Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Where Is The American Flag In This Video?

Try and find a president of the USA that hasn't had the American flag or flags as a backdrop. Maybe someone forgot to put the flags behind him. Kind of like how he forgot to put his hand over his heart for the pledge of allegiance when he was a senator. Any of you that think that President Obama meant to do this because he hates America and everything we stand for then you don't have a clue. President Obama love America so much he is "fundamentally transforming" it. Isn't that what you do to something you love?


  1. I've been watching this...he's having another press confrence right now without a flag. It's part of making us used to not seeing it, there fore it won't be important...just part of the radical brainwashing he's doing.

  2. Did you see the racist border patrol killed another brown kid? Mark my word,there will be riots over the treatment of Mexicans in this country.

  3. Key sentences here:
    “The federal Government has been in charge of the response effort”
    “Make no mistake, BP it operating at ‘our’ direction”
    “Every key decision and action they take must be approved by us in advance.”
    No wonder they can't cap this thing.

    And then I knew this would come, from the moment of the reports came out that the rig caught fire.
    “We will suspend the 2 exploration operations off the coast of Alaska”
    “We Will cancel the pending lease sale in the gulf of Mexico and the proposed lease sale off the coast of Virginia”
    “We will continue the existing moratorium and suspend the issuance of new permits to drill new wells”

  4. Number One Put Flag Where It Belongs In Sight, Hopefully This Is Not Part Of Hope And Change!

    Number Two Make Dam Sure Flag Is Not Red With Sickle On It.

    Number Three Drill On DRY Land, Oh We Can Enviormentalist Have US By Our Political Short Hairs.

    Understand EPA As Legislation Coming Down The Road That Will Give Them The Power To Tax And Cap.

  5. Republicans had a great day yesterday. It looks like the Republican party is in it to win it. If the Democrats want a seat at the table they better kick out the 'progressives'.

  6. wow, thats so typical of the right. bust the talking points out over something so useless like a missing flag for a press coference.

  7. next there will be the false statement that on memorial day Obama was the first to not lay a wreath on the Tomb.

  8. Hey Joe I Refer To Flag As Something Other Than Useless. Sad Comment!

    Regime Doesnt Care About Laying Wreath At Tomb Their Busy Trying To Lay One At The Feet Of This Nation. Just My Opinion!



    thanks Snopes!!!!

    and Al, they have it listed that W.H Bush didn't put one wreath at the tomb during his four years.

    Reagan let others do it atleast three times, including one year former Sect. of Navy and current democratic Senator Jim Webb did it in his place.

    So much for the usual talking points huh???

  10. But what about the flags Joe? Obaqma is the only president to not have flags up? Do you know why that is Joe? Or will you just make shit up again? Why try and change the subject?

  11. hey slut, did you look at the posted pics??? that's not changing the subject that's proving you wrong.

  12. joe whats useless about OUR flag joe. cant wait to hear your answer about YOUR talking point.

  13. joe also only said FLAG belonged in room just my opinion. never said he was only one.

    just for your info nobama aint no Reagan!

  14. Al,

    I am with you 100%! No, make that 1,000% to utilize Husseins math.

    Useless? Old Glory useless?

    This just shows how ignorant and down-right disgusting the left is!

    This is exactly the reason why on Jan 20,2009 I took down Old Glory from the front of my home which has been displayed consistently there for my 45 years of exsistence (obviously not the same one).

    Once Hussein took office it meant nothing.

    Do not fret fellow Patriots, I have Old Glory (actually many of Her) and fly Her PROUDLY when appropiate. But until this usurper-in-chief is removed from office the only flag I fly is the Navy Jack. If that disappears for any reason and the Hussein regime remains then Old Glory will once agin grace the front of my home,,,UPSIDE DOWN!

  15. A lot of Americans died to put up that flag and the left think it is useless. That is just so wrong.

  16. Chris, once again the point is lost on the right. The fact that you would attack him FALSELY over something that supposedly happened once is useless. If it had happened would it be that serious of a deal that one press conference did not have a flag? One? if it was the only one?

    is it that big of deal, worth posting on emails, facebook and all the rightwing sites?
    One press conference? Its not the flag that useless but the people using it for partisan purposes that are useless.

  17. Chris, you didn't give me kudos for finding pictures that prove you wrong. I'm waiting.

  18. Boohoo Joe. T^he left do it all the time and you protect them for it. No Joe one time isn't a big deal. But when you put it all together it's a big deal and a big picture. Joe when you give me kudos I'll give you some. Where are those pictures and who are they of?

  19. WTF? Old Glory is not partisan! That is the problem with the left, no reality.

  20. Well, thats it Chris, teach everyone here about Rightwing sportsmanship. you dare people to find pictures of other presidents who don't have flags in their press conferences and when i do, you won't even acknowledge it.

    But lets see the pictures are of Bush, Reagan and Daddy Bush all without flags just to show you that your whole post was another partisan bullshit attack that wasn't well thought out. Before you post the OMG partisan emails in your blog see if you can debunk them, because it would save me the time.


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