Friday, July 30, 2010

Must Watch: Rush Clears Up This Democratic Cover Smear Scam

It's not the Republicans fault. The Democrats are just using our first responders as cover for immigration. And the fact of the matter is the Republican party can't block anything alone. Thanks to Weiners rant this is becoming big news that the Democratic Party doesn't want covered. I have to say it does make the Democratic party look like scum of the Earth for trying to use this to make political gains. Well it backfired big time. And now the Democrats have this and Rangel to clean up. All the Democratic party has are these kind of radical antics. They can't run on their record that's for darn sure. and when the ruling party acts this weak and feeble it make our country look weak and feeble. If the Democrats would just get to fixing things instead of playing these stupid political games we might start fixing this country. This weiner has a lot of growing up to do and the Democratic party should be ashamed of themselves for what they tried to do with this bill. At least there were some stand up Democrats that voted this crazy bill down. It the only bi-partisan thing I've seen coming out of Congress. You know things are bad when the Democratic Party is split on their own bill.


  1. You know Chris, this punk WEINER is a feaken child. Where does he think he is, Parliament???
    'Why don't they vote up or down?' WTF?
    His party wants to cut and run from those very same butchers WHO CAUSED 9/11 (referring to my Kucinich says-Cut & Run post on AP-DP)
    2 year on this bill since they have had control of congress. And they can't pass it. Is that somehow Republicans fault? HA!

    Do they EVER look at themselves in the mirror?

    But they didn't have the votes.... In a super majority!!!
    I agree with Rush, they ARE crapping up. LOL!

    Wiener is more pissed off with his own party then he is with Republicans.
    Liberal partisan politics just showed its ugly face on the house floor last night.

    You wonder what his constituency must now think of him going off the deep end for such a partisan frame of mind.

  2. I Guess Were Pass The "Cant We Get Along Thingy"! 11% Congressional Approval May Be A Might HIGH!

  3. That man really did rant didn't he? I'm really exhausted with the way things are going on Capitol Hill. This country is no longer a democracy or a free enterprise system. What really frightens me is that the average American citizen isn't even aware of what has already occurred and what is coming down the pike. They're all too busy playing golf and going to the mall. I like your blog. Guess that tells you where I stand politically. God bless, Bobbi

  4. Limbaugh Explains It Perfectly And As Always Is RIGHT!

  5. Inside the shrink nice to have you on the debate. I can believe how many Americans are still clueless and how many "Democrats" still back their party even though they are against everything the Democratic Party stands for now.

  6. Bruce, why don't you watch the video of Rush and comment on what he says instead of your gutter snipping?

  7. i thought he sounded just like Mr. "you lie" and all the other over the top out of bounds righties that you so highly praised.

    Mark, i have to wonder if Kucinich is cut and run what do you call Ron Paul, the righties like Mike Steele and Chris himself? Yes, Chris here has said he wants out of afghanistan. So is he CUT AND RUN TOO?

  8. Joe The "You Lie" Rep Wilson. Was Basiclly Right And Weiner Was Basiclly "Over The Top"! Hes The Best Example Of Why Congress Approval Rating Is 11%.

    "Cut And Run In Afganistan" The Right War According To The Regime Again Being Run The Wrong Way. Either Fight Or Get Out. "Rules Of Engagement"In Any War Makes For MORE Body Bags And To Me Thats Unexceptable How About You?

    Why Were On The Subject Of Casulties:
    #1 Media Has Kind Of Forgotton Two Sailors Found Dead After Leaving Secured Area. Were They Captured And Then Murdered By Taliban? If So Taliban Must Have Different "Rules Of Engagementppears NO Civilian Trial Either.

    #2 Arlingtoin Cemetary Where We HONOR Our Brave Military Who Have Paid The Ultimate Price For OUR Freedom Seems To Have Misplaced Over 6000 Of Their Remains. Is This Another Example Of Government Run Agency And Why Was This Tragedy Allowed To Happen?

  9. I want out of Afghanistan because I don't think Obama and the Democratic Party are commited or able to win the war. I was in it to win it when the Republicans ran the war and made real headway. Heck I can't trust the Obama admin to make the right call on Sherrod so why on Earth would I trust them with a war that takes fortatude and strength. Not the weakness of this admin. Joe it's still CUT AND RUN. It even seems like we aren't going anywhere with Iraq. Bush handed off an almost won war and it sure does look like they are tieing the hands of our soldiers. Maranda right are a jokeand we should play jokes with our military.

  10. Great points AL. The government can't get anything right. The bigger the Democrats make government the less we the people trust the government. Our confidence in this government is at an all time low when the Democrats have grown our government to an all time high.

  11. So Joe instead of deflection could you answer some questions like I asked in the post? What did Rush say that is wrong?

  12. Chris, nice try but its not deflection to discuss the tangents YOUR GUY MARK brings up.

    LMAO, making real head way. Did you read anything about AFGHANISTAN during the Bush years. Nothing happened the last 5 years or so. The Taliban got stronger and the NATO forces stayed mostly to safe areas and avoided conflicts as they didn't have the numbers to win them.

    Atleast be honest about the WAR over there. It was floundering well before Obama got elected. take off the republican rose colored glass and step into reality.

  13. Obama took a floundering war in Afghanistan and did what ? Just look at the floundering Obama has done with Iraq Joe. It's a shame how he is fiddling with an almost won war in Iraq. Now what about telling us what Rush said was wrong?

  14. Afganistan Is Now Being Treated The Same As A Football Game. You Know When The End Is Coming And If You Play The Clock Right You Win. Taliban/Terrorist Are Now Just Playing The Clock! In A Football Game Play The Clock Wrong You Lose. In War Body Bags Continue To Get Filled And The Clock Runs Out. Politican Run War "Rules" And Now Time Table!

  15. Joe, you missed something here. I don't agree with Kucinich, Paul (never have on this issue), Steele nor Chris on the subject of the war. They have certain reasons for their opinion and I understand and respect it. You see, we on the right disagree on some subjects from time to time. We are not robots, as you and the left seem to portray us as.
    I can tell you from first hand knowledge that the rules of engagement have drastically changed in this battle with radical Islam under Obumo. And that I agree with Chris on.
    Pakistan's approach to "our" objective has been weak and sometime down right opposed.
    Clinton needs to get of her dead a$$ and pressure the Pakistanis to purge their forces of radical sympathizers and then get back in to the game plan.
    You might not have liked the Iraq war, but this is an absolute MUST effort.
    Right after 9/11 Bush said this war will take time to win, it could even take a generation, as it's not a conventional type war.
    That, I will never forget and will not waiver my support of our troops objective in Afghanistan.

  16. BINGO, Al. Its an absolute joke to show your hand to your opponent.
    Even the Generals are strictly opposed to time tables for leaving.
    O' says were are out next July. General Petraeus say we'll evaluate this situation as we approach that date.

  17. Mark, I don't assume your all robots. Robots use logic.

    Look i didn't believe in Iraq from the get go. never did never will. It was the wrong war at the wrong time and always will be. My main objection is you have a front going on in Afghanistan, the place that was protecting and arming the people behind the Taliban and you took forces out of there without winning the war.

    Surely you can see that is a logical objection. The War on terror was in Afghanistan not IRAQ and you pulled thousand of troops out before accomplishing your mission to attack someone else. Would you have made that decision? I don't think so and i don't think someone like Mike with his military experience would either.

    You had the Catholic Church sending emmisary's suggesting the intelligence was faulty.

    You had no real support for the mission and jeopardized the support for your afghan mission which was partially left to NATO to look after. You realise that countries the right castigates for lack of involvement in Iraq were left to run the majority of missions in Afghanistan during the rough years in Iraq?

    Now you have the problem a war left unwinnable due to inaction and lack of foresight, the enemy escaped and rebuilt. The one person we wanted more than anything got away.

    Its not wrong to believe that war won't be won. I've had soldiers returning from Afghanistan tell me its not going to happen, no matter what?

    Do me a favor Mark, look at the tactics the soviets tried and see if changin the rules of engagement will make us win it. They carpet bombed, mined and tried terrorizing the civilians all to no avail. they did stuff you and i would never agree to and still lost.

    See if you think we can honestly win there?

  18. Mark Adams said,"They have certain reasons for their opinion and I understand and respect it. You see, we on the right disagree on some subjects from time to time. We are not robots, as you and the left seem to portray us as." The left are a bunch of drooling fools repeating everythingas one. Not one of them can think for themselves. I used to think Joe had a mind of his own until he starts talking. I voted for Obama but not his policies. Shame on me.

  19. Wrong Joe robots are programed and that is what you on the left are.

  20. Screw rush. One day you will get yours.We are stronger then you think. And we will come after you people. See you at the next teabagger riot. We have spys watching you in your meetings. And don't think the feds aren't watching those meetings and taking names. You have pissed off the wrong people this time.

  21. AnoASSous You Been To The Mushroom Patch One To Many Times. But Your Good For A Laugh! Thanks

  22. Go f*ck yourself.

  23. AnoASSous So Dark You Must Be Lonely!

  24. Joe I will be the first to admit that Rumsfeld was a F*CK up. (I have always thought that)
    We can and did fight two fronts. But when you have NATO as your coalition, you don't expect them to drop out of the fight (one coalition force at a time) as you drive out the ones in power.
    Yes, we shouldn't have expected NATO to hold the line. Seems like no one can do it like America can.
    But you can't just kick them out and expect victory. We learned that with Operation Desert Storm. Total defeat HAS to be the objective.

    The War on terror is NOT just in Afghanistan. Thats where the left get it wrong.
    Thats why it is (or was) called global war on terror.
    This isn't about Iraq or Afghanistan. It's about defeating the radicals of Islam throughout the world, where ever they are.
    They are the ones to cast the first stone.

    The problem with the left is they see this as an Al Qaeda, Taliban conventional war. And that that is the enemy. If you defeat AQ, you have Islamic Jihad, you have Hezbollah, you have Hamas, etc, etc.
    It's not a war of one army over another army. It's a war of ideology.
    It's a war against adherent evil.

    The enemy escaped and rebuilt because they had safe haven in Pakistan (and still do, as some in the Pakistani army are sympathetic to the radicals of the Taliban). Iran and NK funnel weapons to the Taliban right under the noses of the Pakistani Military.
    Clinton needs to put serious pressure on them to flush those sympathizers out. Cut off the supply line, and call it a day.

    This IS a winnable war, IF you play it out as a anti-insurgency and NOT an anti-terrorist operation.
    Rumsfeld was wrong to go anti-terrorist route with both fronts. It turns the citizens against you.
    "I've had soldiers returning from Afghanistan tell me its not going to happen, no matter what?"
    I have too, many in upper ranks. And they tell me the reason why is "the radical rules of engagement that are now in place under this administration." (Their words, NOT MINE)

    You can't win a war the way our men and women are having to engage the enemy.
    THAT is why we are having a difficult time completing this mission.

  25. As you said Mark this admin isn't trying to win the war. Our soldiers are trying to win it because their lives depend on it. And that is why they put in such crazy rules of engagement. They think they can win this war by winning the minds of the terrorist. This admin can't even win over the American people so that shows us how enept they are. And if we can't win a war the way our new Commander and Chef wants to fight the war then why are we even in it? I've heard from too many heros that this president,not Bush, is screwing up the wars.

  26. Mark, Chris, To win in Afghanistan you need to put a boot on every Rock. Obama's wrong to have limited the forces he sent over there, but ask yourself why when he took office almost 7 years into the conflict a surge of 60,000 troops needed to happen?

    I mean the war had progressed for 5 years with less than US 25,000 troops on the ground so why when Obama gets elected is it so critical to send tripple that number? Robert Gates had been SecDef for two years by then.

  27. Russians With There Military Could Not Win In Afganistan And Neither Can We. Its Nam Without Vegitation!

    The Politicans Are Corrupt. Most Of The Military Is Corrupt And Seems Reluctant To Fight.

    Citizens Are More Frightened Of Taliban Then OUR Military. This Is The Perfect Storm And OUR Military Is In The Center Of It.

    Once Again Either Fight A War Or As It Seems To Be Occurring Political Correctness In War. If Its The Latter Get OUR Military The Hell Out.

  28. "And if we can't win a war the way our new Commander and Chef wants to fight the war then why are we even in it?"
    Chris, I understand what you are saying and agree your with questioning this, however to think of what the consequence would be of just turning and walking away is, to me, an un-expectable alternative.
    Joe- I agree in part about putting boots on every rock, but I'd say putting boots on every street corner to prevent the enemy from infiltrating the cities, towns and villages, but let technology cover the rocks in the countryside... for the most part, you still do need boots out there.
    Maybe I missed it, but whatever happened with the use of drones? Did politics get in the way of using this effective tool?
    Haven't heard much about them in awhile.

  29. Mark Another Point Where Is OUR Air Force? We Have The Strongest Military In The World But We Apparently Are Not Unleashing The Dogs. I Am Frustrated By Several Administrations Regarding This Issue And Am Against Loss Of OUR Military Without ALL Out Effort For Victory. If Not All Out Then Pull Out. We Owe That Much To Our Military. Afganistan Will Never Turn Into A Germany or Japan And Shows NO Signs Of Wanting To Progress Forward.

  30. Al, in some aspects, I agree. You can't piecemeal our military to victory.
    I guess what the bottom line is, is this.
    Defeat of this enemy is a must. They have now some influence with the Pakistani Military and I don't think we nor the Pakistani Government want this to go further because Pakistan Nukes in the hands of radical Islam is a whole new ballgame. A ballgame no one wants to become reality.

  31. Well Taken Point On Pakistan and I Totally Agree Mark! We Are In A Dangerous Time.

  32. Seems like Pelosi is at odds with Gates on the draw down.

  33. I'd like to pull back and become a different America. If a country does something that warrants war we should do it with bombs. Lot's of bombs. And we shouldn't rebuild after we bomb them. These countries that hate us and do everything to get us do it again we bomb the shit out of them again. We punish them from distance. And if we end up having to go into a country that is so screwed up that we need to rebuild them then what they have becomes our. Think of it as paying off their debts. I want their oil,lithium or whatever they have of value. I want to make it hard for countries to screw with us. Thew way we do things now it's of benifit to countries like Iran and North Korea to screw with us every chance they get. Look at how far we brought Japan and Germany after the wars. South Korea and Iraq would love to have us rebuild them. And if those countries want any of our help after we bomb the shit out of them then they need to let the Christians in to help. They are the only ones that seem to do any real building and feeding of nations. It might sound a little rough but that's life. I have a rule in my life. If a man hits me one I turn the other cheeck. After that I make it hard for them to hit me. The more they try to hit me the harder I make it. Now if we could drill our own oil we wouldn't need to worry about peace in the Middle East. We will find an alternitive to oil but until then we need to take our own oil before they do.


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