Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reid Breaks With Obama On Ground Zero Mosque

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid broke with President Obama Monday over the proposed mosque near Ground Zero, saying the controversial Islamic center should be built elsewhere.Spokesman Jim Manley said in a written statement that Republicans should show their sincerity about sensitivity to Sept. 11 survivors by backing a high-profile bill to grant health benefits to rescue workers, something that stalled in Congress earlier this month.But at the same time, Manley put Reid on the record for the first time in the hyper-sensitive and volatile mosque debate."The First Amendment protects freedom of religion," Manley said. "Sen. Reid respects that but thinks that the mosque should be built some place else."Reid's comments added another high-profile voice to the mosque controversy. The president first stepped into the fray Friday when he appeared to endorse the Park 51 project during a Ramadan dinner at the White House. The next day, he clarified that he was merely commenting on fundamental religious freedoms -- not specifically on the "wisdom" of the mosque project. Then White House spokesman Bill Burton said Obama was not "backing off" his original remarks.Well maybe the left can make this about racism since their religious freedom straw man didn't stick. People are fed up with Obama and his insistence to go against the American people on every issue. Have you ever wondered why Obama and the left are always on the side of the terrorist organizations like Hamas?
A Hamas leader says Muslims "have to build" a mosque near ground zero.Mahmoud al-Zahar said Muslims "have to build everywhere" so that followers can pray, just like Christians and Jews build their places of worship.Al-Zahar spoke Sunday on "Aaron Klein Investigative Radio" on WABC-AM. He is a co-founder of Hamas and its chief on the Gaza Strip.Sen. Chuck Schumer says Al-Zahar's comments don't carry any weight because Hamas is a terrorist organization. Schumer hasn't taken a stand on the mosque.Rep. Peter King, who opposes the mosque, says he won't respond to Hamas.          We need to pray for these Muslims. We need to show the world what these Muslims intentions are with this mosque. We need to show the faces of the morners at ground zero when they hear the call to pray in Arabic as a reminder of the religion that promoted this kind of terrorism. In time the truth of why this Mosque was built at ground zero will come out. And when it does the world will see this religion for what it is.                                                            


  1. That is correct, Pinky (Sen. Reid) came out against the mosque near Ground Zero - but only after his opponent "Sharron Angle" blasted the president for his support of that same mosque. Sorry Pinky, a day late on this one!


    Here are just three examples of the fine upstanding Muslim leaders President Obama chose to host in the White House on Ramadan to make his announcement to in support the Ground Zero mosque:

    1. Ingrid Mattson, the head of a Muslim Brotherhood satellite organization, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), that was identified by the Justice Department as an unindicted coconspirator in a terrorism financing case (and was proved, in fact, to have sent money to Hamas);

    2. Salam al-Marayati, a self-described supporter of Hezbollah (and one Steve Emerson aptly describes as an anti-anti-terrorist); and

    3. Dalia Mogahed, an apologist for sharia’s subjugation of women who has embraced ISNA, CAIR and other Islamist groups in her role as an Obama appointee to the President’s Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

    The president has long been governing against the will of the American people. It’s good to see, concretely, whose will his governance favors. Given the choice between the 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America and ISNA, Obama chooses ISNA.

    But I'm sure THESE fine upstanding pillars of American society and peace and goodwill have no ulterior motives at all in wanting to construct this beautiful symbol of peace and harmony among all the nation's religions.

    What, you don't believe me?

    Obama's the main terrorist in America !!!

    Impeach Him NOW !!!

  3. Atleast Harry Reid understand that legally they have standing and that the opposition doesn't.

    I'm surprise Sharon Angle didn't offer "chickens to trade for moving it further away."

    Good to know Harry will be back in 2011 given the buffoon you guys are running against him.

  4. I think the people of NV see right through this Political banter from Harry 'Ass' Reid, he'll change his tune, back to the old Harry we love to hate, after the election... Win or Lose.

  5. Joe You Seem To Be Counting Chickens Before They Hatch!

    Just Like Progressives Spending Money We Dont Have.

    Joe Were Not Backing Reid I Assume When You Say "Buffon" You Agree With Us And Are Speaking About Dirty Harry.

    Whats He Going To Run On Joe? His Record. Oops All Gone!

  6. Al, i agree that Harry has done some dumb things, but your counting on a fool to beat him. Lowden was the best republican chance to beat him, but the morons didn't vote for her.

    Had they gone with the more moderate establishment candidate then Reid was done for. Now he has a great chance to win.

  7. Besides who is really counting their chickens Al? you've mentioned the shock i'm in for on nov 3rd a few times. Thats you doing the counting.

  8. "Now he has a great chance to win."
    Not when the polls have them in a dead heat. It will go either way.

  9. Now The Question Was Harry Reid Against Anchor Babies Before He Was For Them? Liberals Do Have A Way Of Flip Flopping And Think Nothing Of It.

    Guess They Dont Know That Past Posistions On Issues Can Bite You In The Ass But In Dirty Harrys Case Hes All Ass!


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