to keep the food close to you. I just planted my greens,radish,onion and potato. I transplanted both my raspberry and strawberry's. Just have fun with the garden. You will love the end product. Go to the farmers market and buy local produce. Mulch your leaves in the garden or grass. And if you want buy some land and let it stay wild. Or go out and buy a gun, a hunting and fishing license. There are taxes on those items that go towards buying property for the wild plants and animals. In fact it is those hunters and fishermen and women that gave us most of the property we have now to enjoy. These properties are managed for for harvest and non-harvest animals. Even if you do not hunt buy a license as it is going to a good cause. And don't forget to thank the people that are doing more for the environment then any other group.  Thank a hunter or a fishermen for it is they that are funding the American stewardship. And don't be fooled by cutting CO2 taxing. A Cap and Tax would do little for our air quality. It would hurt our economy and it would push us into a deeper recession. How would that help the planet? Forget Cap and Trade and buy a gun. Don't forget to buy ammo as that also has a heavy tax that will buy up more land for our wilds to stay wild. And don't forget to thank God for this beautiful planet to live on. And maybe we need to also remember to take care of what God gave us and that He is the one in finale charge over Earth.


  1. Oh yah, I almost forgot that today is the liberal holiday of Lenin's birthday. Have fun celebrating this socialist liberal

  2. I will stick with God myself thanks.

    Earth is not a deity and can take care of itself very well as evidenced recently in Iceland with Volcanic eruptions and elsewhere with Earthquakes.

  3. Christopher if you go to some public schools they do treat "Mother Earth" like a pagan deity. It was in the public grade school by my house.

  4. Understand Tax and Trade Comes Up Next Week And It Will Be Handled The Same as Nobama Socialized Insurance. You Know That Hope and Change Thingy with TRANSPARENTSY. One more Way Of Controling Citizens and From What Iv Read Utility Bills Among Other Things Will Go Up. One Of Those Tax Thingys ALL Will Get To Pay! Next Will Be Meters on Thermostats Cause Citizens Arent Smart Enough to Regualate Their OWN Heat.

    Gotta Love the Regime For There Unrelenting Attack On Private Sector Which Does Effect Economy. I Kind Of Thin The Lazer Is pointing In The Wrong Direction Which Is This Regimes Intent as It Has Always Been.

    Happy Lenin Day to All You Libs. I Am Surprized Humans Were NOT Blamed For Volcano Eruption But Who Knows Time Will Tell!

  5. Great blog you wrote today Chris. Important to realize the role that hunters and outdoorsmen (and women of course) play in conservation of animals and nature. Culling deer helps the herds stay strong through tough winters and helps to halt the spread of disease. I know people like Comrade Bruce prefer to watch deer starve to death and get hit by cars; what's one or two human deaths compared to a precious deer?!?! LOL

    A Conservative Teacher has a great blog on Lenin Day as well:

  6. John did you know that hunters do a big part of the feed the hungry programs.

  7. Absolutely Chris, great point! I know they do wild game dinners for the hungry, donating the meat that they have gotten. My brother's church had a wild-game dinner the other weekend to raise $$ for the homeless shelter and for overseas trips for the older teenagers to help the needy. Originally all the hunters in the church donated the wild game, but now it is so big that they buy a lot of it (but the hunters still donate what they can).

    I'd like to remind everyone to give blood if they can. I was supposed to give a double-red last Saturday but my cold put a stop to that. I'll just have to wait another couple of weeks.

  8. What a day, huh. Nice, sunny, "normal temps"! :)

  9. News Nuggets

    Kids, Parents Celebrate 'Take Your Daughter to the Unemployment Office Day'

    FLINT, MI -- Dressed in festive clown costumes, Senator John Dingle and Governor Debbie Stabenow joined job placement specialists and suicide counselors in passing out balloons and cupcakes to gleeful pre-teens at the Mid-Michigan Career Hope Center this morning. Similar celebrations occurred at thousands of Job Centers across the country as part of the first annual national Take Your Daughter to the Unemployment Office Day.

    Funded by a federal ARRA stimulus grant, the program was proclaimed "a roaring success" by Stabenow.

    "Too often society puts limits on the career aspirations of girls," said the governor. "This program lets them know they just don't have to be mommies -- they can also go down to the job bank and argue for extended benefits like boys do. They learn important skills like taking numbers and filling forms and waiting in line. It's great preparation for the future, and really opens their eyes to the possibilities."

    Perky Hannah Kupcinski, 6, said her favorite activities were "seeing the check printing machine and the pretty flickery lights. And I liked the yummy cupcakes! I'm tired of macaroni and cheese."

    Hannah's father Joe Kupcinski, 34, an unemployed tool and die maker, said he enjoyed the event as well.

    "I think it gives her a good idea what I do all day," said Kupcinski. "I'm sure we'll be back again next year."

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