Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tea Party Protesters Get In Obama's Face

President Barack Obama's motorcade drives towards the White House past Tea Party protesters on Pennsylvania Avenue as he returns from playing basketball at Fort McNair in Washington, Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

 I'm sure the Organizer-N-Chef wishes he was back on the other side of the protests. Since he has taken office and since the Democratic Party took over our political scene we have grown our poverty class to record levels and our true unemployment is rising along with it. Do you remember when the Democratic Party bitched about unemployment when Bush was president? And his average unemployment was at 5.2% for his terms. Do you remember the checks we got and the tax breaks with the recession Bush got? We came out of that recession in no time plus we were given the money to spend.  It made a tangible impact on our economy. But this time around the Democratic Party gave our money to  who they chose. Like the unions,big businesses that were too big to fail. Aren't those big businesses still to big to fail? How is this admin. helping out the young and the black? Blacks are poorer now and unemployment among blacks is at around 16% and young peoples unemployment is at around 23% now. The stimulus's haven't done anything they were promised to do. In fact things not only haven't gotten better but instead they have gotten worse. Our health care costs haven't gone down like Obama and the Democratic Party told us it would. In fact the price of insurance has gone way up even faster then before. And the cure the Democrats have come up with is to threaten those insurance companies for reacting to the new legislation coming their way. I'm sure that will build confidence in the businesses that create jobs. But that is the Democratic Parties way now. They threaten businesses with the strong arm of the government to create jobs and then they wonder why the job creators stopped creating jobs. Idiots!  But the protesters and companies better watch out for this regime. A kid of 17 in London  sent a email to President Obama while he had been drinking heavy and this admin. response was to visit the kids and tell him he can never come to America again. Talk about an admin. that is totally unhinged and overboard with their reactions. They need to start acting like leaders instead of schoolyard bullies. An WE THE PEOPLE need to stand up more for our right when our government become tyrannical to it's citizens and the businesses that our citizens stated that give jobs to WE THE PEOPLE.


  1. Gerald Celente; "The 2nd American Revolution has already begun"!

  2. At first you guys were amusing. All the little "funny" names and references to things alot of ya know nothing about, but you've really jumped the shark.

    2nd American revolution??? GD that is F-ing hilarious. (and i watched my language too.)

  3. Joe The Funny Things You Talk About Joe Is This Regime And What It Is Doing To This Great Nation.

    I See Nothing Hilarious In

    Regime That Sides With Illegals Over Citizens

    Regime That Thinks Socialized Insurance Is Best And Will Lower Health Care Cost.(Oppps) Plus Citizens Get The Bonus Of Losing Freedom Of Choice.

    Regime That Has Spent More Money(We Dont Have) Then All Other Administrations Put Together. Its That Spend Money You Dont Have To Get Out Of Debt Thingy.

    Regime That Promised Transparentsy In Government. What They Did Not Say Is You Would Need X-Ray Vision To See That Transparentsy.

    Regime That Says We Must Pass The Bill To See Whats In It.

    Regime That Says To Get Stimulus The Unemployment Rate Would Not Go Over 8%. Regime That Says At State Of The Union Address That Jobs Would Be Lazered In On And Waited Till September And Mid Terms To Act.

    Regime That Says Unemployment Benifits Is Actually Creating Jobs.

    Joe Its Just Hilarious Aint It!

  4. AL, strange that you would comment, because your one of the few here without all the pretentiousness. But i am encouraged that you put together a paragraph without the words, "wait till November."

    On you on some new Al's heimers medicine?

  5. Joe Read Your Last Sentence" On You On Some New Als Heimers Medicine" You Either Need The Same Medicine Or Breathilizer Your Choice.

    Oh " Wait Till November" Forgot!

  6. That was a thing of beauty! Mr. President, can you hear me now? Also, good brief Al.


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