Friday, August 13, 2010

Hope Lost

Atlanta Crowds Riot for Gov't Handouts
EAST POINT, Ga. - Chaos unfolded outside an East Point shopping center on Wednesday morning as thousands of people gathered for their chance at receiving federal housing assistance. Video from the scene of the Tri-City Shopping Plaza showed a large group of people congregating in the parking lot despite extreme temperatures, and tempers were high.

People started lining up on Sunday in hopes of receiving an application giving them the chance to apply for Section 8 housing assistance. Those applications would put them on a waiting list for assistance.                                                                                                                                              This is one of the saddest things I've ever seen. 30,000 people out of a town of 40,000 people showed up to get an application for free housing. These people have lost hope and don't think they will find a home in the next few years. I can't imagine being so desperate and hopeless that I would wait in line for 2 days just to get an application for a section 8 housing that wont be ready for 2 years or more. This happening at the same time President Obama is telling us the worst is over now. Does it feel like the worst is over? I pray that things turn around soon. Because if they don't and more people loose hope in the government, that always lets us down, we will see people doing things they wouldn't normaly do. People are getting angry at the government they voted in because that government told them they would fix things if we gave them all our money and our kids and grandkids money. Those people were sold a bill of goods that has turned out to be useless and we haven't gotten the bill yet.                                                                                                                                                               We need to pray for these people that think the government could save them. We need to pray that they don't turn on society and just take what they need or want. When the Democratic Party is sanctioning the theft of the "wealthy" to "redistribute it" will the poor cut out the Democratic Party and just start taking from those that have? And just because the government is taking more from us doesn't mean we don't have an obligation to feed the hungry among us. We must still give of our free will as Jesus Christ asked us to do. When there are people begging for days in the hot sun for housing we need to realize how much we have. And we need to reach into our pantries or pockets to feed those less fortunate then us. Please take the time to reach out to these among us because "only by the grace of God go I". As a Christian I know that when I feed the hungry and less fortunate I'm feeding Christ. But you don't have to be a Christian to be compasionate to the less fortunate. Things are much worse then we know and we need to do all we can to help make this hard life easier for the suffering. I'm planing on fasting for a day so I can walk in their shoes. And with the food I didn't eat that day I will give it to the hungry. I have given most of my garden foods to the needy this year. And I have thanked God for all that He has abundantly given me. Pray,praise and give thanks that you are not the one waiting in line for two days to get a place to live. Put your hope in God not government and you will never loose hope. God Bless


  1. Hey Chris But The Stock Markets Up 6000 Pts. How Could This Happen? Wall Street Up. Main Street Down.

    Thank Goodness For OUR Politicans And This Regime For Making Economy and Jobs Their Priority Right After

    Socialized Insurance
    Illegal Immigrants
    Bail Outs
    Apologizing To World For US
    Congress That Must PASS Legislation To See Whats In It.

    November Cannot Come Soon Enough And Getting This Election RIGHT Will Indeed Either Keep Us Great And Unique Or Bring Us Down To Europes Level Which To Most Is Unaccepable!

    This Regime Makes Being A Great Nation Almost A Bad Thing And That Is Also Unacceptable!

  2. They got their obamamoney and it's worthless. This is what happens when you put your hope in the government or a political party. It is only getting worse on main street thanks to the voting public. Obama isn't your savior.

  3. Obamamoney? Whats that? That sounds racist? Are you a racist Anon?

    Money that is (or is to be) reditributed is derived from taxes extorted from Americans of all races that earn it.

  4. I think the Obamamoney went back to the Detroit thing where people thought they were getting money from Obama and they coined it as "obamamoney".

  5. AL, what a loser you can be sometimes. What happened in Atlanta is a sad fucking story and all it is to you is proof of your ideology. Shame on you.

    Oh, and by the way you got the numbers wrong too.

  6. Chistopher are you on drugs? "Obamamoney" isn't racist like "Husseincare". You know why you put his middle name in there. You are no different then JoeC. Two crazy UAW members bitching and race baiting.

  7. Joe The Sad Part And You Dont See It And That Is Your Style Is That These Citizens Were Promised Jobs By This Regime In January Joe!

    Not Hand Outs To Survive Joe And THat Is What This Regime Is After No Ideaology Just Fact Joe. You Can Be A A-Hole When Confronted By Facts And Once again With No Answer Your Bull Shit Starts. By The Way Joe Where Are Those Jobs?

    Wrong On Numbers Sorta Like You With Your Willie Horton Bull Shit. Wrong When You Blogged It, Wrong Now.

  8. Not wrong on Willie Horton. That was clearly a race-baiting platform. you are smart enough to realise that, but your in denial again.

    I'm glad that you see these people as facts in your partisan war on politics. Shows me the person you are deep down inside.

  9. Joe the sad part is these people would rather put their hopes in the federal government then in themselves and try and make it happen. Joe I think it shows us more of who you are then AL since you are the one reading into his statements.You are projecting again Joe. See Joe we see people as individuals and you see them as groups. Groups are easier to manage and that is why you do that. See conservatives beleive in the individual rights of peiople and that individuales govern themselves for good or bad. Prejudice falles under the group plateform that you progressives/Democrats love so much. Quiz youself on that for a while and I promise I will do a post on that one day. I'll call it individual rights vs group rights so you will know.

  10. Joe Politics Have Created For The Poor Trickle Down Poverty And I Am Ashamed Of That Policy How About You?

    Government Has Since About 1965 Fought War On Poverty And How Has That Worked Out? Just Like Creating Jobs ,Joe If Government Wants To Assist Poor Great But Then Get The Hell Out Of Their Way And Let Them Improve Their Lot.

    Government Has Tried And Failed Badly And To Think Poor Citizens Once Given The Chance Cant Has Always Been Politicans Mistakes.


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