Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Economic Meltup: Open Debate

Could we be heading for an economic meltup or meltdown in the near future? If you think we are what are you doing to hedge against it? We have seen what the Democratic Party agenda has been doing to our markets. Take a close look at what Wall Street is doing and what the Obama admin is doing to business.


  1. Market WatchIndex Value Change
    DOW 10,418.87 -225.38
    S&P 500 1,092.93 -28.13
    NSDQ 2,212.42 -64.75

    This is in responce to the economy and anti-business policy. We are heading for a crash in the market that is by design. President Obama has his "fundamental change" to a nationalized economy. Great blog Chris. I found it on Google FYI.

  2. Wow Mike it looks like the stock market is tanking again. Thanks for the info. Most Americans forget that because of our 401k and IRA's we are all "greedy fat cats on Wall Street" that the Obama admin and the Democratic Party are so hell bent on going after. But when they see their funds dry up and they have to work till they die they will realize it. But by that time it will be too late.

  3. Regime Has Not And Will Not Be Private Sectors Savior. Economy Will Not Improve Until Regime/Ideaology Are Sent Packing. Name One Thing Regime Has Done To Strenghen Economy Or Create Jobs In 18 Months. Unions Are Stronger And Richer. Pelosi Thinks Unemployment Bennies Are Creating Jobs. We Must Help Ourselves Cause This Regime Is Not,Just Look At What They Have Done Or Not Done.

    The Stronger The Economy/Jobs The Weaker Regime Becomes And They Aint Going To Let That Happen.

    If We Do Not Take Back Some Of Their Power In November We Will Be Indeed On A Downward Path To Europian Style Socialism At Best And How Are All Those Nations Doing.

    Wall Street In Trouble Also Includes Millions Of Citizens With There Retirement Funds Being Erroded Away By Incompetence. The More Citizens DEPENDENT On Government The More Power/Control This Regime Gains And That Is Indeed Their Goal.

  4. yes, that 2,000 point rise is horrible.

    Funny the Dow goes up 2000 points during his presidency and he's a bad guy.
    Jan 26 2009 8,000.86 - Today 10,664.25

    The dow drops 4000 point during Bush's presidency and you guys don't say a word.
    apr 7 2008 13,325 - Nov 3rd 2008 8,943

    But the weeks price when he left office was 8,006 meaning the Dow lost 5,000 points while Shrub was in office.

  5. Joe How In The Hell Are Those Created Jobs Coming With This Regime? That Lazering Thingy From State Of The Union.

    How Those Numbers On Economy Growth Doing Joe?

    Stimulus Which Was Going To Make All Well Joe Where Are Those Frigging Jobs?

    The Best This Regime Has Done Is Unemployement Benifits That Pelosi Says Is Job Creation. Is That What The Created Jobs Are Joe UNEMPLOYMENT Bennies?

    Put All Those Wall Street Numbers Up There You Want Joe Cause Main Streets Whats Hurting. What Do You Think Joe?

  6. Jow do you remember what happened to the stock market when we found out Obama would win? That is when it started to crash. See Joe the market looks ahead. What do you think the stock market is looking at now?

  7. Jow where is the recovery?

  8. Chris, your buddy Mark was the one using the market prices to show Obama was failing, not me. I just countered his bullshit view with a little reality check.

    The market has gone up over all since his inaug.

    But your little unprepared comeback about the election doesn't take into account that the fall from the record high started long before Obama was a shoe-in to win the nomination let alone the presidency.

    oct. 1st 2007 14,000 to Oct. 6th 2008 8,400

    It would be 6,000 points under bush's watch. 6,000 .

    Under whose policies?
    Bush's policies!

    throw what deflections you got cuz those numbers don't lie. 6,000 points.

  9. Joe Average Citizens Can Buy How Much Food Or Put How Much Toward His House Payment With 6000 Points? No Answer Joe Ya Never Do To The Important Issues.

    On A Different Note Which Auto Company Will UAW Strike Next Year Joe? My Guess Is Ford. If Union Strikes Either Of The Other Two Their Bargining And Most Probablly Striking Themselves!

    Union Sure Got Their Moneys Worth Out Of This Regime. Citizens Are Taking A Screwing But Unions Doing Great.

    Where Are Those Jobs Joe?

    Understand Insurance Companies Are Already Raising Rates To Prepare For 2014. Its Not Fair But I Thought Regime Said Insurance Rates Would Not Go Up. Think Nomama Care Has Anything To Do With Private Sector Not Expanding Or Hiring NEW Employees. Thats The Job Creation Thingy Again And You Still Aint Answered That One Yet Either.

  10. Al, the union can't strike Gm or Chrysler it was part of the government bailout.

  11. Joe Still Dont Understand It. Governemnt Took Away YOUR Right To Strike. That Does Not Worry You Joe? But You Get What You Pay For So You Must Be For It.

    Public Unions Strike And Im Not Sure Is UAW Now Considered Public Union Or Private Sector Union?

    Understand Card Checks Coming Back Off The Back Burner. What Do You Think Of That Joe?

  12. Al, i believe in card check. Having studied the elections of past and present i think card check is the best way to go. It eliminate the long waits and stupid fucking games that are played.

    I am sure you'll have some reason to oppose it, on some ideological grounds.

  13. Joe I Guess My Reason To Oppose It Is Unfamiliar To You. Its That Secret Ballot Thingy, What A Silly Ideaology. Citizens Sign Card Against Union What Happens If Union Gets In?

    Joe You Have The Trifecta #1 Union,#2 Regime And #3 Citizens To Pay For It All.

    Wonder What Ideaology #1 & #2 Are Joe?


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