Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mo' Money Obama Want More Of Our Money

Who would have thought that none of the past 4 stimuluses would have done little to help the economy? Who would have thought that they would be asking for more of our money? Who would have thought that they would want more of our money and then blame Bush, the Republicans and the businesses that give us jobs? Who would have thought that they would punish the businesses that give us our jobs for their mistakes? I wonder why they hate the 'rich' so much? Is being 'rich' all it takes to make a Democrat hate you and punish you? Just think of all those 'rich' people in the past that got credit for making America what it is. When was the last time the unions did anything great like add something to the economy? Why were there so many union shirts at the Presidents speech? And why did they have to beg students to fill the last 75 seats for Obama's rant? Aren't businesses hurting just like we the people are? How does taking away profit from the growing companies and stock holders(grandma and grandpa) help the economy? How do these added taxes help keep or bring companies to America? How do added taxes make us more competitive in the global market? Isn't our debt and government spending hurting our countries growth and security? How is it if the Democrats take more money from let's say Ford, will Ford have more profit to share with the UAW? I just don't see why the UAW would want to do something that would hurt their profit sharing? (I can't wait to hear the unions bitch when they have to pay the obamacare Cadillac tax when the court finds it unconstitutional). Then why do they keep spending more of our futures money instead of cutting costs and becoming a leaner more agile entity? If that is the right direction what is the Democrats destination? It sure does seem like this admin and the Democratic party are out for blood and they wont be happy until they get most of the businesses, that make jobs and real growth, poorer and less productive. Lets see how many more American made cars we sell here and abroad with an added take put on them and all American made products. Wasn't a big selling point of the first stimulus bill infrastructure? What am I saying? These are the same people that said that unemployment wouldn't go past 8%,that debt was bad, that abortions and "you can keep your doctor",that they were change,that they would make things better not much worse,that they would make our enemies like us...? Now I see why they couldn't fill the seats in a small auditorium. Most people can lie to themselves why waste your time listening to a man that hasn't gotten anything right yet? I'd sooner watch the Three Stooges then Obama,Pelosi and Reid, I'd get more out of it. Enjoy the day because soon there will be 35 people at a FL church burning Quar'ans and that will be all it takes to set the Muslim world and the MSM on end and in "Allah Akbar" mode. If all it takes is 35 people not acting Christian to set off the Islamic religion then maybe we need to start asking them why they can do unspeakable things to Christians,Jews,Hindus...and even other Muslims, they threaten us and everyone with death and jihad at the drop of a hat! We and the MSM have no problem pointing out the 35 stupid people burning the Quar'an but forget about the thousands of Muslims calling for the death of all Americans because of it! Let's stop acting afraid of the cricket and focus on the bear about to kill you. And knowing the left they will blame the cricket for pissing off the dangerous bear instead of blaming the bear. But it all must make perfect sense to them.

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