Friday, December 31, 2010

‘Truther’ TV Crew Left Bloodied in Video Confrontation With Cops Guarding Obama

A government “truther” public access TV crew trying to catch a glimpse of president Obama on vacation in Hawaii caught something else on video: police stalking them, confronting them, and then bashing their camera. That last act led to a bloodied finger. Doesn't it seem like things have gotten much worse since the Democrats took over? It's like everyone is in a pressure cooker since they took us to the far left with their social agenda. The worse part is it will effect the left as much as the right. I thought that their was a lot of social unrest under Bush and the Democrats in both houses of Congress. But it hasn't gotten better like they promised. It's gotten much worse and I'm afraid it will get worse before it can get better.

KITV reports what happened next:
At this point Sherri Kane, who describes herself as an investigative journalist, looked into the camera and said, “Behind us we have the Secret Service following us now so this is kind of exciting.”
Exciting turned to scary after they pulled into a gas station. On their video, a police officer approached the car and said, “Stay in the car. Put that camera off of me.”
Producer Sativa Jones can be heard saying “OK.”
The women said police vehicles and up to five officers surrounded the car, demanded IDs and registration without explanation. Then without warning an officer reached into the car and grabbed Jones’ camera.
“He grabbed it out of my hand and then he slammed it on top of the car,” Jones said. She said the camera was damaged – the automatic lens cover no longer worked.
Jones’ fingers were gashed by the sharp edge on the camera mount. She said the officer appeared shaken by what he’d done and courteously showed her how to complain, writing his name and badge number on a card with contact information for the Honolulu Police Commission.
Kane said other officers on the scene would not let them make a criminal complaint against the officer who grabbed the camera.
A recent episode of “We Are Change Hawaii” shows Hampton hosting the show alongside Kane (both shown in the news video). Hampton is referred to as the “Unofficial Boss of the Universe”:



  1. Wow, do you work for the Blaze?

    Their headlines person is over sensationalist.

    bloodied makes it sound like they got beat down like Malice or Rodney King.

    Her little finger got a boo-boo. lol.

    But the "we are change people" sound like a mix of wackjob john bircher/militia types and greenie freaks. Check the main page out. It reads like a Alex Jones rightwing libertarian diary. The new world order and all that 90's Michigan militia stuff the wackjob righties screamed about.

    Of all the things The Blaze thought was news this is what you picked?

  2. Hey Chris, where s the Joe Miller's security attacks a journalist and handcuffs him blog.


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