Monday, April 5, 2010

The Truth Is Coming Out About Obamacare And It Ain't Pretty

We had Rep Jesse Jackson Jr. admiting that programs would need to be cut to pay for it and we had Sen. Max Baucus admit that it was really a wealth re-distribution plan.
Now we have Rep. Phil Hare admitting that when it comes to health care “reform,” he doesn’t “worry about the Constitution”:
 It is obvious that these Democrats don't care about anything other then spread the wealth. They don't even care about the Constitution and the oath they took.


  1. But perhaps the most important coverage was an interview between Cassell and Alan Colmes on the radio Friday night. The host tried to get a better sense of why, exactly, Cassell hates the Affordable Care Act so much. The urologist specifically argued that officials, in light of the new law, are "cutting all supportive care, like nursing homes, ambulance services."

    Colmes: What do you mean they're cutting nursing homes?

    Cassell: They're cutting nursing home reimbursements.

    Colmes: Isn't what they're cutting under the Medicare plan what was really double dipping; they were getting credits and they were getting to deduct them at the same time.

    Cassell: Well you know, I can't tell you exactly what the deal is. [emphasis added]

    So he doesn't know why he hates the bill, he just knows he does. You guys are awesome. Stupid but awesome.

  2. OK then, let’s move away from the point of this post and focus on Colmes and Cassell.
    Joe, play the video and comment on it. I am curious at your thoughts about the Congressman not caring about the US Constitution.

  3. Joe are you lost in your own mind?

  4. It's also obvious that Republicans hate Americans and want Americans to be worked to death in coal mines and killed in wars overseas.

  5. LOL ... Grungy, many many Hypocrats voted to go into Afghanistan AND Iraq. How hilarious that you try to pin it on the Republicans! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... you DO know how declaring war works, right? I thought not.

    Nobody forced people to work in coal mines, certainly not Republicans or Hypocrats. What a tragedy that people have died, and what a shame that you try to blame it on Republicans. Wasn't too long ago some miners died in China, I suppose that was the Republican's fault as well? You need a good kick in the head grungy, to fix what happened when your momma dropped you on your head.

  6. Joe, I have written many clear and concise reasons for hating this health care tax. What a shame you continue to ignore them. You don't want to have a debate about it because you and the Hypocrats have EPIC FAIL ideas. Starting with the fact that you claim to hate health insurance companies, but you are now forcing 30 million people to buy their product. What a bunch of dumb-asses.

  7. I suppose, Joe, you prefer Uhbama's 17-1/2 minute diatribe "answer" that doesn't answer the question asked? When our own elected officials, who supposedly wrote the law, literally don't know what is in this law, you should be just as concerned as the rest of us. Regardless of whether you think it is good policy, the fact that they don't know what is in a law that they will be enforcing at the end of a gun ... that is an outright affront to every American.

    Did you hear they are delaying Soc. Sec. and Medicare reports 3 months because they don't know how this new law will affect them?! I thought they had the CBO report, WTF?!??

  8. Mark, i didn't hear "i don't CARE about the constitution" in that video. Could you tell me where that was exactly so i could find it.

    Of course he sounded dumb and you guys ran with it. good job.

    Could you, in your own words, explain exactly how this bill is unconstitutional? Using precedent and supreme courts decisions. I can't and i am fairly well read on the constitution.

  9. Here Joe, I have a great article for you to read:

    Joe, can you show me where The Constitution grants the FEDERAL government the right to force me to buy a product from a private company? How about where it says that I can be forced to reveal private information, such as medical information? How about where it says that they can force me to sign a contract against my will, and have no say in the contract's provisions? How about where it says that it can force huge unfunded mandates, such as the increase of Medicaid paid by states, on the states? Since you are such a Constitutional scholar it should be short work for you to find these items. Thanks.

  10. After you. I asked first.

  11. If you're talking to me Joe, I can't really cite precedence because, idiot, this is "unprecedented". Never has the federal government made the claim that they can force you or me to buy a product from a private company. Are you being purposely stupid, or is this just your natural state? That's why things eventually go to the Supreme Court Joe, because they are Constitutional cases the likes of which the court hasn't seen, and ruled, upon. So feel free to answer my questions now Joe, you Constitutional Scholar you, LMAO.

  12. Joe, are you saying I quoted him? I didn’t, my words.

    But here is his words, when asked 'Where in the constitution does... "I don't worry about the constitution on this, to be honest"
    It didn't even cross congresses mind. Beautiful, getting 30 million people healthcare insurance and dragging the rest of us along for Obama, Pelosi & Reid healthcare mandate ride is far more important to this clown then the US Constitution that protects 300 million people.

  13. So how is it unconstitutional? in your own words. You once again spout off about the constitution but how does it violate it?

    John things go to the supreme court all the time that precedent has already been established for. In fact the right has been looking for judges in SCOTUS to overturn Roe V. Wade. You have a seriously deficient knowledge of how things work and that shows in your post.

    And i may not be a constitutional scholar but i'm much more knowledgeable than you about it. not that being smarter than the rightwingers here is all that much to brag about.

  14. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... Joey, you got one thing right, and that is that you are NOT a Constitutional Scholar. Thanks for agreeing with us on that, LOL.

    I never said that things that have been ruled upon DON'T go, I said "That's why things eventually go to the Supreme Court Joe, because they are Constitutional cases the likes of which the court hasn't seen, and ruled, upon." Are you saying that things don't make it to the Supreme Court that the Court has not seen before?!?! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... you are a total idiot Joey, but I enjoy it every time you prove it! Talk about a deficiency, apparently yours is in reading and/or comprehension! Typical for you Hypocrat hose-bag losers though, so it's exactly what I expected from you Joey! And once again, it is unConstitutional because it forces private citizens into a contract against their will, and forces them to buy a product from a private company. Again Joey, no precedent, but that is what the Supreme Court is for. How funny that an intellectual deficient such as us conservatives are still more intelligent than you! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Answer my questions Joey!

  15. Waaaaahhhh ... I asked first .... waaaaaaahhhh

    what an whiny asshole. LOL

  16. Name calling again. I must be hitting a sore spot with you. You normally act like your above that, act being the important word.

    So john why is that unconstitutional? How does it violate the constitution? Give me something brother, something that says you know it does indeed violate a section of the constitution instead of some general feeling of yours.

  17. Supreme Court Will Eventually Deside Wheather Nobama Care Is Legal Or Not!

    Lets Get Back to WHOM Will PAY For this Socialized Government Insurance.

    What NEW Tax Will Be Levied V.A.T. or National Sales Tax? My Bet V.A.T. Cause You Can Hide It and That Would Work Out Better for this Regime. Either Tax Would Effect ALL Rich, Poor and Middle Class!

    How Many Citizens Out There Think This Regime Will Ever Attempt To Control Spending or Reduce the Deficit Which Right NOW is A Job And Private Sector KILLER. Seems The Middle Class Is the Actual Target of This Regime. The More Citizens Dropping Out of Middle Class, The MORE Dependant Citizen Will Become On GOVERNMENT and That Is This Regimes Target.

  18. What he fails to see here, John, is that if it doesn't say so, then it's not a violation.
    However if it is not stated in the constitution then the Federal government has no authority over it. 10th Amendment.
    There are clauses in the constitution, like article 8 powers of congress and article 9 limits of congress.

    -Tell us where in the commerce clause does it say congress is empower to require you to purchase commodity? It doesn’t, therefore they have no authority.

    -Second, where in the constitution does it empower the Congress to penalize you for doing nothing? It doesn’t. Therefore not authorized

    -The Cadillac plan taxation must be uniform throughout the states.

    -Power not authorize to congress by the constitution are reserved to the States or the people.

  19. JoeC said...
    "Name calling again. I must be hitting a sore spot with you. You normally act like your above that, act being the important word."

    LMAO ... so Joey, you admit that name-calling like what you do is very low-brow and sad, since if I am "acting like I'm above that" by not calling names?! Nice of you to admit how trashy and low you are Joey! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

    Yeah Joey, I admit I decided to "slum" it with you, see how the losers like you feel after commenting like that. I had to take a good hot shower after that, I felt so dirty. But I'm sure you have gotten used to that feeling, with all that "whore" and "prison bitch" and "dumb bitch" and "racist" name-calling. What a loser you are Joey, and that's not name-calling that's the God's honest truth! LMAO

    Mark, excellent reply, so of course we won't be seeing Joey Two Wrongs around these parts answering any questions. He's a total dumbass that only has two speech settings, race-baiting and Palin-hating, LOL


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