Saturday, August 14, 2010

Calvin Coolidge On Conservative Republican Principles 1924

We could sure use a conservative Republican like Calvin Coolidge right now. This man and Harding gave us the roaring 20's we have all heard about. They did it by cutting the size of government by 1/2 and drastically cut taxes to all, including the rich. The only ones that would not want cuts in government spending are the liberals. They are the only ones that will lose in government cuts because the "fat" is all their programs. And without government assistance all liberal programs would die. But if we cut all the progressive programs or privatize them we all would win. But that would mean the liberals would have to fund their own programs. And we all know they don't do that to any magnitude. Liberals aren't that generous with their money. I think it's time we all decide what to do with our own money and cut the government out by 1/3. But that would mean we would have to help ourselves and each other out more. But I don't see any group having a problem with giving,other then the liberals. But they will learn to take care of themselves once given the chance. What do you think would be the best thing to do to get us out of this double dip recession?

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