Sunday, August 15, 2010

What Would Reagan Do About Our Struggling Economy? Open Debate


  1. I've been reading more on the liberal perspective lately. It seems "socialism" isn't a dirty word in those circles. The left wing is readying themselves for a big fight it seems. They hate the Tea Party and conservatives with every fiber of their being. And they all feel it's their duty to mandate us to do what they want. I just don't get it. If they want socialism then why don't they just start a socialist commune where they can give their wealth to the commune? Oh, they already tryed that and it FAILED in the 60's? If a model fails then so will the larger version. It must be the drugs.

  2. Progressives Beleive "Cradle To Grave" Government Is The Way To Go. To Them Citizens Should Be Ruled And Not Governed.

    The Constitution Is Their Enemy And They Are Doing Their Best To Destroy It From Within Government.Progressives Need Citizens Dependant Upon Them. The More Citizens Can Do On Their Own The Less Power/Control They Have Over Citizens.

    Wheather Reagans Methods Would Work Now Is Open To Debate But I Know The Regimes Method Is Not Working. Regime Has Pushed Ideaology Before Citizens And That Will NEVER Work. JOBS Were Not The Issue This Regime Was Concerned About And The Issues They Have Dealt With Do NOTHING To Stimulate Economy And More Importantly CREATE JOBS.

    Reagan Would Have Gotten Out Of The Way Of Private Sector/Free Market Instead Of Throwing Obstacles In Its Path That Have Stagnated Job Growth. Regime Bailed Out Wall Street But Forgot About Main Street And To Me Its A Purposeful Act.

    Come November This Regimes Chickens Will Indeed Come Home To Roost. Citizens Are Not Going To Allow This Regime To Keep Up Its Agenda.

    Citizens Will Have To Change Political Make Up, See Whats Left And Move Forward. Politicans Must Learn They Are Just The Temporay Holders Of The Citizens Seats And NOT The Other Way Around! Just My Opinion!

  3. What would have Reagan done????

    I know what he did.

    Sure he passed a tax cut and a big one, but then he went and signed into law tax increases to reduce the budget and shore up Social security along with passing illegal immigrant amnesty.

    read about it here.

  4. Joe Were You Better Off With Reagan Or Better Off Now? Answer Please.

    His Amnesty I Also Disagreed With As I Do Now. To Be A Citizen Of OUR Nation You Should Have To EARN It And Crossing Border Illeagly To Me Is A Crime.

    On Friday Regimes Backed Mosque In New York City Citing Constitution!

    How Come Joe Regime Is Required By Constitution To Protect Our Borders But Is Not. Please Explain? Picking And Choosing Great Policy!


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