Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Israeli PM Said It Best. "What Would You Do?"

What would you do if you were attacked at every turn? Listen to the way this other anti-Israel spokesman on the news in the EU talks about our only democratic friend in the Middle East. What would you do if bombs were hitting your house? What would you do if terrorism was a way of life in your country? Would you protect yourself? These people were nothing less then terrorist sympathisers and anti-Israel. I would have bombed those POS into till there was nothing to clean up. At some point in time you have to say enough is enough and protect yourselves. We must protect Israel. And President Obama and Congress need to speak out loud and with conviction on standing with Israel. And they need to do the same thing with North Korea or we will see WWIII start just because we may have a weak leadership. And if Israel snapped could we blame them? Obama and the Democrats need to stand tough with our friends and hold fast their relationship with us. Our enemies see the reaction of our leaders and they smell blood. And we are finding out the university theories don't always work out the way they planed when people are involved. Sometimes the best thing to do is bitch slap these anti-American/Israel nations. Lets see if these "Allah Akbar" screaming loons try that Trojan horse again. I'd like to know what you all think about this most explosive event? Thanks


  1. Alls I can say is, there are more of us that feel Israel has a right to exist and defend herself then there are of those terrorist sympathizers.

  2. Isreal Has The Right As Does Any Nation To Protect Itself. Blockade Was To Keep Weapons(Rockets) From Being Brought Into Gaza To Be Used Against Isreal Citizens. Most Middle East Nations Have Sworn To Wipe Isreal Off The Map And Will Not End Their Assault On Isreal Until Their Missio Is Accomplished.

    We Have Ourselves Used Blockades in The Past Including 1962 Missle Crisis. Cuba Had Missles That Coukld Distroy Our Citys And Presicdent Kennedy Stood His Ground. What Would Have Kennedy Done If Russia Had Run Blockade. He Would Not Have Dithered Protecting American Citizens And Neither Will Prime Minister Netanyahu.

    I Also Beleive The Activist On Those Ships KNew Exactly What Would Happen And It Happened.

  3. But the terrorist sympathisers are in power now. And this admin doesn't care what we the majority want. Just look at the stimulus bill and obamacare and the way they pushed those through without the majority of Americans approval.

  4. Of course, Chris. This Administration is always at odds with the public will. I am still waiting on what he's got to say about the flotilla issue on whether he will defend our ally or jump on board with what the media claims is 'world condemnation'.

  5. If he jumps on board with the media against Israel we might as well consider WWIII not far behind. I thought Obama was supposed to make things better. He sure did sell himself as a savior of the world. I pray he stands tough with Israel but I think he hates Israel and loves the Islamic dictator nations.

  6. I'd move back to the country i came from instead of trying to convince the locals that i deserve property thats been theirs for thousands of years.

    I still wonder why the right hates the UN so much yet spends so much poltitical capital to protect their biggest mistake?

  7. Joe, Really, you must seek out professional help. Everything the U.N. does is anti-Israel let alone anti-America. Beyond that, every country they interfer with is ultimately more fucked up than before.

    If you will not seek out professional help in order to understand this then at least take your blinders off for pete's sake as to gain better perspective of the world as it really is.

  8. Chris, despite some ravings on the internet, the creation of a modern day Isreal stems from the United Nations.

    Thats why i ask the question, why does the right hate the UN so much and yet try to protect its biggest mistake?

    The creation of a modern jewish state created a number of future problems for our country, and yet the right in its shortsightedness radically protects that. The continued expansion of jewish settlements into Arab land owned for thousands of years profoundly exacerbates those issues. And the right protects that.

    It is part of the issue we have with Muslims, not our freedoms but our insistence on involving ourselves in their lands.

  9. You had better learn history better as to exactly who owned and occupied and thrived on the land known as Israel for thousands of years BEFORE arabs let alone the creation of the cult known as isalm.

    Let alone the very short history of a people CREATED by arabs and purged from their territory now called palestinians.

    Israel has always been there with Jews living there and will always be.

    The only thing the U.N. has done right was to formerly recognize it as a soveriegn state. Since that time it has gone out of it's way to demonize it unjustly.

  10. Long And Short Of It. UN Reconizing Isreal As Nation Was Its High Point. Nothing Since Has Happened To Compare With It. Unfortunately That Was 62 Years Ago With Nothing Since. They Have Done What For Our Nation Over Last 40 Years. Answer Nothing. We Used UN Building During Missle Crisis 1962 For One Reason A Platform To Tell Russia To Poop Or Get Off The Pot. Kennedy Was A Leader And Nobama Aint NO Kennedy Period!

    There Strong Suit Is Resolutions And Hows That Working Out. Iran, North Korea and Syria Pee On UN Resolutions And Go About Their Business. UN And OUR Large Donation To Keep Them Afloat Should Be Put In Resolution Calling For OUR Tax Money To Quit Bank Rolling UN And They Should Be Advised To Get Out Of Dodge And Move To Lets See France Spain North Korea or Iran.

    Isreal Has Right And Duty To Protect Their Citizens. Leaders Lead The Rest Call In Lawyers Or Point Fingers.

  11. It's time to end the state of Israel experiment. No country or people are worth all this. They are killers and need to be removed.

  12. You people are retards. Keep talking bad about Islam and you will see how Allah punishes you. Even I wont do that.

  13. Are you on drugs Jay-Ney? You are as screwy as bruce. Any religion where it's OK to "take" a 9 year old as a wife like Mohammed did and preaches the death and inslavement of those that don't believe in Islam. But the left just love and respect Islam because Muslims hate Christians and Jews just like the liberals do. The enemy or my enemy.

  14. Christopher, I know my history well enough. but lets check it out.

    The CIA fact book
    Following World War II, the British withdrew from their mandate of Palestine, and the UN partitioned the area into Arab and Jewish states, an arrangement rejected by the Arabs.

    What should exist today is A secular democratic country of mixed heritage, not split religious nations, areas, territories etc. That is where the UN failed. It created an issue in a place where their wasn't one.

  15. Joe, Thanks for the laugh!

    'CIA Fact Book', talk about a contradiction in terms!

    So now you wish to believe a covert government agency (covert means secret: not intended to be known, seen, or found out)or not an OPEN BOOK that you villified and still do for waterboarding THAT THEY SAID WAS NECESSARY AND WORKED.

    Like 'CIA Fact Book', you contradict yourself.
    Now go back and read histrory, not fiction as directed by covert agencies.


  16. Chris, i just quoted one source and its a pretty innocus quote at that. However on the point of believeing them for breaking our laws and doing something that is, was and also should be considered torture thats niether here nor there in this discussion.

    i see that you ignored the actual point of the discusion not the sidenote.

  17. Cite facts not fiction and we can talk, until then there is no purpose.

  18. Joe Back To The United Nations

    What Have They Ever Done To Actually Help Our Nation In Any Way?

    United Nations Is World Community Organization And Our Regime Is Still Trying To Join The World Community. This Nation Cannot Join World Community Yet Because Of OUR Wealth But This Regime Is Working On That Situation And Citizens Have Once Again Been Awakened And Will Speak To Regime Loudly Come November.


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