Monday, September 6, 2010

Sharpton: State Senate Seat Is Black 'Heir' Property

This just oozes racism. I wouldn't like it if a white leader said this and I don't like it when a black leader does it. But what I don't understand is why the left are so excepting of this kind of thing within their ranks?

“When we talk about 1776, we really can’t celebrate that.”


  1. Really this is typical of the left no matter their color of skin, they believe they are owed everything?

  2. An audit completed by a private firm shows that Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) is in such poor financial shape that it might not survive. The audit was sanctioned by NAN, which reviewed the organizations 2008 records, the most recent available.

    According to a copy of the audit obtained by the New York Post, the firm, KBL, concluded: “The organization has suffered recurring decreases in net assets — and has been dependent upon advances from related parties and the nonpayment of payroll tax obligations — to maintain continuity. … These circumstances create substantial doubt about the organization’s ability to continue.”

    The audit also said that NAN still owed $1.348 million in delinquent city, state and federal taxes and penalties at the end of 2008. And according to the Post article, “the IRS has filed dozens of liens against NAN over the past decade, including one as recently as April of this year.”

    In addition, last year, the Federal Elections Commission fined Sharpton $285,000, in part for illegally using NAN funds to fund his 2004 presidential campaign. The Post also found that NAN was named as a defendant in five lawsuits.

    But according to NAN spokeswoman Rachel Noerdlinger, the organization is improving. “We determined not to file bankruptcy but to make NAN solvent, which we clearly have done and will be reflected in [upcoming reports],” she told the Post.

    Yet some are still waiting to see NAN’s new financials. The Post notes that the organizations has requested an extension from the IRS for filing its 2009 report.

  3. Perfect Example Of Politicans Beleiving The Peoples Seat Belongs To Them. When Citizens Vote For Same Politicans Over And Over Again With Politcans Doing Nothing To Earn Their Vote All That Occurrs Is The Politican Feels Empowered More Which Means They Do Less For Citizens. The Day Of The Career Politican Should Be OVER And The Elite 535 In Washington DC Should Be Held To The Same Standards That Local, State And The President Are Held To TWO Terms And Their OUT!

  4. Poor Al, doesn't he realize that "death and taxes are the only imperatives" Ben Franklin. However, since Al doesn't know 'jack' about US doesn't surprise me.

  5. Al's an assclown. When will you get it throw your head that he doesn't speak for us on the left. He speaks for Al. I don't know a single liberal who listens to that dude. The only way i know what Al is doing is through your blog.


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