Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Is Your Opinion On This Video?

Regardless of your opinion of DADT, what you’re about to watch is… not even remotely surprising, really.

The media was pushed back from Lafayette Park to keep them from filming a protest against DADT: true. But it could have been anything. DADT, the GWOT, rampaging deficits, ballooning unemployment, religious fundamentalism masquerading as global warming, the general expansion of the nanny state… it doesn’t matter. The White House didn’t want it filmed, so it didn’t get filmed. And the media got caught up in the implacable bum’s rush away from the scene of the dissent. I really loved the bit about halfway through, when some generic media guy complains on his phone: “It’s one thing if they push the public back, but not to let the media film is just ridiculous.” No, it’s not. It makes perfect sense, considering that the administration neither respects the media on a fundamental level, nor expects the media to ever do anything in response to slights.
And, really: is the Obama administration wrong? How can anyone who lacks self-respect expect others to respect him? What do you think about what has become of our country in such a short time?


  1. Most. Transparent. Administration. Evah!

    Well if you love a secretive, information-controlling administration, Obama's is the one for you! Just like FAILk they tell their lies, and when called on them by righties they just tell more. And the media never calls them on it, they have freedom FROM the press.

    Oh, and was somebody asking for an instance where the TEA Party endorsed a Hypocrat? Here you are:

  2. Oh, and if you love the AIG, etc. bailouts you're going to loooooove love this administration's "financial regulatory" virtually unlimited bailouts! What were those radicals in Clinton Twp chanting, something about bailing out homeowners and not Wall Street/Banks? LOL ... they should have joined up with the TEA Party Express, because that's what they are fighting for as well!

    Obama’s Back Door Bailout of Wall Street

    I have no doubt these bailouts are approved by Gary Peters. They are endorsed by Obama. So will we be seeing you at the next protest Comrade Bruce, protesting these ridiculous big bank bailouts!?!?

    It's time to let the free market truly be free. To let these banks suffer the effects of their mismanagement. If they know they will not be bailed out, they will be forced to self-regulate. This is common-sense chit here folks!

  3. Send a letter to your Representatives, using Downsize DC's easy tool!

    Senate Banking Chairman Chris Dodd has quite a track record protecting Wall Street's Big Boys at your expense.

    * Dodd authored the Bailout bill of 2008
    * Then he secretly inserted the AIG bonus loophole into the Stimulus bill of 2009

    And Dodd's not done yet! His financial "reform" bill creates a $50B fund. If any of Wall Street's large financial firms is on the verge of collapse, the government will take it over and use the fund to pay off creditors.

    Smaller companies will be shut out of the program. If they fail, they will go bankrupt and creditors will lose their money. But if a Big Boy firm fails, its creditors will be bailed out.

    Potential lenders will see that the Big Boys are protected by the government. That's a HUGE and UNFAIR advantage.

    We must fight this injustice! Tell Congress to oppose this bailout scheme through's No Bailouts campaign.

    You may borrow from or copy this letter ...

    Lehman Brothers went to bankruptcy court and was liquidated. That should be the fate of every poorly-run company. But Chris Dodd's financial reform bill allows struggling large firms to avoid the bankruptcy process, and creates a $50B fund to bail out their creditors.

    Smaller firms that fail, however, will wind up in bankruptcy court and creditors will suffer huge losses.

    This means potential creditors will see that there is less risk in lending to the big firms. These firms will only get bigger.

    Not only is this an unfair advantage, it is unnecessary and dangerous. If big firms are failing, they should go to bankruptcy court like everyone else. As Peter Wallison and David Skeel point out, the threat of bankruptcy imposes discipline in the market. Creditors will know there are consequences in lending to weak companies.

    This bill, in contrast, will protect and even encourage many of the risky and irresponsible practices that led to the meltdown of 2008. And it will likely drive out smaller firms and make our markets less competitive.

    I demand that you oppose Dodd's bill and ALL bailout programs.


    You can send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.

  4. Take a listen to Comrade FAILk's hero Ed Schultz go liberal-raging-mad on-air. What a nut. Guess that explains why Comrade Bruce loves him so. I think we need to pass a law to limit this hate-talk on the radio, starting with this bum:

    MSNBC Libtalker Has Psychotic Meltdown With Caller


    Schultz Outburst Could Mark New Low For Libtalk

  5. Here's a Hypocrat with a good idea. See Joe, I'm happy to give credit where it's due, and criticize where it's due as well:

    Enact bonded term limits By Andy Woerner

    As the mid-term elections approach, there is growing talk of one of the oldest and most bipartisan issues in the country; Congressional term limits. There is little doubt that our current unlimited system encourages incumbency, and that it distributes undue power to career politicians. And in order to be competitive, even well-meaning legislators find themselves forced to make questionable compromises, not with those on the other side of the aisle, but rather with their own parties and the powerful interests that provide critical support for their re-elections. Term limits seek to break up that power structure and fundamentally change government itself.

    Unfortunately, imposing term limits requires an amendment to the Constitution. And since that requires the support of two thirds of Congress, it is an unlikely prospect at best. Voters need to know that it will take much more than campaign promises to make it a reality.

    Many still remember the 1994 wave of Republicans who swept into office with personal pledges of self-imposed term limits, and a unified commitment to the ‘Contract for America’. One of the key elements of the contract was a pledge to vote for a term limits amendment. In the end, they avoided passing it and the vast majority went on to break their personal pledges to the American voters. Be wary of all politicians, but particularly those making promises of term limits.

    The bipartisan Alliance for Bonded Term Limits is trying to change that, and has come up with a unique solution that requires candidates to back up their term limits pledges with a substantial amount of their own personal assets. If a candidate makes a pledge and then seeks to serve longer than agreed, they are legally required to forfeit the assets to a charity of their choosing. This demonstrates to voters not only their commitment to term limits, but more importantly their commitment to their word.

    I’m proud to be the first Democrat and the first U.S. Senate candidate in the nation to make such a pledge. Specifically, I have committed to donate $150,000 to the Malama Kai Foundation if I seek to serve more than two terms in office. I hope this step will encourage other candidates to follow my lead, and I am specifically calling on each of Hawaii’s candidates in next month’s special election to do the same. With the fourth longest serving Senator in history, Hawaii has a unique opportunity to draw attention to this critical issue and lead the nation towards a new era of citizen legislators who are eager to serve and then return home to live under the laws they have created.

    Read more:

  6. LOL ... told you so Comrade FAILk. Republicans AND Independents know more about politics and current events than idiot Hypocrats:

    Republicans More Knowledgeable on Many Issues

    Republicans, on average, answered one more question correctly than Democrats (5.9 vs. 4.9 correct). These differences are partly a reflection of the demographics of the two groups; Republicans tend to be older, well educated and male, which are characteristics associated with political and economic knowledge. Still, even when these factors are held constant, Republicans do somewhat better than Democrats on the knowledge quiz.

    Among the largest gaps comes over knowledge of who leads the U.S. Senate. About half (48%) of Republicans are able to identify Reid as the current majority leader, while only a third of Democrats can name their own party's Senate leader. More Republicans can name Reid (48%) than Steele (37%), the RNC chairman.

    The one question in the survey in which Democrats slightly outperform Republicans is about the number of women now serving on the U.S. Supreme Court. Close to six-in-ten Democrats (58%) know that more than one woman serves on the high court, compared with 50% of Republicans. Though the Democratic Party is made up of more women than men, this finding does not appear driven mostly by gender. Republican men and women are about equally likely to answer this question correctly (about half each), while solid majorities of both Democratic men (60%) and women (57%) get this question right.

  7. HOLY SH*T John!!! Mr. Ed (Schultz) has lost it. Talk about violence from the left. The verbal abuse by this liberal nutbag is incredible. Nice find!

  8. Obvious, Chris. I am sure they have been instructed to keep the cameras away from this, so not to expose the Veterans distaste for the Commander-n-Chief.

  9. I know Mark, what a bunch of nuts those liberal talkers are, right!?! I just found that blog today, it has some great pieces on these liberal nut-jobs like Maddow, Ed and the rest. Enjoy!

  10. That Must Not Have Been State Run Media But Does Show ARROGANCE of Media Who Beleive They Have MORE Rights To Be Near White House Than Citizens WHOM Actually Own The House!

    John Your RIGHT As Usual With Government Getting Into Wall Street, One More Example of Government Hands Getting Into Private Sector. This Regime Is After Private Sector and Economy Both Which ,If Healthy Will Make Big Government Obsolete and Not Needed. Private Sector Companies Fail All The Time and Other Companies Spring Up To Fill The VOID. Now Government Control Springs Up in Private Sector and That Can NEVER Be Excepted!

  11. Did you hear the media saying that it's OK if the public can't go in but not the press?

  12. We should have been there, Chris. Snapped some pictures and blogged to our hearts content. :)
    All the while thumbing our noses at the 'Pros'

  13. The only way you and I could have gotten into that park is if we were dressed up as the Village


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