Wednesday, August 18, 2010

JetBlue Job-Quitter Inspires Obama Attack Video: Is This an Effective Ad?


From Mediaite: Who needs SNL. The RNC, always a reliable source of distracting content online, has just posted this little gem inspired by the world’s favorite job-quitter Steven Slater. This particular ad depicts the rush of Democrats up for election this November off Air Force One to get away from the poll sinker that is President Obama. You guessed it, they use an inflatable slide. Is this a good ad? And if Obama and the Democrats did as a great a job like they keep telling us they've done then why is it no one want to be called a Democrat or have Obama campaigns for them? I think we might be missing the bigger point on why Democrats don't want Obama to campaign for them. The Democrats are RACIST. It can't be because of his failed policy. It's can't be because of the failing of Progressives ideology now can it? It's got to be the inherit racism within the Democratic Party. Now I hope you all know I'm kidding about that. But in reality will the Progressives blame race rather then their failed Progressive ideology? You know they will. The Progressives will do a name change,again. And as a smaller fringe they will blame whites, Christians and Jews like the bigots they have always been. Never once seeing their own flaws, but choosing to blame everyone and everything rather then blaming themselves. Just look at how they blame us because the Church at ground zero isn't built but the Mosque got cart blanch care from the government in NYC. Where is the the first amendment now? I bring these things up because liberalism is becoming a mental disease. And because it's a disease it has symptoms. We will see more and more violence from the left as we start baring down on their failed ideology and force them to see what really is instead of the fringe BS they have been feeding the world. Just like a drug addict at and intervention they will get angry and violent. Some will seek help and others will just go down farther into the rabbit hole. On another note are you ready for Isreal to protect themselves from Iran? Who wants to bet that the left will blame Israel for protecting itself from Iran?

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