Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We've Been Eating Well Off Of The Yard This Year

Michigan weather and earth grow some great foods with great flavor. At this time of year my garden feeds a lot of  people a lot of organic homegrown fruits and veggies. I made a hot sauce with the 5 kinds of peppers I grow,cilantro,garlic,tomato's and other ingredients like coffee,sea salt and kombucha vinegar which I also make. So far this year we have eaten Bing and Rainier cherries,raspberries,dewberries,mulberries,service berries,strawberries,rhubarb,5 kinds of greens for salads,green beans and sweet peas,zucini and zucini flowers. And every herb you can think of to cook with. Soon the tomato's and the cucumbers will be in. I will cut my cauliflower and broccoli tomorrow for a party. The boys and I love just being able to eat all that ,God candy as we call it, fruits off the vine or trees. The wildlife love it and so do the hungry in our community. It puts a smile on my face to see so many enjoying my garden of Edin. I have more song bird,rabbits,opossum,raccoon,squirrel then you can imagine in my yard eating mulberries. Now all I need is ways to cook all this stuff up. If you have any good food ideas please chime in with a post. Tonight I'm cooking zucini flowers in butter,sea salt,
ground pepper and vanilla.


  1. There Are Reasons Some Citizens Are Farmers And Some Are Not! I Am A Are Not! Fruit Stands Randazzos! I Like To Think Its A Small Part Of Lazering In On Jobs!


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