Monday, July 12, 2010

What Problems Have The Democrats And Obama Fixed?

When Obama was running for president he promised to fix a lot of Americas problems. He promised to change the way the world views us,he'd bring peace not war,he promised to fix Gitmo and Muslim relations,he'd make health care affordable to all Americans,he promised post racism not more racism,he promised stability in our economy,he also promised unemployment under 8% if we gave him the Democrats demands of almost $1trillion.                                                                                                         I've seen a lot of salesmen in my day and he is nothing more then a shyster salesmen that promises the world but can't deliver one thing. I don't know what his excuses are but he has had a majority in both houses of Congress like no other president in recent history. He has gotten everything the Democrats wanted. Why hasn't one of his community organizing theories worked the way he said they would? Is it Fox's and the Tea Party fault? Is it the minority Republican parties fault? Or is it just wrong ideologue thinking that history has proven time and time again to never work? He is following Woodrow Wilson and FDR failed policies to a T and yet they still work the same way they did for them,they don't work.                                                                   I'm serious now. What has he and Congress done that has worked the way they said? I'd like to give him credit where credit is due so please help me out my progressive friends. I asked this of my UAW/Democrat friends last week for a shutdown party. I never did get an answer other then "give him a chance" or "he just needs more time". Those aren't answers because Obama has had more then enough time. And where are all those liberals crying over the presidents choice to let BP handle the oil spill when it is his job to make sure this oil spill stops? But during that time Obama denied the foreign ships that could clean up this mess before it got to shore. The left is right that this is BP fault. But by not taking charge and making bad decisions about the Jones Act he has put out people and environment at greater risks. But the left can't even fathom their savior Obama screwed up big time. Now I know Obama has his plate full with suing Arizona for upholding the federal laws on illegal immigration and suing to stop oil drilling in the Gulf that is doing more harm to those in the Gulf. Do no harm Mr. President. Since the president and Congress can't solve one problem by making it better we need to fix it ourselves by getting rid of these inept fools. In November we can tie the presidents hands by voting against the Democratic party. Notice I didn't say vote Republican? That's because the Republicans aren't off the hook yet either. But when it comes down to it the Republican party is the lesser of two evils. And as far as I'm concerned we need all new blood in Washington, so vote them all out just to teach Washington a lesson they will never forget.


  1. Regime Has Fixed One Of My Problems. I Will NO Longer Worry About How To Spend My Money Regime Will Do It For Me.

  2. Thanks Chris - great job, keep it up!
    We all know, except those "Liberal Fools" from Harvard Community College, that the president started bashing the economy in 2006. It was his strategy to employ the 'bad economy' effect to get elected. Anyone who has ever taken Econ 101 knows that the single most important variable is Consumer Confidence. Since the "Big 0" led the charge to destroy our confidence to get elected, he's tried to switch gears and blame President Bush. He failed to take responsibility then, and lacks the moral courage to lead our nation out of his (self imposed) mess now. Maybe a graduate of Barstow Community College would have a better chance of that!

  3. hey its the drive by gangster mike, with his catch phrase education.

    So now he tanked the economy and forced Lehman brothers into bancruptcy and all the other things that actually affected the economy and consumer confidence? Mikie, you need to spend some time in reality if you think he was able to tank the economy in the spring of 2008.

    I'm not blaming the economy on Bush, but damn real things actually happened that killed the economy, not the words of a senator running for office.


  4. Joe, I think you need a little history lesson of why we are at this point in our economy, today.

  5. Economy Has Been Weak For Quite A While And All Politicans Have Had A Hand In It. The Blame Game Seems To Be The Policy Of The Politcans And That Is Working How?

    My Problem With This Regime Is They Have Done Nothing To Get Economy And Private Sector Moving. There Has Never Been A Strong Economy Any Where With A Unsubstainable Deficit And It Aint Going To Happen Now.

    With All The Bright Socialist, Communist And Marksist In This Regime There Is NO Reason For Our Economy To Come Back. Regime And Advisers Are Of The Ideaology That Has NEVER Worked To Make Strong Economy Any Where And It Aint Going To Happen With Any Of Their ISMs,Period!


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