Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blumenthal(D): I Misspoke, But I'm Proud of My Service Record


Blumenthal,a Democrat, "misspoke" at least 7 times according to the New York Times. That seems like a lot of "misspeaking" to me.  He said he didn't read the articales where he lied about being in the Vietnam war. Lieing seems to be something we the people over look the most when it comes to our politicians weather they be a Democrat or Republican. All we have is our word and honor. Once you have been found to be a liar or "misspeaker"(not a real word) I can no longer trust you and your words have no meaning to me. It is high time we start mandating our politicians to be honest and honor no matter what the party is. We have always been hard on the Republicans that lied. But the left need to hold their Democratic Party to the same standard as we hold our politicians. This man deserves nothing from us. And his "misspoke" BS is just that. Anyone that lets this man off the hook for lieing and then trying to take the focus of of himself is just a shill. I'm sure the main stream media and the left wing blogs will just give the two wrongs make a right theory of moral fortitude. Just because this man is a Democrat doesn't give him special rights.


  1. He's an assclown. He has no place in politics as far as i'm concerned.

    But don't lie about being hard on liars, because your not. The right loves its liars.

    Take Sarah Lies....er Palin. Shes' adored by the right, even when her book has blatant falsehoods in it.

    Michelle Bachman's speeches are straight out fiction and the Tea party loves her.

  2. Lol. am i serious about what? Thats those two lie their respective ASSES off and the tea party adores them? Yes, i am serious.

    As for that democratic douchebag he's a lying sack of shit. I'm serious about that too.

  3. Misspeaking Is Misspeaking And Lieing Is Lieing. This Piece Of Crap Is Liar!

    Blatant Falsehoods In Palin Book. Number One Joe What Are They and Number Two What Office Is She Running For?

    Tea Party Is Against Big Government Spending and Ideaology That Does Not Take Citizens Seriously. Come November The Ideaology In Washington Will Be Changed Joe So You Might As Well Get Use To It and That My Man Is Not a Lie So Order The Kool Aid Cause Your Going To Need It!

    Michelle Bachman Speeches Straight Out Of Fiction, Please Give Examples.

    Joe What Is Your Opinion On Natolitano and Holder When They Say They Have NOT Read Arizonas Immigration Bill YET Both Critizes it And Holder Said He May Release His Dogs To Investigate. Investigatde What?

    What Do You Think Of Under Secretary Posner Comparing Immigration Bill To Human Rights Violation In China?

    For Every Action There Is A Reaction Joe And Come November Alot Of Politicans Will Be Sent Packing!

  4. Al, once again sense that is common eludes you. First i don't care what she's running for or not. She's a power player in the TEA BAGGERs. Why else would they be paying her 100,000 dollars to speak at the TB convention?

    but heres the short list..
    She has lied about the Bridge To Nowhere. She ran for office favoring it, wore a sweatshirt defending it, and only gave it up when the federal congress, Senator McCain in particular, went ballistic. She kept the money anyway and favors funding Don Young's Way, at twice the cost of the original bridge.

    She has lied about her firing of the town librarian and police chief of Wasilla, Alaska.

    She has lied about pressure on Alaska's public safety commissioner to fire her ex-brother-in-law.

    She has lied about her previous statements on climate change.

    She has lied about Alaska's contribution to America's oil and gas production.

    She has lied about when she asked her daughters for their permission for her to run for vice-president.

    She has lied about the actual progress in constructing a natural gas pipeline from Alaska.

    She has lied about Obama's position on habeas corpus.

    She has lied about her alleged tolerance of homosexuality.

    She has lied about the use or non-use of a TelePrompter at the St Paul convention.

    She has lied about her alleged pay-cut as mayor of Wasilla.

    - She has lied about what Alaska's state scientists concluded about the health of the polar bear population in Alaska.

  5. As for Michelle don't think i forgot about her Al. From Factcheck.org

    Bachmann: If you add all of that up, Chris, that’s 51 percent of the private economy that the federal government now owns or controls. Those are the policies that I’m concerned about. We don’t want the federal government owning or controlling private industry.

    As we’ve said, government expenditures in 2009 were 20.6 percent of GDP, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, nowhere near 51 percent.

    Bachmann, April 11: Right now the president is proposing a Western European style tax, the value-added tax, a very expensive tax. You might call it a form of a national sales tax.

    I’m a former federal tax litigation attorney. It isn’t that we aren’t taxed enough today in the United States. If we add a value- added tax on top of everything else, we could be looking effectively at a national sales tax in the — in the neighborhood of 20 to 25 percent. That will have a tremendous drag on our economy, and it will be very hard for to us go forward with full employment.

    But the show’s host, Chris Wallace, didn’t let that one slip by:

    Wallace:: I think, in fairness, we have to point out the president hasn’t proposed that. One of his top economic advisers, Paul Volcker, this week suggested that the U.S. might have to consider it. But the president hasn’t proposed that.

    From CBS news...
    She added, "The New England Journal of Medicine released a survey the week that President Obama signed Obamacare stating that over 30 percent of American physicians would leave the profession if the government took over health care. That's very serious going forward."

    The New England Journal of Medicine has denied it conducted or published the survey cited by Bachmann.

    From newshounds about her Hannity and Colmes taping...
    After about two minutes into his portion of the interview, Colmes read to Bachmann her pre-election comments in which she said, “I’m very concerned (Barack Obama) may have anti-American views” and had called for the media to do a “penetrating expose” into the “views of the people in Congress and find out if they’re pro-America or anti-America.”

    Bachmann denied having said it. You can watch a video of her saying exactly that here.

    As Colmes pressed her, noting that he had video on his website of her saying it and reading back to her her exact words, the music started, an obvious signal that the segment was going to end

  6. LOL ... I go away for a few days and come back and it's the same ol same ol, Joe going after a private citizen. Who gives a rip about Palin, only the libs.

    As for Bachmann, I watched the video and it's clear she is concerned about being taken out of context. She reiterates that the media need to do their job, makes sense to me. She's quite prescient upon reflection of the nutjobs and idiots that populate this administration.

    With regards to that study, that's how it was originally reported that it was a NEJM study. Doesn't make the study any less true, as there was a study. And oooooh, look out, she said Obama was suggesting a VAT but it was someone in his administration ... oh, wait, isn't he ultimately responsible for what his administration puts out there?!?! ROFLMAO

    Wow, that's quite a string of lies that Bachmann told. She practically stated that she was in Vietnam fighting Charlie in a foxhole!! LMAO, look at you Hypocrats SQUIRM. This is priceless.

  7. Joe Begininng To Think Your Bruce With Out The Head. You Cetainly Sound Like Him!

    Tea Party Really Knots Your Nylons Joe. If This Was The Revolutionary War You Progressives Would Be The British And The Tea Party Would Be The Right. Once Again The Losing Side Loses. Get Use To It Joe.

    VAT Is Coming Joe And The Regime Will Not Take Credit For It Cause They Dont Have A Leader. They Simply Annoit A Commission That Upon Reviewing Regimes Large Amount Of Spending Can Come Back With Only One Conclusion Tax Hike Joe. This Regimes Leader Nobama Promised( You Know That Lieing Thingy) Not To Raise Taxes! In Essence He Lied Joe You
    Missed That One.

    How About The Campaign When Nobama Said Hope Change And Trasnsparentsy Were His Goals If Elected. Gotta Believe Those Are Lies Also or Maybe He Just Misspoke!

  8. It is priceless. Remember the one that Hillary told about getting shot at? What is it with the shooting lies? Are they going to start lieing about what color they are next? I can see it now, Chris Dodd telling us he has some Africa slave blood in him.lol

  9. John said...
    LOL ... I go away for a few days and come back and it's the same ol same ol, Joe going after a private citizen. Who gives a rip about Palin, only the libs.

    John you go away for a few days and come back with that same ol bullshit about Sarah Prviate Citizen. How bout Sarah Tea Party leader or Sarah Fox commentator? Any of those ring a bell?

    As for who gives a RIP about Sarah Tea Party Convention Keynote Speaker, thats should be obvious. Did you miss that part?

    My favorite Sarah is Sarah Half Term.

  10. Al, once again missing the common part of sense and revising history all at the same time. Amazing work. I applaud your ability to not get things right and in Capital letters too.

    If this was revolutionary times many rich upper middle class conservatives (the major Tea party demographic) would be as they were then, tories or loyalists. They would oppose the war as they did then.

    Liberals or prgressives of that time were the Jeffersonians not the conservatives. Conservatives of that time were pro-federalist and for larger government and things like a national bank etc. So please reread history and don't revise it.

  11. Joec Gotta Love Your Thought Process. At Times You Would Not Know Common Sence If You Tripped Over It.

    You Will Have Plenty Of Time To Rewrite Your History Come November! Now Thats When Tea Party will Really Knot Those Panty Hose Of Yours Up!

    Franklin, Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Most Of The Founding Fathers Were Wealthy And All Risked Everything Including Their Lives To Bring OUR Nation Into Exsistance. Tea Party Was To Protest Taxes(Sound Vaguely Familiar to You)!

    Rich Poor Did Not Matter Defeating British Did and ALL Citizens That Beleived In Newly Written Constitution Risked ALL For Freedom.

    Now As Then We Have Citizens Who Were Rich And Poor But Felt More Secure Being Ruled And Led By The Nose! Today They Would Be Called PROGRESSIVES!

    Original Tea Party Were Patriots Who Risked All For New Nations Birth And Joe Thats NOT Rewritting History Its That True Thingy You Always Get Stuck On!

  12. Al, I'm not sure what SENCE is, but i don't think i have any of that either. I'll look it up.

    Perhaps if your knowledge wasn't in such a state of deteriation you'd realise that what i wrote was correct. Many rich conservatives opposed the revolutionary movement, thus the nickname Tories. Please feel free to read about them, or continue to make up shit as you go, whichever you feel best with.

    I will tell you this, the TEA PARTY wasn't to protest increased TAXES. You guys are so dumb sometimes. The TEA PARTY was to basically oppose a trade deficit.

    And as for the constitution what year was that written? Long after the war brother. So they didn't risk all for the constitution. Hell the articles of confederation wasn't written till 3 years after the war ended. you meant the declaration of independence

  13. Joe, your comments are so full of BS I don't have the time to call it all out, but no worries because everyone here knows it anyway. And Joe, I would watch the spelling correction if I were you, or don't you "realise" how atrocious "you're" own spelling is? LOL, look it up little buddy.

    Just exactly which and what TEA Party is Sarah Palin the leader of Joe? And yes Joe, she is a Fox commentator, does that absolve her from being a private citizen? She's certainly not elected to any office at the moment. But Obama sure is, and look at him lying all the time (the police can stop a guy going out for ice cream and demand his papers? Really?! ROFLMAO)

    I laugh my ass off whenever I see you libtards get rabid about private citizen Sarah Palin. Apparently you get your panties in a wad because the Republicans and conservative leaders don't supply you idiots with any ammunition so you have to go after private citizens. Stay classy!! LMAO

  14. John i'm sure that your Sarah private citizen BS goes over well at the rightwing circle jerks. you probably get some one handed claps, but really you guys are just as easy on liars as the democrats are. you just couch it behind some of that "private citizen" BS.

    I don't have time to go into all the BS you present either, with having to teach history to Al, and reading how Rand Paul is a bigot and such. My day is full. And besides i went after the kook of the week, Michele Bachman, shes' not a private citizen, just a stupid moron.

    I don't know if Sarah needs aboslution from anything except being a habitual liar, but you know she lied as a candidate and she lied about her candidacy, and about the president as the keynote speaker to the Tea Party convention.

    hey just to make sure you didn't feel left out i included the 12 lies of the republican minority leader. He's not a private citizen is he?


  15. BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA ... thanks for admitting how full of shit you are Joe! Look at the good little Hypocrat bitch; you got some guy lying about being in 'nam when he was getting his deferments and hiding out, and you try to deflect on people that haven't told any lies! ROFLMAO, you are such a Hypocrat bitch little Joe. Does my heart good to see you falling right in line with the Hypocrat talking points. Keep going after Palin Joe, meanwhile the Conservatives running for office will be laughing all the way to Washington! MWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA ... I don't even have to go to the Hillbilly Report to try to make up some false accusations; Hypocrat's lies are right out there in the open idiot!! LOL

  16. PS Joe, looks like you have a little trouble with the truth yourself. Exactly which TEA Party is Palin the leader of Joe? Can you direct me to that you little liar you?!? BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

    Joe C with the circle-jerk fixation. Sounds like you are well-versed in what goes on in a circle-jerk Joe. Did you learn it first-hand (pun intended) or by surfing the internet you creep? Yuck. I bet you've spoken personally with Chris Hanson, haven't you?!!? LOL

  17. Listened To Mexico President At Joint Session Of Congress Sounded To Me Like Nobamas Telepromter People Wrote The Speech. This President Of Mexico Comes Into OUR House And Says Arizona Law Is Racial Profiling and Could Violate Human Rights. Now The Politicans We Elect Give Him A Standing Ovation. There Is No Shame With Most Of The 535 Elites In Washing ton DC But That Will Change.

    Chris Heard A Interview Today Between Wolf Blitzer and Mexican President on CNN In Which He Shows He Talks Out Of BOTH Sides Of His Mouth Just Like Nobama. Blitzer Asked Some Hard Questions With Really Surprizing Answers! I Dunt Know How To Pull It Up But It Might Interest You!

    Joe Watch Your Spelin Its Atrocious!

  18. I See A Pattern Here JoeC

    Palin; Liar

    Bachman; Is A Moron

    Paul; Bigot

    #1 Surprized There Not Progressives

    #2 Not Surprized You Are!

  19. John, seem to remember a thread on which you guys blasted private citizen John Edwards and called him all sorts of things including a liar. guess typical of your hypocritical ways that standard is only in effect for republicans who aren't currently running for office.

    Way to be your typical hypocrite self brother. Making up the rules as you go to protect your people.

  20. Al, learned any history today?

    Rand Paul is a bigot. and of course he got a big push from the bigotted TEA PARTY in his primary win.

    What type of person wouldn't outlaw racial discrimination in business? a bigot. Do you feel its right for a business to deny people based on race?

    Rand opened up his mouth and showed the world his colors. he also showed the world what the tea party that pushed him was about.

  21. John, here you go. the TEA Bagger candidate in Washington state hates the federal government and wants to make it smaller. He gets endorsed by Sarah private citizen and then we find out that he gets money from the government.

    I love this quote..."where everyone is taken care of from womb to tomb."

    Guess he doesn't consider subsidies being taken care of.

  22. Joe said,"John, seem to remember a thread on which you guys blasted private citizen John Edwards and called him all sorts of things including a liar. guess typical of your hypocritical ways that standard is only in effect for republicans who aren't currently running for office." Find it Joe? I don't remember doing that post. And neither does my computer as I can't find it. I also didn't do anything on Tiger Woods. I don't do peices on that kind of anictodal stuff. Now if it is in responce to him being a cheater and a liar when he was in office and running for office it's all good. But you libs attack the messanger not the message. And when your own is a liar you cover it up and don't want to talk about it.

  23. Joe if the governemnt give money away we are obligated to take it. It is our money and that is the dumbest argument I've ever heard. On the same hand if you want biger government why don't you pay more in taxes Joe? See how dumb you sound with that argument?

  24. Chris, the post in question was not started about john Edwards, but you and i know there was a bunch of comments on him and a back and forth about him between john and I.

    The search function doesn't work for comments only the original thread.

    Wow, how dumb does your argument sound.

    I'm obliged to take the money (read apply for the money) and then i'll criticise the government for giving people like myself too much money.

    lmao. I know plenty of farmers that choose not to apply for subsidies and with a clear conscience can suggest the government is spending too much money. that jackass can not.

  25. Joe, so you admit you are a liar. You said Palin is a leader of the TEA Party, yet she isn't. That's a pretty basic lie you told.

    Furthermore, I see you hitting the same Hypocrat talking points about Rand Paul, the same ones that Randi Rhodes and I'm sure Ed Schultz, although I wasn't able to listen yesterday, and Bill Press was hitting this am. LOL, too bad he isn't a bigot. Nice, slandering a man who is a doctor, who cares for people of all colors and creeds. Where is your proof he's a bigot? Because he says a private company should live or die by the policies they set? That the government should have no say in how a private company operates? Why should it? And as far as I know, it is already a crime to discriminate, did he say those laws should be repealed?

    I think YOU are a dangerous radical Joe, trying to make everyone think (or actually NOT think) like you, through force of government. ROFLMAO

    Joe, what do you think about the United Negro College Fund? Seems to me that is pretty discriminatory. Idiot.

  26. How did obama pay for his education?

  27. John has a good point about the Negro College Fund being race based and discriminatory. Two wrongs don't make a right. It's hard to believe, but 40 years ago, African Americans, and other minorities, were not aloud to go to the same schools as Whites (who's schools were better). They were not aloud to drink out of white water fountains, or sit in the white section of a bus. Even in movie theaters, blacks had to sit in the balcony. They even had different bathrooms! They couldn't go to the same pools, restaurants, or any other public building. Rosa Parks,a famous African American women started the civil rights movement by getting thrown in jail for not giving a white man her seat on the bus after a hard day of work. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great help to that movement. He organized peaceful marches, and did many other great things. Segregation is alive and well thanks to progressives. I'm 72 and I marched against segregation only to have progressives bring it back through the back door. Black and white are being divided again by the democratic party and they need to stop it. We need to come together. I have heard the use of the word "racist" being missused by too many people. Thanks to those that use the word "racist" every other day the word now has almost no meaning. Please keep this in mind when you call someone a racist. Thank you and God bless.

  28. Good Points Reverend

    Progressives Have Been Successful In Dividing Nation Into Groups And Pitting Them Against Each Other. Blacks ,Whites, Rich, Poor , Religous Beliefs,Latinos! Lincoln Said A House Divided Cannot Stand. Lincoln Knew It And So Do The Progressives. Lincoln Brought Nation Back Together. Progressives Are Doing There Best To Divide And Conquer.


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