Saturday, May 29, 2010

What Memorial Day Message Would You Like to Send Our Vets, Troops?

I would like to thank all that have served this country. Don't forget to thank them this Memorial Day. May God bless you all for your past and present service. And don't forget how the Democrats treated our service people in the past.

Must Watch Video: Troops Returning Home to Surprise Loved Ones

The Faces of War

Cpl. Rhett Buford

Army Private First Class Da'Shonda Shedd

Captain Jason Ford


  1. Once Again Our Military And Their Families Pay For OUR Freedoms As Has Been The Case For 234 Years. Please Stay Safe And God Bless!

    Politics Should Be Put Aside On This Day. We Should All Honor OUR Brave Men And Women In The Military And The Families At Home Or Left Behind When Military Personnel Pay The Ultimate Price!

  2. Thank you Chris. Thank you Al. And thank the Democrats for the worse May in the Dow's history. My 401K is tanking.

  3. lol....Chris, way to go. using a veterans thread to pop off at democrats. stay classy.

    Little bit of trivia for you.

    Did you know that Barack Obama voted along VVA and DAV lines more times than John McCain?

    Who's budget contained the largest increase in VA spending?

    Who opposed the Democrat sponsored new GI Bill and didn't even make the vote while campaining?

    So lets see.

    Obama votes more often for thinks that veterans groups feel is important and his
    VA budget included the largest increase, while McCain couldn't come off the campaign trail to vote on the New GI bill.

  4. Well Lets See 25 Republican Senators Voted For That 2008 Bill And Joe You Must Have Forgot About That Little Thingy. Republican Votes Made The Bill Veto Proof Joe, You Kinda Forgot That Too!

    This Bill Was Originally A Bill To Fight War On Terror With VA Bill Added On. That Is Still Going On To This Day. VA Bill Was The RIGHT Thing To Do. All Spending Bills Should Be On Issue Originally Adopted With Out Add Ons. Thats That Ear Mark Thingy Regime Said Would Be Eliminated But They Got Their Wires Crossed And Got Rid Of Transparentsy Instead. Oops!

    Speaking Of Spending Joe This Regime Is In A League Of Their Own. How You Think The Commision On Defict Is Going. Wonder What They Will Recommed In December AFTER Election Joe. Betta Taxes For All. Oops Another Campaign Thingy GONE!

    Once Again Joe How Those Lazered Jobs Coming? Regime Has Had Since January To Get Jobs Going And To This Point They Have NO Get Up And NO Go!


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