Friday, April 2, 2010

Obamacare Bullies and Punishes The Children

Well, the young adults. However, since 26 year olds are now still considered children under Obamacare, encouraged to mooch of their parents and their insurance policies like new millennium slackers, I feel safe in calling them children. The Democrats, with this bill, are, thus, harming The Children ™ and the newly minted as adults thirty-somethings.
From Hot Air:
Under the health care overhaul, young adults who buy their own insurance will carry a heavier burden of the medical costs of older Americans — a shift expected to raise insurance premiums for young people when the plan takes full effect.
Beginning in 2014, most Americans will be required to buy insurance or pay a tax penalty. That’s when premiums for young adults seeking coverage on the individual market would likely climb by 17 percent on average, or roughly $42 a month, according to an analysis of the plan conducted for The Associated Press. The analysis did not factor in tax credits to help offset the increase.
The higher costs will pinch many people in their 20s and early 30s who are struggling to start or advance their careers with the highest unemployment rate in 26 years.
Great news, huh, oh so hip youth? No jobs for you, yet you will be *forced* to purchase pricier insurance or you will be fined. Like Ed Morrissey, this brought to my mind the irony of all the liberal groups out there who used the youth to push for Obamacare. Primarily, Rock the Vote and their PSA from December. A reminder:

First, you must get past the way that they ask young people to pledge “mind, body and soul”  (no, really) to a piece of legislation and, by extension, the President and a party. Then, worse, the way they are trying to encourage young people to use their bodies as sexual weapons.  Where are the feminists decrying this objectification of our young women, by the way? Rock the Vote is basically saying: “Oh noes! Don’t support the socialization of medicine? We totally won’t kedoodle you.”  If they are really concerned with health, shouldn’t they be discouraging promiscuity with strangers? Although, I suppose it makes sense to them; the left really only knows how to kedoodle America.
Anyway, if you can get past that, the result is the utter stupidity of urging youth to support a bill that actually punishes the young. They will be forced to buy policies they do not need and will pay much higher premiums than the elderly.
You see, this is not only a Redistribution of Wealth, but also a Redistribution of Health.  Younger adults, who do not require the same amount of medical attention and care per year as older adults, will now be subsidizing the medical care of the older adults. Younger adults are better off buying catastrophic insurance policies and paying for regular visits, only when needed, out of pocket. They will no longer be able to do so. They will be required to purchase the works, which premiums will subsidize the “riskier” and more resource-needy of the insurance pool.
And, wait, Obama youth! There’s even more to it. With this new law, insurance companies are bound, by law, to not raise insurance premiums on higher risk groups, like the elderly. How do you think they will do that? By spreading the cost and passing it on to you!
At issue is the insurance industry’s practice of charging more for older customers, who are the costliest to insure. The new law restricts how much insurers can raise premium costs based on age alone.
Insurers typically charge six or seven times as much to older customers as to younger ones in states with no restrictions. The new law limits the ratio to 3-to-1, meaning a 50-year-old could be charged only three times as much as a 20-year-old.
The rest will be shouldered by young people in the form of higher premiums.
This is that “sharing” and “being fair” thing to which y’all pay such lip service. Not so “fair” now, is it? Well, at least you can all take consolation in something. You threatened to “hold out” with people who do not support this legislation. That is the majority of this country, even after its passage. Therefore, at least there is now less of a chance of you procreating. Whew!


  1. Way too creepy for me.

  2. What happened to the Catholic most molesters are gay blog?

    hey there's a great story on Alternet about the RNC's idea of office supplies...

    this is my personal favorite..

    In December, RNC reimbursed [RNC Deputy Finance Director Debbie] LeHardy for $453 worth of "meals" from Henri Bendel, a posh boutique on New York's Fifth Avenue. Bendel's is an upscale source for costume jewelery, handbags and make-up. The store bills itself as a "Girls' Playground for trendsetting young women from around the world."

    "[W]e do not have a restaurant in the store so I don't know how she would have spent $450 on meals," spokesperson Jodi Mellman wrote in an e-mail.

  3. Pretty sad they have to resort to sex to sell the takeover of healthcare. Doesn't say much for their 'convince the people' campaign.

  4. Joe you like to use the word "whore" a lot. Wouldn't this video work for that word?

  5. Chris,

    Did you have to bring Mark up like that?

    I stopped using attention whore, not because it doesn't fit, but because none of your dirty minds could tell the difference between a person out for attention, an attention whore and a women who sells her body for money, a whore.

    You guys kept getting stuck on the prostitute thing, which tells ma alot about you and the why your mind works.

    I use NAME PIMP now. You guys seem to have an easier time with me calling Mark that. must be some conservative man love for pimps. that too tells me alot about how the conservative kind works.

    women who walk the street= bad

    a man who sells women for money= okay

    And you say i have dislike women.

  6. Just Read Above Post And Once Again Lots Of Words NO Content!

    At Least There Was a Time When Sense Could Come Out Of Opinions NOW Left Talking Points That For the MOST Part are Just Boring Kinda Like The Blogger! WOW


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