Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who Is really coming across our boarders

 According to the Border Patrol the public is being mislead as to WHO is coming into the US from Mexico. This IS THE TRUTH. as reported by WSBTV in Atlanta.
 If we don't get this message out to the people, we are dead ducks...and soon!
PLEASE send to people before the video expires.


  1. Next thing you know The AZ governor will have to call on the state militia to protect the state (and the country).
    I agree, this needs more attention, MUCH MORE. You wonder what is going on in the pea brain of Obama's.

  2. It has happened before and it is our right to protect our country,state city and property. In the past the past the militia(we the people) were the protecters. Kind of like that move in the 80's Red Dawn. They just got done filming the new Red Dawn right down the road from my house. Obama is more interested in destroying what we have and giving away our wealth. Did you hear what he said to the Mexican president? I'll see if I can dig it us and post it. I'm sure most Americans feel our boarders are to protect us and that Mexico isn't just anouther illagitamate state of our union but another country that is taking it's time invading us.

  3. Politicans Did Not Listen When They Were Told To LOCK Cock Pit Doors On Commerical Aircraft and 911 Occurred.

    Now Politicans Is NOT Listening Securing OUR Borders And It Certainly Looks Like a Open Door Could Bite Us In The Ass Again!

    Maybe Privatizing OUR Security Is OUR Safest Option?


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