Saturday, September 11, 2010

Daily Kos: Right Wing Wants to Behead People


What are your thoughts on the way the left view Christians and Jews in this country?


  1. Chris, you need to separate Americans of Jewish heritage and Israelis. Isreal isn't the same as the left leaning Jewish culture here in America.

    Most Jews are left leaning or moderate, not rightwing.

  2. Chris, Markos has it exactly right. There is no difference between fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Muslims.

    The point he makes is completely valid. Fundamentalist Christians may not see themselves that way, but it is true. If you put yourself in the category of a fundamentalist, how are you different from a Muslim fundamentalist that wants to stone women who commit adultery?

    Name one way at your core that you differ from a fundamentalist Muslim.

  3. Wow Joe you want the Jews in that small of a box now? Should I call them those Jews and them Jews? Or Jew light and Jew?

  4. Are Christians calling for the heads of anyone? Are Christians saying they will kill a whole country if they don't agree? It's ni9ce to see you calling the radical Muslims fundamentalist. But Christians are called to love their enemy not kill them and treat them like cattle. And if "fundamentalist Christians" are no different then "fundamentalist Muslims" then why does the left all ways side with the Muslims and never with the Christians? Do you think we can't see past your bullshit word games and name calling?

  5. Don't you liberals realizer that you are the reason why Muslims hate America? You go against everything that is right. You liberals are Sodom and Gamorra all over again and then you wonder why no one like you.

  6. After Listening To That Crap I Can See Why Lib Media Has A Hard Time With Listeners BUT On the Other Hand Did Not Have To Look Atem So That Was A Plus!

    If Isreal Was LEFT In Its Ideaology It Would Be Gone Cause FUZZY NICE And Good Intentions Does Not Work With Fanatics.

  7. Chris,

    I am not a 'fundamentalist' and do not believe you are either but rather just simple Christians.

    That said I loved your line;

    "And if "fundamentalist Christians" are no different then "fundamentalist Muslims" then why does the left all ways side with the Muslims and never with the Christians"?

    I cannot wait for the answer! That is if it is forthcoming?

    As to Joes point on the difference of Jews between those in the U.S. and those of Israel, I would have to agree but add that those in the U.S. that are on the left do so either out of ignorance or utter stupidity as this is to their peril. Anti-semites could careless about the political ideology of any Jew, they die just the same

  8. The One Difference At This Time Between Fundamentalist Muslims And Christians Is Only Fundamentalist Muslems Have Flown Air Planes Into OUR Buildings Killing Thousands!

    Then You Have Fundamentalist Liberals Who Have NO Problem Killing Babies By The Thousandsa So I Guess It Depends What Fundamentalist You Are Talking About.

  9. Wow, Al, so that's the only difference, is that Christian fundamentalists haven't flown planes into buildings YET!

    That's quite an admission, Al.

    As far as education, women's rights, wanting women to be subservient to men, and on and on, Christian and Muslim fundamentalists agree.

    Thanks for confirming my point.

  10. Bruce The Only Point Im Confirming With You Is The One You Put Your Tin Hat On.

  11. Chris said...
    Don't you liberals realizer that you are the reason why Muslims hate America? You go against everything that is right.

    So now the anger at America is justified??? Because both the American right and the Muslim right now hate us for the same reasons?

    I don't know where your going but its not liberals that make America hated. We didn't get Afghanis all riled up with a potential Quran burning. No, that was the right.

    This whole page has just gone downhill in its points and theories..

  12. Joe What Got The Muslems In Afganistan All Worked Up Was Not The Pastor And His Merry 50 Followers But Tha Main Stream Media Who Just Played It To The Hilt Knowing The Reaction That Would Occurr. And That Joe Is A Left State Run Media So That Ball Is In Your Court!

  13. I never said it was justified. I was pointing out that according to their beliefs liberalism goes against everything they believe. They kill homosexuals and all the other things you liberals find "normal". The only thing you liberals and Muslims have in common is your hate for America and Capitalism. I am a Christian that believe in loving your neighbor not beheading him like Muslims do all the time and Christians don't. The Bible teaches us to love them while the Qua'ran teaches to behead non-believers or imprison them. And Joe if all it takes is 35 people from on Church in BFE to set off the Muslims then we are at war with Islam no matter what you libs say. Because Islam is at war with us and our freedoms. Don't worry Joe Muslims hate the Christians from the right as well and that is evedent with their killing of us in their own country. All I was pointing out is that you libs and you lifestyles go against Islam to the core. You are nothing more then a zombie Joe. You have as closed a mind as I've seen and you turn around and say how open minded you are. LOL


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