Saturday, January 29, 2011

When Will We Start Our Demestic Oil Production?

As we are watching the Middle East become more volatile and oil prices rise it makes me wonder what we are doing about the oil and gas we need now. We have the cheapest and cleanest crude in the world and we aren't touching it. Why? We will have the need for oil for a long time, even by the hopeful government standards. Our offshore oil rigs need to start producing oil ASAP. And the government needs to start letting our inland oil rigs drilling for known oil reserves now. It's time to take another look at ANWAR as well, even if we decide not to drill there it will help lower oil futures. I know that the left is dead set on "clean energy". That's all fine and dandy but pipe dreams aren't going to fill our tanks for the next 20 or so years. We know we will need gas and oil for at least 20 years. Who knows what kind of "clean energy" will end up being the winner in the end when technology catches up with them all. I know I'm getting sick and tired of OPEC holding up by our economic balls. Canada seems to know what to do. They drill for oil everywhere and then send Michigan their trash. I'd rather drill in Michigan and fill their land with our trash. But that's just common sense. I'd also like to see Michigan and the rest of the country use our natural gas. We have more then enough under the Mid West to take care of our electric needs. Energy is our future and we keep talking about making some far off pipe dream a reality because it makes a few people happy inside. It time to take care of our economy first. When the economy comes back then we can talk about subsidising "clean energy". It's also high time that we cut subsidise for oil. Giving them enough work to cover our growing need for energy is subsidy enough. In fact we could tax them to make the left happy and to help cover our debts. Obama could also start pumping some of our oil reserves into the market. Buy cheep and sell high.  Now I know the fringe will get cranked up on "drill baby drill", but they will have money to eat and a safe country to call home, so they can protest in peace for all I care. 


  1. Chris, you really are a moron. Yes, there is domestic oil, however, the oil that is pumped out of American wells goes onto the world market with all the other oil that gets pumped out of every well in the world.

    The oil under American ground that is pumped by American companies costs the same, whether it was pumped in Saudi Arabia or out of a well in Texas.

    Drill Baby Drill is a moronic saying that only highlights the low IQ of the people that utter it.

  2. Bruce, you don't really think that Saudi Arabia pays the same price as we do for a barrel of oil, do you?
    If we produce(extract) our own oil for our own use, that will, as the 3rd largest consumer of oil, take us right out of world consumers market and watch the price plummet.

  3. Mark, in case you hadn't noticed, we don't have as much oil as we used to and the oil off our shores is leased to foreign corporations who sell the oil on the world market.

    If you want to bring up ANWR, it would take years to bring that oil to market and the amount of oil there would last a very short time, so that's not the answer either, not to mention the damage that would be done to an environmentally sensitive area, but I know conservatives don't care about that any way.

  4. Bruce, We don't need the offshore platforms.

    N. Dakota sits on top of a super massive 200 billion barrel Oil Field.
    That alone could potentially make America Energy Independent and it was the greatest boom in oil discovery since Oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1938.

    And love how you use Obama BS comment that it would take years to bring it to market.
    It takes 3 months to drop 30 wells.
    Marathon Oil has already begun dropping 300 new wells there.

    There is NO proof that using 1/100th of the entire area of ANWR would do ANY damage to the environment.
    Thats another BS excuse by the left that has no merit.

  5. "To begin with, oil is not a fossil fuel. This is a theory put forth by 18th century scientists. Within 50 years, Germany and France's scientists had attacked the theory of petroleum's biological roots. In fact, oil is ABIOTIC, not the product of long decayed biological matter. And oil, for better or for worse, is not a non-renewable resource. It, like coal, and natural gas, replenishes from sources within the mantle of earth. This is the real and true science of oil. Read all about it."

  6. The long and short of the debate is quite simple. Soon for better or worse we will drill or OUR economy will falter.

    All other methods of energy solar/windmills are decades away from main energy sources.

    Still beleive long term energy to power OUR industries will be Nuclear. If Navy can run SAFELY Nuclear powered ships for decades on ONE fill up I am sure there are Civilian ways to apply the technology for OUR benifit. Tree huggers will scream BUT we will eventually have to make choices and this ENERGY seems the most practical. If for crying out loud FRANCE can find safe ways to harness Nuclear Power why are not we?

    If Nuclear bad, Oil bad,Coal bad,what will give US the ENERGY needed to keep OUR economy moving in the forseeable FUTURE! If not Nuclear are only choice will be DRILL Here!

    Just my opinion!

  7. Bruce just the talk of drilling plays a part in the mentality of oil futures more so then in the reality. Why does the left want to get off of foreign oil until we start talking about drilling our own oil? As Christopher has pointed out that our oil reserves replenish themselves. We have had wells that were once emptied fill up in a matter of years not melenium like previously thought. The left want that pipe dream at any cost. Even if it means America goes cold turkey and runs a fuel shortage. When you liberals find an affordable alternative to oil bring it to the table. But we are too far away from being off oil to not use our own natural resources. I've got an idea Bruce. Why don't you go cold turkey on our natural resources first and then preach about how great it is. I can't wait to see that car of yours not run on any gas. Or your house run off of solar cells or wind mill first. You front the bill and we will start taking note as to how it effects your bottom line. I'm getting sick and tired of liberals trying to push us in the deep end when they haven't even been in the water yet.
    And I don't want to hear about a token effort of a hybrid car either. You get off of gas and fosil fuels first and then maybe we might listen. Until then don't tell us how great it is until you've done it yourselves.

  8. Bruce, your wrong about price. Chris and I were having this same argument in another post without acknowledging it. He was using Brent oil prices, around $95 and i was using WTI around $85.

  9. Cp, the World net Daily. that rag makes the Enquirer seem legit.

  10. Mark, everything i read about the N. Dakota shale fields are that they will increase our oil production but not put a big dent in our needs. Still it is important to provide the oil we need till we can get viable alternatives going as strong. I'm not against oil production nor drilling but if we don't work towards something other than, "Drill now" than we will be back in this boat again in the future.

    We have Presidents like Reagan, Bush and Clinton to thank for not being leaders in advancing our tech on alternatives. We basically sidelined science and relied on antiquated products. A very Conservative approach to things.

  11. Joe we have developed alternitive energies over those three presidents. Technology can only go so fast. Just look at cold fusion. During the Reagan and Clinton years that looked like the future of energy. Now we have wind mills and solar cells. We need time and technology to find what will end up on top. I doubt that it will be government that finds this technology since they aren't inventors and they pick the winners and loosers. Just remember that since our government has been trying to get us off of foriegn oil our foreign oil consumptioin has gone up dramaticly. That is a liberal aproach. I'd like to see a $10 million prize like they did for space travel. Private industry did more in a few years then all the years put together trying to do the same thing.

  12. Joe,

    I see you conveniently IGNORE the other link?

    Oh, silly me, I forgot you IGNORE FACT being you tow the line of the socialist, enviroMENTAList agenda.

    By the by, good luck with that as it is going down in flames which even Al Gore is now starting to acknowledge.

  13. Cp, i didn't care about your point. So its a slow renewing energy source instead of a non-renewable. We're still using it faster that it renews itself.

    Chris, your right about picking winners and losers. we subsidized the oil industry while they make record profits making them the winners and us the losers.

  14. Lets not forget the profit Government made off oil industry in the form of taxes. In some cases they may have made more on Gallon of gas than Industry and where'd all those profits go speaking bout winners and losers?

    Bottom line without OUR Own Energy Supplies Dependance will make US even Weaker than we are now. Depending on Others for OUR energy supply is like depending on Governemnt for Entitlements BOTH could go POOF at any time!

    The Liberal approach to New Engergy sources has been Wind Mills and Solar Power. Neither if ever ready for DECADES!

    We have to choose Energy for the immediate future and all I see is Oil, Nuclear or Coal. All other types are Decades from on line use. Politicans backing Feel good groups have caused OUR problem. We can use fossil fuels in a cleaner manner. Choices are Limited and Time be awasting!

  15. Joe, If in fact you did not care, then why comment at all?

    Then you go on to say,," We're still using it faster that it renews itself"

    Please, if you concede my point which in fact you do, provide proof on your point.

  16. Cp, I conceded only on the basis that the origin is not worth debating. As for commenting its WND, a place where all the right wing conspiracies go to live and grow.

  17. Joe, You make no sense on this but rather use up space.

    You say say oil is not worth debating now when that is the basis for the post by Bonsai and you have "debated" heavily thus far.

    I have no idea why you think oil being abiotic is a conspiracy? But again I see you fail in recognizing the other link I provided.


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