Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hacker Group ‘Anonymous’ Sends Open Letter to Glenn Beck

The hacker group “Anonymous,” which has claimed responsibility for tormenting companies which have cut off Wikileaks, has published an open letter to Glenn Beck “to set the record straight” regarding who they are and what they do. Since there are so many left-wing liberal terrorist groups and left-wing violence it's easy to overlook most of them. This left-wing terrorist group has taken it to a new level even for liberals.
The letter from the group, which says it’s not really a group, is below:

Mr. Beck,
We have no problem with those who criticize us. We understand that freedom of speech includes the right to speak out in criticism of those whom you may not agree with. We have many critics, and we respect their first amendment rights.
However, in your recent comments, it seems that you and/or your editing team have mixed up a few details during your research on us. We at Anonymous wish to set the record straight, so that you and your audience will be better informed about us and our objectives. Hopefully, this will reduce some of the anxiety you may feel towards us in the process.
You see, Mr. Beck, we are not an organization. We have no leaders. We have no official spokesperson. We have no age, race, ethnicity, color, nationality, or gender. Anyone who claims to speak for all of us is, quite frankly, a liar. To be clear, the gentleman known as Coldblood was not sanctioned by anyone but himself to speak on our behalf.
Your attempts to formally link Anonymous to Wikileaks were misguided. We are not formally linked to Mr. Assange, to Wikileaks, or the break-off operation, Openleaks. To reiterate, we are not an organization of any kind.
You spoke of revolution as though it is necessarily a bad thing. Let us remind you that America was founded upon revolution. Furthermore, the world we live in today is the result of numerous revolutions that have occurred throughout human history – many of them being positive, and resulting in advancements for all of humanity.
You seem to imply that we are revolutionaries. We do not object to this – in fact, it pleases us.
Neither Wikieaks nor its founder have been charged with any crime in connection to any of the published leaks. Thus, we at Anonymous see any actions directed at silencing Wikileaks as an assault on our freedom of information and the freedom of those at Wikileaks to publish as they see fit.
Whether young or old, political or apolitical, moderate or hard-liner, the issue of freedom of speech and information affects us all. Please do not aspire to make the Wikileaks issue more divisive than it already is, Mr. Beck.
We embrace everyone from all walks of life, from all corners of the earth, to join us in our quest to protect and further enhance not only our rights to freedom of information and freedom of speech, but all of our human freedoms.
You are welcome to talk to us at anytime. We will answer any further questions you may have. After further dialogue, perhaps then you will see that you and we are not so different. Anonymous can be anyone, anywhere, at anytime, and that includes you and your audience as well, Mr. Beck. We simply wish to see the freedoms of all Americans and all citizens of Earth to be at the very least maintained, and wherever possible, strengthened and enhanced to their fullest extent.


  1. While I don't nessesarily agree with some of what these wikileaks supporters are doing, I actually agree with what the letter says.
    Freedom of speech is important to all of us and we should be on guard. Asange is probably NOT a good guy, and he is NOT for America, but the right to free speech is one of the most important things/rights/freedoms anyone has.

  2. Herbalpagan On most parts I do agree with you. Freedom of Speech must always be protected period.

    On the Wikileaks matter my problems is with the people in charge of keeping our secrets Oh Secret. Still do not understand how one PFC could have such access to the info he released to Wikileaks. Now to me thats the problem and the Military must do whats needed to prosecute people involved in the leaks and make sure that only proper personnel have access to information.
    I also beleive certain info within OUR diplomatic agencies must also be secure. When its handed to news media on silver plater NOW they are going to release it cause circulation to them IS the bottom line. Long ago it may not have been released here when Journalism stood for more than circulation. Just my opinion.

  3. HA, this communiqué speaks volumes of hypocrisy.
    They say "we at Anonymous see any actions directed at silencing Wikileaks as an assault on our freedom of information and the freedom of those at Wikileaks to publish as they see fit."

    But then why don't they come out in the open and not hide behind a calling of 'Anonymous'???

    So, Anonymous, we'd like "our" freedom of information, that you hold so endearing, on WHO you really are.
    Or is it that it's only a good thing on your side of the fence.

  4. "We are not formally linked to Mr. Assange, to Wikileaks, or the break-off operation, Openleaks."

    I take that as an admission that they are informally linked.

  5. One good thing came out of the Wikileaks. They found out that Iraq did indeed have WMD. The left must hate being wrong all the time. The letter is fine but the actions and threats of cyberwar are not.

  6. Liberals never want for themselves what they demand of others.

  7. Are they lefties??? Couldn't Anon be libertarians? Rightwing John Birchers or someone like that? Sure there probably alot of anti-government types involved but not all have to be lefties. There's lots of anti-government righties too.

    Truthers like Alex Jones (self-appointed righty libretarian) aren't lefties.

  8. lol...but not at the places they told us they where...

    Wow, thats really an indictment of the bush admin for lying. They had small time evidence of some chemical weapons, but choose not to mention them becuase they were just leftovers hangin around and instead lied to us with times and places that ended up being not true.

    I think the left won that one.
    Bush lied Soldiers died 1
    Iraq had WMD's O

  9. Joe If the Left won the WMD thingy and with their majority in all three elected branches of the federal government WHY were not Congressional hearings held on Pelosi's claim she was lied too! Just seems to me that with this regime pointing fingers and blaming others is part of their MO! Seems it would be fairly simple to find out the LIAR from the Liee!

    Facts in open session of Congress would put the matter to bed but it seems the left for some reason does not want all FACTS out either. Wonder why? Dont you.

  10. Al, i think this administration has stepped away from the he/she said aspect of the Wars and left it behind. Now in 2006 the congress may have wanted to pursue things, but now there are more pressing matters.

    and the fact that hearings were or were not held isn't an indication of anything but speculation. Clearly from day one the Obama admin has stepped away from why we are there to when we will leave. It was the right call. Its not about why after this many years, its about how we get out.

    And its not about winning the he said/she said to me either. I just wanted to remind chris that the wiki-leaks reports were not the exoneration he pretended them to be in a way that he would appreciate.

  11. No Joe they don't"all have to be lefties" it just so happens most of them are. Why do you take things to absolutes to try and prove a fact? The fact is that most,by a far margin of violence,riots,attacks,cyberwarfar etc...are from the lefties. I haven't seen one libertarian group cause the kind of damage the liberals have. The anti-government seems to alway lay with the liberals. While the small government types lay with the conservatives/Libertarians. It is your side Joe that is anti-government or big government, we just want small government that protects our rights and nothing more. Get it right and stop lieing Joe!

  12. Joe Iraq had WMD and they used them on the Kurds. People are not "small time evidence". Hussein had more then enough time to move the WMD out of his country. It is a lie the left like to spread that there were no WMD in Iraq. This Wikileaks proves that ther left and the Democratic Party lied about it. Talk about conspiracy theories. I bet you window lickers love winter?

  13. Chris, wow two amazingly divergent posts and yet the rhetoric is nearly the same.

    so lets examine your first one.

    chris says, "t just so happens most of them are. Why do you take things to absolutes to try and prove a fact?"

    Simply because you have no proof that Anon is a lefty and it is only assumption on your part.

    and you always offer up an unsupported accusation of the lefts so-called violence. nothing more than your feelings.

    As for righwing anti-government agitators there are many examples of them. Currently we have the Hutree as a recent one. What did these god fearing rightwing Christians wish to do? Start an anti-government revolution.

    And i don't recall one leftwing socialist nut committing the act of violence that rightwing nutcase Tim McVeigh did.

    As for the second post Yes he had used the weapons on the 1988 during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. a terrible thing and yet not the proof you are looking for to back up your claims.

    As for proof that the left lied about it, please show me where? I'd love to see more from you than your feelings and assumptions. And not just some silly Glenn Beck Video or rightwing blog you plagiarized.. Some facts and figures from reliable sources.


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