Thursday, July 29, 2010

WATCH: Chris Christie Tells Truth, NBC News Shocked


I really like this guy. What do you think about what he is talking about?


  1. I'm way impressed by him. He speaks the truth!
    I think teachers are special people but they don't deserve to be sheltered any more than anyone else. I'm a nurse. We don't make great money either and sure don't have those benefits. (or hours) But - I have a job! I knew going in about the hours, weekends, holidays and what the pay was. I can't complain - especially when others have no job or are making minimum wage.

  2. Chris, Maybe just me? but when you post MSLSD,NBC videos straight from the source I never see the story you intended?

    If what you intended was Christie on 'Morning Joe' I did view it earlier and it always fun watching lib talking heads squirm.

  3. Chris I Have The Same Problem That Christopher Is Having Thought It Was Just Me!

  4. Thanks guys. I'll see what I can do about it.

  5. Saw Rep. Wiener And He Is, Earlier On This Blog And He Was Going Beserk On Floor Of Congress Cause The "First Responder 9/11" Legislation Apparently Did Not Pass. Seemed Hard To Figure Out His Tirad Being So Angry! Perfect Example Of LEFT!

    He Was Blaming Republicans For Bills Failure BUT If I Remember RIGHT And I Do ,Dont The DEMONCRATS Have Clear Majority To PASS Anything. Wonder Why He Did Not Mention Demoncrats NOT Voting For Legislation.
    Me Thinks There May Have Been Other Issues Attached To The Bill That Frightened DEMONCRATS And Their Chances At Re Election In November.

    Left So Angry. Weiner May Also Need A Depends!


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