Sunday, December 26, 2010

Whatever Make Michelle Obama Happy She Does

First lady Michelle Obama didn't feel like waiting around cold, boring old Washington, D.C., for her husband and Congress to wrap up their work for the year. So she simply stuck the taxpayers with the $63,000 tab to start her Hawaiian vacation a bit early - just a few short months after the Spain vacation with her gal-pals that set us all back a pretty penny. While the rest of us are suffering with this economy the Obama's keep acting like they hit the lottery. Don't they realize that those deep pockets are ours? It's obvious they don't care what we think about their use of our money. Just look at how they have enslaved our kids with their debt. And what's $63,000 when you've spent trillion that did nothing to help out the middle class.


  1. wow, thats horrible. She went to Hawaii as scheduled while he stayed to work and didn't go as planned when congress stayed in session.

    You guys really like to nitpick.

  2. It's the libs that have done all the nitpicking. Just look at how you treated Bush,Palin and the Tea Partiers. Don't talk shit with a mouthfull!

  3. Joe Thank God you never nitpik! lol!

  4. For it is true that the "First Family" travels to anywhere in the world on a whim, on our dime, and without consideration for a damn soul, however, we can take comfort in the fact that it will only be for two more years. Thank God!
    As a footnote: I was in Wally World this afternoon and almost lost my lunch when I saw a Michelle Obama callendario – (I figured I better start learning Spanish before the amnesty). I wonder if our American poor will get the proceeds from that?

  5. They should get the proceeds but they wont.


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