Monday, May 24, 2010

What About Jobs?What About The Wars,The Patriot Act,The BP Oil Spill and Pork?

They said if we did what they wanted with the Stimulus Bill unemployment wouldn't go above 8%. They said the Patriot Act was unconstitutional and they they made it even worse. They said our spending and debt was out of control so the added to it by more then double. And what about BP? BP gave Obama what I consider to be a crap load of money and it looks like once again that money BP gave was well spent on the company. Just like the banks and the Big Three got their moneys worth. GE is doing well with our money. This weekend I spent some time with my Democratic friends. They are UAW through and through and have never voted for anyone other then who the union tells them to vote for. But things are changing. They have "heard Obama's lies for too long" they said. They feel that the Gulf coast is worse then Katrina because the fish and animals didn't have the same chance to leave as the New Orleans people did. They are not as against Bush as they used to be because Obama is proving to be as "criminal as Bush". I actually had a good friend of mine tell me he has been reading more about Bush and Obama and now sees Bush as being "not so bad" and "Obama is not so good". The funny thing is they were all for the redistribution of wealth until now. You may ask why now as I did. Well it's because they aren't getting theirs. They thought that Obama was going to take money from the greedy rich and give it to them. But it looks like Obama took from them,and their kids,kids,kids in order to give to big business. It does suck to be a Democrat right now. Most Americans thought they were getting a JFK but now they know he's nothing at all like JFK but more like Woodrow Wilson.


  1. Chris, i'm as union as they come and i don't vote all the time with them. I've voted against a few of their candidates.

    There have been plenty of promises that have been broken and you have named a few of them. i am not happy with the continuation of abusive executive power, nor am i pleased with the handling of the Oil spill.

    As for the pork, your side has been just as guilty in the keeping it flowing. Look at the new defense budget. things added that robert Gates tells them we don't need. But it would be political suicide for a incumbent republican to vote against increasing Dept of Defense budgets .

    I am confused as to how it is supposed to go according to the Tea Party. One side with Rand Paul says the government is too involved and then the other with Sarah Plain ole private citizen says Obama is soft on them.

  2. But Joe the Democrats ran on "NO MORE PORK". The only thing the Democrats have done for you is obamacare. And that has turned out to be a big disaster of major proportions. And what are they doing to help BP stop the leak other then talk hard? Didn't Obama and the Democrats give more of our money to big business then any other time in our history with almost evey bill they have passed? Obama has only talked about being hard on BP. At this point BP is our only friend trying to stop the spill and cleaning it up. And yet what has Obama done that is so tough on the oil companies? What kind of regulations are they pushing for? All I see Obama doing is making Americans hate BP and oil production and that is hollow and empty just like everything Obama and the Democrats have done.

  3. Posted by Vladimir (Profile)

    Sunday, May 23rd at 10:29AM EDT

    With great fanfare, President Obama dispatched Interior Department “S.W.A.T Teams” to all 29 active deepwater drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Their charge:

    Perform a thorough, complete drilling inspection of each deepwater rig.
    Key on the BOP [blowout preventer] test time frame, leaks and resolution, discrepancies, and repairs.
    Make sure well control drills were performed as required by 30 CFR 250.462.
    What’s that? You missed the results?

    Well, you came to the right place.

    From a May 12 press release from the Deepwater Horizon Unified Command:

    MMS has completed its inspection of deepwater drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and no major violations were found. … The inspections of deepwater drilling rigs found Incidents of Non-Compliance (INC) on two rigs. Those violations were corrected and no other violations were found. To view the inspection report, click here.

    [emphasis added]

    I’ll recap to save you the trouble.

    Twenty-nine rigs were inspected. Twenty-seven were INC-free. Evidence of the “cozy relationship”? No, I imagine that these inspectors went loaded for bear.

    Two rigs received a total of four INCs; one of them received three.

    The rig with one INC was the Development Driller II, one of the Transocean rigs drilling a relief well for BP at MC 252. Paperwork revealed that proper blowout preventer testing procedure was not followed. BOPs are tested every 14 days, and the tests should alternate between the main and the backup activation panel. DD II function tested the backup panel, but conducted the pressure test from the main twice in a row.

    Not a trivial violation, but not one that should be ignored, especially under the circumstances. It’s what operators call a “good INC”.

    The other rig:

    The Transocean Nautilus working for Shell, received three Incidents of Non-Compliance:

    A warning INC for having some flammable material [I heard it was a paper coffee cup. - ed.] in the scrap metal bin of the safe welding area. Corrective Action Taken: the material was removed at the time of the inspection.
    A warning INC for having a 6-inch x 12-inch hole [in the deck grating, a step hazard] by the mud pump suction pipe. Corrective Action Taken: additional grating was place over the hole.
    A warning INC for having expired eye wash bottles. Corrective Action Taken: the eye wash bottles were replaced.
    Few large-scale industrial operations could withstand the level of highly-charged scrutiny involved in these inspections and come away with such a clean bill of health.

    Where are the news stories?

  4. Where are the news stories??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Chris, to be honest i don't know if he's being too hard or to soft on them. Its hard to judge in realtime because most of what really happens won't be released as its classified or under some form of presidential hold. I don't think we get an honest opinion of whats being sadi and done behind the scenes till later.

    In a month of two afer looking at the Foia stuff and what the admin releases i could make an honest judgement. My feeling is that they are being too soft at the moment, but thats just a loose opinion. so i side with Sarah "private citizen" Palin.

  6. I think this dissaster is too big for BP and the Obama admin. I haven't seen a lot of the pictures of animals dieing like they did with the Exxon spill. I see a lot of quizing going on but no real work.

  7. Jobs Have Never Been This Administration Priority Which Does Seem Strange To Me But This Administration seems to Go Against The Grain Of What Citizens Want. Seems Like A Poor Strategy But They Seem To Have Other Agenda Items They Want Legislated Prior To November. Jobs Do Not Seem To Be JOB 1 !

    On The Matter Of Drilling I Beleive There Is A Roll For Government. Inspections Of Rigs And Maintinance Up Keep. It Also Appears Government Inspector Or Agencies Do Not Have Equipment Or Expertise When Disasters Occurr And Must Depend On Private Sector For Solutions. Regulations Are Government Duties To Protect Citizens. Regulating Citizens Freedom Of Choice Is Not Government Duty!

    Pork Barrel Must Be Stopped By All Politicans Period. Also Legislation On One Issue Should Not Contain Incentives For Politicans Which Amount To Bribes That Have Nothing To Do With Legislation Being Considered. Also Beleive Full Transparentsy Is A Must!


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