Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who Is The Extreme?

The Democratic Party has become too extreme. We need to get back to our founding principles of small government. And the only way we can do that is to get rid of these extremists in our government.


  1. Great Video, Chris. Puts their peril in to perspective.

  2. Problem With Their Peril Is It Is Also Citizens Peril And I Beleive That The "Buck Stops Here" Is With Citizens Not The Regime. Never Thought Demoncrats Could Do Worse Than CARTER BUT They May Have Even Out Done Themselves and Unfortunately Citizens Will Be Left To Undo The Mess.

    We May Indeed Be A ARROGANT Nation But Look At Any Nation Ever On This Planet And Name ONE That Has Done MORE For Other Nations Than We Have. We Have No Doubt Had Our Problems And We Do Eventually Fix Them. We Have Paid The Price To Be Arrogant And If Other Nations Through ENVY Cannot Handle It TOUGH!

  3. We just got hit with one of the worst storms I've seen in Mt.Clemens,Michigan area. We were lucky but many of my neigbors aren't so lucky. This storm hit hard and fast and most people don't have power. This was a bad one so please pray for the people that lost anything in the storm.

  4. Just saw this over on the Freep.
    MAN, hope everyone is OK over there!!!

  5. More fear mongering by the conservatives and Republican party.

    No positive agenda will be coming from the Republican party, so all they can do is try to scare the American people with this kind of shit.

  6. "Republican party, so all they can do is try to scare the American people with this kind of shit."
    The ones who are scaring everyone are the Democrats, proven by their socialist achievements in the past 18 months.
    The left has brought this on themselves, Bruce.

  7. Bruce In Nobamaville You Just Lose All Sense Of Common Sense.

    Whats Really Scarey Is The Direction This Regime Is Attempting To Take This Nation BUT Bruce Aint Going To Happen. Most Citizens UNLIKE You Think For Them Selfs And No When There Smelling Shit Unlike You Who Has To Taste It To Be Sure.

    Scarey Bruce Is Economy /Jobs Which Citizens Can Now See This Regime Is Killing By Design Cause As Brilliant As Liberals Say This Regime Are They Would Have To Be Pretty Stupid To Go Down The Road Their Taking.

    Bruce Economy/Jobs In Toilet Where Are The Politicans On Vacation Bruce Till When? When They Get Back KNOW Doubt There Will Be Crisis To Conquer, Wonder If Creating Jobs Will Ever Get On This Regimes Agenda. Nobama Is The Leader Of His Party And Name One Thing He Has Done To Creat Jobs Just One? Now Thats SCARY!

  8. Al, creating and saving jobs has been on the Democrats' agenda since day one, for crying out loud. There are statistics and data that backs up the fact that the Democrats had a positive, forward looking agenda.

    Republicans want to go backward to the dark ages. You can live there if you want to, Al, but I prefer to move forward into a better future.

    You still haven't names one positive thing the Republicans would do if they had power again. NOT ONE!!!!!!!!

  9. Bruce How About This GOVERNMENT Get The HELL Out Of The WAY Of PRIVATE SECTOR And Let The FREE Market Work! Pelosi Says Unemployment Bennys Is Creating Jobs! Case Closed! So Easy Bruce.

    Republican Im Not Conservative I Am. Beleive The Party Of "NO" Is Right On Spending. Before Government Spends Tax Payers Money The Very Least Government Should Is HAVE That Money To Spend PERIOD! Hows That Bruce!

    Whats The Demoncrats Plan After 18 Months Actual Unemployment 16% Or So Economy In Shambles,Jobs Created ZIP! Quite A Plan Bruce. Please Dont Bring Up Bush! Nobama Was Part Of Congress That Voted For Big Spending After 2006 So Hes Part Of The Problem Even Before He Became The Problem.

    Congessional Hearings On Baseball(Game) Find Clements May Have Lied.

    Fanny May ,Freddie Max Bubble Burst(NOT a GAME) Yet Where Are Those Hearings?

    Seems Baseball Important To Politicans Citizens NOT So Much!

  10. Chris Went To My Resatraunt At Shook/Jefferson Power Still Out. That Area Got Hit Hard But Citizens Are Tuff And Will Make Due!

  11. It's really bad by me, but we are the few homes that have electricity. I had to help out some family and friends today. There are a lot of electric fires around us. AL you made me spit my juice out laughing about calling Bruce a shit eater. One day you will have to show your family and friends some of the funny things you've said over these months on this blog.

  12. Bruce if jobs has been job one then all the Democrates actions have been epic fails. AL is right about you Bruce. You don't know shit from Shinola. Between you and JoeC you two wouldn't know a recovery if it feel on ya.

  13. Bruce the Democratic party is going forward full speed ahead right over the cliff. The Republicans want to turn us around. How dumb are you to want to keep adding debt to save us? The only fix the Democrats have is debt to our kids and growing government which we will have to pay for and growing unions. If you want to live in a socialist community then start up a commune and give them everything you have.But we know you wouldn't even give a nickel to watch Mohamed ride a bike. Why don't you spread your own wealth first Bruce you cheep bastard?

  14. Chris - thanks for your kind comment over at my blog. I'm learning how blogging works.

    As to your blog, it is certainly well-executed; obviously, you are very passionate about your political beliefs. Personally, I am a recovering Republican who ran away to México some years ago. I was a young republican about a million years ago, working on campaigns for Gingrich and Wamp, among others. Both of those guys sold out to the same machine, in my mind, and truth be told, there seems to me to be very little difference between the D's and the R's. Since becoming a businessman in Latin America, I've learned the most practical school of politics, realpolitik: take care of you and yours first, then worry about the rest. I will be following your blog. Saludos. GJ

  15. I love Mexico. And I agree the Republican Party lost it's way just like the Democratic Party has done to a larger extent. I hope the Republican Party can stick to it's conservative roots this time. If they don't then the Libertarian Party will take hold in this country.

  16. Bruce, the Dems led their party in control on their agenda that only simple minded Americans would not recognize as a threat to a Free Markets society. Quite of few of us did our homework about what the Dems have become.
    Now un-checked the truth has reared its ugly head.
    The Dems ignorance to mainstream America will, is spelling doom for the Party of Tax and Spend.

    The old Republicans are slowly being shown the door, also. A new bread is on the horizon that scares the H*LL out of liberal.

    We are ready, energized and read to re-birth American greatness, to a society of prosperity based on founding principles.

    Don’t like it, look across the river, Canada might be more of your liking.

  17. None of you TEA BAGGERS know shit about being Libertarian. Thats a fucking joke, the libertarian party.

    True Libertarians don't give a shit who gets married, they don't care if you smoke dope, they don't care if gay couples adopt.

    Your not libertarians your big moralism government.

  18. Joe Sounds Like You Got Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed. Try The Right Side You Might Like It!

    Joe We Do KNOW About Liberals/Progressives And That Is NO Joke! Time For Cup Of Tea!

    Long Ride In The Country Today Golf On Saturday Trying To Do My Best To Stimulate The Economy. Hows That Lasering Thingy With Jobs Going In That big transparent government Oops their on vacation.

  19. Joe you are only looking at the far left in the Libertarian Party. Not all Libertarians are liberal or conservative you dope! Libertarians believe in states rights. And they might vote against those liberals things just like conservatives. Or they might vote with them you dolt.


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