Monday, August 23, 2010

Democrats Are The Ones Trying To Destroy Social Security

Posted by Erick Erickson
A headline at CNN back on August 13th proclaimed “Democrats to use Social Security against GOP this fall”.

There is just one problem.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that it is Barack Obama’s own debt commission that intends to destroy social security as we know it.

In addition to raising the retirement age, which is now set to reach age 67 in 2027, specific cuts under consideration include lowering benefits for wealthier retires and trimming annual cost-of-living increases, perhaps only for wealthier retirees, people familiar with the talks said.

On the tax side, the leading idea is to increase the share of earned income that is subject to Social Security taxes, officials said. Under current law, income beyond $106,000 is exempt. Another idea is to increase the tax rate itself, said a Democrat on the commission.

I’m sure this won’t stop the Democrats from demagoguing the issue and the Republicans will be too stupid to leave the Debt Commission or point out it is the President’s Commission doing the destroying, but the facts won’t change.

The Democratic President set up a debt commission and that commission intends to mess with social security. It is not the Republicans.

And here’s the thing: if the Democrats really do attack the GOP and demagogue on social security, the GOP members of the commission should quit. It’s that simple. They won’t though. Judd Gregg wants to leave the Senate having arrived at a lame duck bipartisan compromise to screw the country so he can be proclaimed “great” by the fringe we call the political class.


  1. The Demoncrats Will Use Any Issue Other Than The Ones Enacted By Them Over The Last 18 Months.

    If Demoncrats Run On Below Issues Oops!
    Socialized Insurance
    Illegal Immigration
    Their Leadership In Congress Since 2006
    Fanny Mae Freddy Max
    Lazering In On Jobs

    My Guess Is The Blame It On Bush Card Will Be Part Of Their Play Book I Hope. November Will Be Where The "Buck Stops".

  2. So how is that destroying SS?

    It seems that SS is in trouble under the current standards so finding a way to augment it shouldn't be considered destroying it right?

    I mean Reagan raised payroll taxes to solidify it, was that destroying it?

  3. Joe thanks to the Democrats in control SSI is going bankrupt 10 years sooner. That is how the Democrats are destroying SSI.

  4. How?

    Could you source that?

  5. Just For My Info Whom Opened The Lock Box To Let Of All People POLITICANS Get Their Grubby Hands On It? Was Not There Also A Vote That Gore Broke With His VOTE Cause Of 50/50 Tie In Senate?

    That Was Like Anything Else Involving Tax Payers And Politicans. Tax Payers Earn It Politicans Spend It. Is Social Secutrity Broke Because Of Politcians Raiding It Or System Being Under Funded Cause Politcans Raided It?

    The Perfect Example Of Politicans That DONT Answer To The Citizens. That Is What Must Be Changed. If Programs Are NOT Funded Simple NO Program. Our Chickens Are Indeed Coming Home To Roost And Politicans Should Have Chicken Shit ALL Over Them!

    Citizens Are Now Demanding Truth In Spending And Politicans Do Not Understand The Words.

  6. Joe, the CBO said it not me. That is the source. Joe thanks to the Democratic Party you wont get any SSI.


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