Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pelosi Gets Heckled By Liberals

I hope to hear the same kind of rhetoric from the media that went bat shit nuts when conservatives got rowdy at the town halls. Now this was the liberal organization Code Pink that is against war and violence. They want everyone to just get along and that is why they became violent by throwing things. That doesn't make any sense to me. Why would a group against violence become what they are fighting against? How can they expect restraint from nations when they themselves can't restrain themselves? Why do the Democrats keep putting up with these crazy liberals? I just hope they don't start bombing things like the other left wing terror groups like ELF. And what is happening with the wars now that they are Obama's? Are the Democrats going to loose the wars now that they are in charge? And why isn't the media covering it like they did when it was Bush's war? To all those liberal pacifist that get violent when they don't get their way BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOOOOOOOOOOO BOOOOOOOOO.


  1. Obama and the left create these kinds of people like you heard in the audience. If I was not mistaken they yelled about ..."where is the money to help us save the community"
    The left has create a nanny state, and if they don't provide to those, like in the audience, it will be another Greece all over again, but right here in the US.
    I'd say the Dems made their bed, let them lay in it for awhile.

  2. Good point Mark. Have you heard about Hungry going under now? Stock markets around the world are crumbling and we are doing what made them fall. How dumb is that?

  3. Looks To Me That No Matter Where Libs Are Here Or Foreign Countries Their Actions Are All The Same. This Video Could Be In Any Liberal Country And Thats A Shame.

    Pelosi Has Made Her Bed And The Bed Bugs They Be Getting Restless And Thats Her Problem. Gotta Love The Way Libs Eat Their Own!

    This Country Should NEVER Be Mistaken With Europe And OUR Politicans Have Put Us In The Same Bankruptsy/Entitlement Boat And Folks That Ship Is Sinking And Libs Just Dont Give A Crap. Their Motto Is Still " Wheres My Piece Of The Pie". In Novemeber Libs Will Find Out That The Citizens Who Pay For The Pie Have Had It!

    Chris Your RIGHT: Hungry, Spain ,Portugal There All The Same "Bankrupt" And Where Will Europe Get The Bail Out Money Hey Maybe China! Any Body See A Pattern?


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