Friday, September 24, 2010

These Cry Baby Liberals Need Mental Health Care


Keith Olbermann noted on Countdown tonight that “this is the day health care reform began to take effect.” He then quickly added the Democrats celebrated the enactment of the bill today by saying…nothing. It’s safe to say he wasn’t thrilled by this…and (surprise!) it’s even safer to say his guest Michael Moore isn’t enamored of Democrats currently, either.So Olbermann and Moore took their turns taking shots at Democrats for being spineless (and some shots at Republicans for good measure), with Olbermann asking, “Where is the leadership?” and Moore saying, “We look ridiculous.” Moore even, in a sly bit of cross-promotion, said the day so discouraged him that he rather watch NBC’s Thursday night comedy lineup. It's so sad that these liberals are taking all these massive liberal bills and crying about them not being liberal enough. I'd like to know what percent of their checks they give to the uninsured? Why don't they do something other then bitch about it like a bunch of helpless pigs? This whole time the Democratic Party was making the Tea Party conservatives their enemies they forgot about the Progressive enemy within the Democratic Party. The parasite always destroys the host.

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