Sunday, April 4, 2010

He Is Risen

Jesus is risen. He's alive. Happy Easter and may God bless every one of you.


  1. A Happy and Blesed Easter to you and yours Chris!

  2. He has risen indeed. Happy Easter one and all.

  3. Happy Easter.

    maybe it isn't true to mention it today but i'm really curious about your idea.

    what do you think about the Pope's speech and those pedophile priests?

  4. I think the Catholic Church shouold have done everything they could to remove those child molesters. Not hide them from getting cought. I'm not a Roman Catholic but a Lutheran catholic. But I have family that were priests and still in the Roman Catholic Church. I think the Catholic Church made some very big mistakes with that issue but if they repent then I forgive. Bet it also proves that all have sinned even the church. My heart goes out to those that have suffered under those sick priest. Those preist and the Church should have the book thrown at them. A little old testement might insure it never happens again.

  5. I'm sorry but I cut my left hand thumb on Fri all the way to the bone and through the tendon. I have a large cast on my left hand and thumb so it is tough to type. But I asked every doctor what they thought of the health care mess. Most doctors just shook their heads. Business and politics don't go well together. But some of the doctors were very upfront on what 90% of all the doctors in that hosp. think. They hate it and they are pissed. I rememeber the care I got in Japan and you don't want that. Lets see what happens. PS the foreign doctors were the most vocal about this new health care plan and they "hate" it with all their "fiber of being".

  6. So sorry to hear about your thumb Chris; hope it heals fully and quickly.

    Chris, this pedophile/church thing is a tragedy. It's also an example of how power corrupts, and how people in power will do whatever they can to retain their power, including hiding the most detestable crimes. If a church is not above doing it, you can bet that our government is not as well. In fact, I was reading a study in which they found that public schools have much higher rates of child molestation than the Catholic church. I'll see if I can find it again. The sad fact is that we need to keep an eye on our kids, stay involved, and sadly trust no one.


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