Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tea Party Express Is Coming To Michigan

Tea Party Express to Hold 5 Tea Party
Rallies Targeting Bart Stupak as
Part of National Bus Tour
The Tea Party Express (website: www.TeaPartyExpress.org) has announced that it is expanding its plans to ensure the Defeat of Congressman Bart Stupak in Michigan Congressional District 1.
As the Tea Party Express traverses through the Upper & Lower Peninsula of Michigan, it will stop for 5 Tea Party Express rallies.  This is far and above more rallies than have been held in any other congressional district in America since the inception of the tea party movement.
Rallies will be held in the following cities in Stupak's district:
*Ironwood, MI
*Escanaba, MI
*Sault Sainte Marie, MI
*Cheboygan, MI
*Petoskey, MI
The rallies are just the tip of the iceberg.  A "Defeat Bart Stupak" TV and radio ad campaign will be launched during the swing through Stupak's congressional district.
More and more details will be posted online at: http://www.TeaPartyExpress.org
This will be a historic chapter in the tea party movement and it will take place in Michigan - a state where failed leadership by tax-and-spend politicians has played a major role in crippling the state's economy.

Starting with a survey conducted by the Winston Group, we learn that a quarter of the Tea Party members are in fact Democrats and Independents. 
The national breakdown of the Tea Party composition is 57 percent Republican, 28 percent Independent and 13 percent Democratic, according to three national polls by the Winston Group, a Republican-leaning firm that conducted the surveys on behalf of an education advocacy group. Two-thirds of the group call themselves conservative, 26 are moderate and 8 percent say they are liberal. 
Next, we have Gallup with a new poll out today that shows Tea Party demographics match up with the demographics of America as a whole, including race! Take that, Keith Olbermann!

Finally, Rasmussen’s poll finds that on the issues most Americans views line up the Tea Party’s views  rather than Obama’s. 
On major issues, 48% of voters say that the average Tea Party member is closer to their views than President Barack Obama. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 44% hold the opposite view and believe the president’s views are closer to their own.
Not surprisingly, Republicans overwhelmingly feel closer to the Tea Party and most Democrats say that their views are more like Obama’s. Among voters not affiliated with either major political party, 50% say they’re closer to the Tea Party while 38% side with the President. 


  1. Lets see what kind of violence they have at this teabagger express. I wouldn't even bother going to that racist event.

  2. Jay-Ney, repeating the same old Hypocrat talking points. Jay-Ney, Bruce said that we aren't violent or scary, in fact he gave us permission to stop by his house and talk with his wife if we wanted to. Come on out to one of the TEA Parties Jay-Ney, have a good time. Remember it was racist Bruce who didn't want to go with you down to some radical lefty event where they were arresting private citizens, he's the racist one. I'm sure you would be welcome at a TEA Party. How can you hate something that you have never even checked out?

  3. Chris, i'm confused about the race thing. It clearly shows that the TEa Baggers arepredominantly white and less black support than blacks as a race in america and your pointing to that? That whole six percent. lmao

  4. Are there any conservative besides you left in that failed liberal state?

    Jay-ney: You will continue to be angry as long as you wait for deliverance from a politician.

    Bart Stupak is worth $4.7 Billion!

  5. Joe, the chart obviously shows that the TEA Party is a mix of all kinds of people, and mirrors almost exactly the make-up of America, percentage-wise. 21% of the TEA Party is minority (non-white Hispanics) versus 26% of America. That puts the data to expose the lies of the lieberals.

    The only reason you are confused is because you choose to be, just like every good little Hypocrat.

  6. JoeC 6% vs 11% isn't that big of a deal. It sure is better then what % showed up for the anti war rallies.
    And the enviro freaks have almost no blacks. Google it and be amazed at how much more racist you on the left are.

  7. Rasmussen is notoriously in how they ask their questions. I'd like to see the cross tabs before I believe a word of this poll.

  8. Bruce if are you black too hard a question then you need morte help tyhen a quiz leason on polls. What poll that is just checking demographics shady? Nice try though Bruce.

  9. Chris,
    I wish I could be there (Iron Mt.) to help oust that fool (one deficient in judgement, sense, or understanding) Stupak. As a kid we would visit our cousins every year in Kingsford. As a teenager I skied (Iron Mt.) down the 90 meter hill(not ramp) and busted my ass doing about 50 mph at the bottom. Those were the days when it only hurt for a couple of hours. God Bless the Patriots!

  10. To All Those LIBs Out There That Apparently Are Scared Of Citizens of This Country! We Aint Going Any Where and All Those Lib Play Book Talking Points Aint Going to Help! Black, White, Red ,Yellow Dont Matter, November is Going To Be a VERY Colorful Month! Now Lets Have a Cup Of TEA!

  11. Chris, the difference between the enviromentalists and the baggers is the tree huggers know they are a vocal minority and don't claim to be the majority unlike the rhetoric stylings of the Tea baggers. The Tea party claims to be a viocal majority and then it comes out that they are underrepresented as a supposed majority by blacks.

    And the poll is interesting but hardly serious.
    out of 1033 people 294 people identified themselves as tea baggers. the sample size becomes too small to do a serious look at that point.

    Besides you don't hold up the Winston group polls wich show that the TEA BAG EXPRESS is only 17 percent of the general populace and that it is mostly older white males. Why?

    Are you cherry picking again?

  12. Only Numbers That Count November 2010 All Else Useless CRAP!

  13. Comrade Bruce, the poll wasn't Rasmussen. By the way Comrade Bruce, you used Rasmussen as a source once or twice, so for you to now question their methods makes you look like even more of an ass than we already knew you were. Get a clue chump.


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