Monday, May 31, 2010

Bill Maher Is A Typical Left Wing Racist

HBO's Bill Maher said: "I thought when we elected a black president, we were going to get a black president. You know, this [BP oil spill] is where I want a real black president. I want him in a meeting with the BP CEOs, you know, where he lifts up his shirt where you can see the gun in his pants. That's -- (in black man voice) 'we've got a mothers**ing problem here?' Shoot somebody in the foot."

Is it OK for Bill Maher to act like all blacks have guns in their pants? Are blacks thugs? Why is it OK for someone from the left to group people together like they always do? I was afraid the left wing would blame Obama's color rather then blame his progressive ideology. The left wing see everyone as a color. They see the color of ones skin as a disability. This is as offencive as anyone can be. Just because many blacks choose to be more violent doesn't mean all blacks are more violent. When will the left wing realize that color means nothing in the whole sceem of things? And why does the left wing think that this is humor? Nothing is funny about stereo typing people. It's no different then when Maher called Tea Partiers racist.


  1. This is how liberals operate. Speech codes are a form of control. They can say stuff that you can't.

    It used to work on people in this country but not anymore. Conservatives, to our credit, have not started using the N-Word like they do, or making idiotic comments like Maher and others do.

    Instead, we point at Maher and the other baboons in the zoo and shake out heads in disgust.

  2. wow, did you think of this one all by yourself? Go back to plagiarizing them they were better threads.

    He's COMEDIAN you dipshit. And he's not a lefty. He's a libertarian. the man supported McCain in 2000 you moron and is close friends with many righties.

  3. He calls himself a libertarian, however Maher believes that, "government is really there to do the things that people can't and won't do for themselves" Maher has also called for the creation of a new progressive party "to represent the millions of Americans who aren't being served by the Democrats."
    In June 2009, Maher's only criticisms of Obama was in stating that he wasn't being aggressive enough in tackling the big issues like health care reform, the banking crisis and energy legislation.
    He supported Obama in 08 and now feels he has earned the right to make off color jokes.
    Please, he's a waste of a cable signal.

  4. This maher asshole is a racist. Joe if you don't think he is left wing then you are the moron. All you white people are as dumb as a box of rocks. Racist rocks. I used to like like Bill Maher when he bashed you on the right all the time. Chris said something a while back about the left being racist. I have seen a lot more of that lately from many ex-suporters of Pres Obama. I've been hearing brothers and sisters calling him a "typical nigger" because they don't like him any more. Joe you are the biggest racist of them all. All this time you call everyone a racist you can and then you say "He's COMEDIAN you dipshit." Does that make it right you fucking racist cocksucker? You are the reason why the NBPP is becoming so strong and powerful.

  5. JoeC

    You had a point up and until you typed your name.

    Comedian? Maher could not joke his way out of a paper bag dipshit!

    Word to the wise, anyone who supported McCain besides Hussein IS A LEFTY.
    Maher a Libertarian?!?!?
    My God Joe you are the one turned comedian,,lol he is a liberal hack, and I do mean hack at his own career.

  6. Joe Facts Really Do Get In The Way When Your Involved.

    First 2000 Primaries He Did Support McCain But Then Did The Ole Left Talk Out Of BOTH Side Of His Mouth. First He Told Libitarian Canadate Harry Brown On His "Political Correct Show" He Would Back Him. Then He Voted For Ralph Nader Joe In 2000!

    Name All Those "Right" Friends He Has Joe Or Is That More Hot Air!

    Moron, Dip Shit Choose Your Words More Wisely Joe Cause Your At The Head Of That LINE! Wow

  7. Joe you are the one looking like a dipshit. Sorry buddy but it's the truth. Local 2280 see you at work.

  8. Christopher "he is a liberal hack" TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH. Perfect! :)

  9. Thanks Mark, Just telling the truth is all and am happy you see the truth as well.

  10. Joe, what is with the write off of Bill Maher because he is a left wing comedian? It looks like your true colors are coming through. And here I thought you were different then all those other libs. Jay-Ney is right about you being a racist. Even Bruces blog has a video of a bunch of left wing socialist racists. Why are the libs going all racist now? Is it the new PC? You libs can't blame Obama for his politics but you do blame the color of his skin.

  11. Joe, so you think it's OK to be a racist if they are comedians. Is it only if they are left wing or is that all comedians? You stepped in your own "dipshit" this time.

  12. Wow, look at the rightwing circle jerk. Its banana style for the righties, all of them in a big yellow bunch.

    Jay-ney, your still a rightwing plant. Nice try.

  13. Al,
    facts get in my way? goddamn you still don't know what the Tea Party was about and you have the balls to suggest facts get in my way.

    what a fucking joke you are.

  14. Joe Gotta Say When Your Wrong Like Any Dip Shit And Moron You Cant Take It. What Facts Were Wrong Dip Shit! I Do Have Balls Not Sure About You By Your Dip Shit Attitude Lately. You Hang In There Though ,You Really Know How To Make People KNOW Their RIGHT! Thanks Joe Now Clean Off Your Shoes! LMAO!

  15. Joe are you OK? Now you think JayNey is a rightwinger? You back a racist and when it's pointed out you go off the wall and unhinged. Al said it all.

  16. Anon....Jay-ney or whatever the name is has always been a rightwing plant. I've said that for mnonths now. joined the party alittle late have we?

    I called Maher a comedian, just like i call Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor or anyone else who uses stereotypical attitudes as jokes. I defend the right of people to use those in humor.

    and the shoot someone in the foot bit is an Eddie Murphy takeoff from 48 hours.

  17. So Joe if racism is done by a comedian it's OK in your book? Does that sound like equal or social justice to you? This guy is on TV making fun of blacks and you think it's fine and dandy. Is it comedy to lump all blacks into one catagory like that? Or is Maher playing to his racist left wing audiance? I'm sure the audiance was laughing their but off and looking at each other saying "it's true". Just like what happens when a black comedian makes fun of white people and is racist. When will you people realize that racism isn't funny?

  18. Chris, thats funny. Somehow you think that using "you People" is okay when referring to racism. Telling, very telling.

    i think this joke is a very minor thing, a joke intended to make light of a stereotype. Its not like Bill Maher made a campaign platform out of a racial stereotype, no that would be Reagan and his welfare mommas. But i don't hear one Reagan voter calling him a bigot.

    The problem lies with the fact that the right and you are on the political side of racist and continue to deny it all the while it infects your side iof the political spectrum.

    ney...whatever last time i checked at the Shrine of the Black Madonna they thought that shit was funny.

  19. War On Poverty 1965 Detroit Was Going To Be One Of LBJs Examples Of What Govenment Tax Payers Money Would Do For The Poor. Billions Later Hows That Working Out? Minority Poor In All Inner Cities Were Helped Out How By Any Government Program?

    What Politicans Did Was Create Entitlement Mentality And How Is That Helping Any Poor Minority Citizens Move Ahead. Schools Under Educate And Give Most Students NO Chance To Improve. So In The Grand Scheme Of Things Most Politicans Are Racist Or Why Have So Many Minorities Been Held Down For So Long By So FEW Politicans

  20. Al, nice theory, but it doesn't hold true.

    I have a question and maybe you could answer this one?

    If a few years of money being put into an area creates an entitlement mentality what does 160 or so years of being segregated and treated as second class citizens create?

    Could it be that the actions of white controlled government throughout the years in creating seperate but equal, Jim Crow and other laws designed to minimise the african society has actually worked? Kinda like you assume the entitlements did.

    apply them equally. If you can convince a society in 20 years that they should receive free money and not put effort into society, how many years worth of making them feel second class and never going to get ahead would it take to change them that way?

  21. Joe Did Not The Jim Crow Laws Originate In All Southern States Around Turn Of Last Century. Were Not These States Democrtic Run For Decades And Orgaizations Such as (KKK) Kept Blacks In A State Of Terror. In Fact There Is Still A Clan Member In The Senate.

    Democrats Have Run Most Large Cities Including Detroit For Decades Joe And How Has Those Entitlement Programs Worked Other Than to Do Exactly What Jim Crow Laws Did In Many Ways.

    All Your Blog Says Is True It Shows Democrats Have Indeed For 160 Years Held Blacks Down Both Locally And State Wide In South. On This We Both Agree.


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