Friday, September 3, 2010

Hillary Clinton For President. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA

DeJean said that he thinks people are having buyer’s remorse about President Barack Obama and says the current administration is ruining the Democratic Party.
DeJean’s ad is currently receiving air time in New Orleans and is planned to run in other major cities, including Washington, New York and Los Angeles. You have got to love it. Do we need any more proof of the ineptitude of this admin? Hillary Clinton doesn't think much of the President if she is doing this to him. It's time we get rid of them all before they do something really stupid.


  1. Sounds Like A Grate Idea To Me. Maybe Jimmy Carter Is Available For Running Mate. A Cabinet Of Al Gore, Frankin,Dirty Harry,Pelosi, Shummer Barney Frank And Chris Dodd. Now This Would Be NIGHTMARE!

  2. Off Topic A Bit Does Anybody Else Think Its A Wee Bit Unuasual That Sheriff Arpiao In Arizona Is Being Sued By Regime For Not Turning Over Documents But He And Other Law Enforcement Officals Cannot Ask Illegals For Their Documentation. Must Be Part Of That Hope And Change Thingy AGAIN!

  3. No AL!Sheriff Arpiao In Arizona is a fucking racist just like you assholes on this blog!

  4. I think it is bullshit that H.C. is doing this to her boss President Obama. It will only hurt the Democratic party.

  5. ASSNOMONOUS Once Again You Speak As The COWARD You Are! You Must Certainly Be A Law Breaker Or Even A Illegal But No Matter You Gotta Be One Big HEMORROID How Else Could You In Your Wisdom KNOW So Much About Rectums!

    As Far As Hillary Hurting Demoncratic Party Nobama Has Done A GREAT Job All By Himself!

  6. Al, don't be so hard on this anon, cuz you don't treat the rightleaning retard Anon the same way.

    As for Sheriff Joe, he really is an asshole. There's nothing nice about him. He is corrupt and uses taxpayer sheriff dept to intimidate public citizens who don't agree with him. He's a caricature made real and whole of the southern redneck racist sheriff.

  7. Joe Number One The Assdnomunus Is Just That Period!

    Being In Law Enforcement And Being Nice Do Not Always Meet I Would Suspect. You Gotta Show Me That Corrupt Thingy.

    Using Tax Payers To Intiminate Public Citizens Do You Mean Criminals Or Illegal Aliens. I Would Assume Both Groups Do Not Agree With Him How Bout You?

    Government Sueing Arizona Over Law That Feds Have And Wont Enforce. Securing Borders Always Thought Was Federal Responibility.

    Name Another Administration That Has Taken A State Law To Of All Places The U.N. Human Rights Commision That Has As Members Human Rights Violators. Guess OUR Court System Is Not Good Enough And Another Example Of This Regime Lowering OUR Nation To Meet Other Nations Lower Standards. Thats Plain Stupid!

    Joe This Regime Is NOT Trying To Keep Up With Other Nations. This Regime Is Pulling Back On Our Throttle So We Can Fall Back Into The Pack. Name ANY Other Administration That Has Done That And Joe Most Citizens Aint Going To Let That Happen. How About You?

  8. Joe One More Thingy Any Body That Calls Be A Ass Hole I Tend To Get Angry At How About You?


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